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Grant Phabao & Djouls - Funk With Kids

grant phabao and djouls Funk With Kids
Grant Phabao & Djouls - Funk With Kids
(MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C., 2008-01-19

Info :
A mix that's been nearly a year in preparation, a mix that started with the best 'Funk For Kids' dispositions, but ended in a 'Funk WITH Kids' way all grown-ups should enjoy too. We've been digging for months for those kiddie funk tracks, and thanks to the "ABC's of Kid Soul" compilation recently released by the Numero Group (ditributed by the friendly Differ-Ant people over here in France), we've finally managed to round up quite a surprising soundtrack of electic grooves with kids (or choirs of kids) singing...

Also a special big-up to Medeski Martin & Wood's new album of music for kids on Little Monster Records, 'Let's Go Everywhere', which showcases the versatility of our favorite jazz band out there. You'll aslo find John Medeski playing keyboards along with Steven Bernstein (from Sex Mob) on trumpet and Sharon Jones on vocals (with a few others...) on the 'Baby Loves Jazz' album - one that all parents should get when they get tired of FM Radio and other kinds of debilitating kids music, one that will ravish the youngsters in the backseat!

Finally, everybody must know the Justice 'D.A.N.C.E.' track by now, but we've taken the liberty of playing just before this one a bit of the track that must have inspired such a worldwide single, the MASSIVE hit from Erik Rug and MC Dynamax, remixed by L'Aroye & Kÿ, 'Tribute To My People'. If you don't own this 12 inch yet, find yourself a new record supplier cos' this was THE track of 2006. Nuff' said.

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Tracklisting :
01. Medeski Martin & Wood - Where's The Music
(from'Let's Go Everywhere' album, 2008 / Little Monster Records)
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02. Zeph & Azeem - Play the Drum (12 inch instrumental)
(from 'That Type Of Music' 12 inch, 2007 / OM Records)
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03. Enz - Fuck Money (Remix) feat. Tasco
(from 'Atmosphere Airlines - Directions in Music by Dela' CD, 2007 / Drink Water Music)
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04. Sugarhill Gang - Kid's Rapper's Delight (Kids' Rap-Along)
(from 'Jump On It' album, 1999 / Rhino Records)
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05. 3 Stars - Jersey Slide
(from 'Home Schooled : The ABC's Of Kid Soul' compilation, 2007 / Numero Group)
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06. Interlude - Kids Chearing
07. Mini Pops - Video Killed The Radio Star
(from' Mini Pops' album, 1982 / K-Tel International')
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08. François de Roubaix - Chapi Chapo
(from 'Bande Originale de la Serie Televisee Chapi Chapo' single, 1974 / Philips)
» more info on and on «
09. Byron Lee & The Dragonaires feat. Pam Hall - My Boy Lollipop
(from 'Trojan Reggae For Kids' boxset, 2005 / Trojan - originally recorded in 1964)
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10. Baby Love Jazz - Happy And You Know It
(from 'Baby Loves Jazz' CD, 2006 / Verve)
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11. 3 Simmons - You Are My Dream (School Time)
(from 'Home Schooled : The ABC's Of Kid Soul' compilation, 2007 / Numero Group)
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12. Nancy Dupree with a group of Rochester, N.Y. youngsters - James Brown
(from 'Ghetto Reality', 1969 / Folkways Records)
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13. Erik Rug feat. Dynamax (of the Zulu Nation) - Tribute To My People (L'Aroye & Kÿ extended disco mix)
(from 'Tribute (L'Aroye & Kÿ remixes)' 12 inch, 2006 / Les Disques du Telegraphe)
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14. Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (radio edit)
(from 'D.A.N.C.E.' 12 inch, 2007 / Ed Banger Records)
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15. Interlude - Samory
16. Patrizia & Jimmy - Home Schooled
(from 'Home Schooled : The ABC's Of Kid Soul' compilation, 2007 / Numero Group)
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Artworks :

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Credits :
Selected, mixed and designed by Grant Phabao and Djouls (T.I.M.E.C.)
Photo by librarianjill under a Creative Commons license - Final Layout by Djouls
Audio Mastering by Grant Phabao ('I hope there won't be a second volume!')


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