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Grant Phabao & Djouls Are Molesting Laura Vol.6 - Afro-Latin Madness

Grant Phabao and Djouls Afro-Latin Madness
Grant Phabao & Djouls - Are Molesting Laura Vol.6 - Afro-Latin Madness
(MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC115, 2006-08-15

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Info :
Latin music as seen through the eyes of Paris DJs Grant Phabao & Djouls sounds like nonconformist crate-digging mixed with deep funkiness, with a solid layer of good nonsense beneath them. The plats they're serving here assemble Peruvian or Brazilian soul, American funk, European salsa, remixed Columbian grooves and Miami latin hip hop. All dressed in their shining afro-latin stylings. The dishes are no less delectable and the cooking no less accomplished on the second part of the menu... Having lit their fires and greased their skillets, the chefs proceed to satisfy the demands of gourmets and gourmands alike, with Ethiopian ethno-jazz, Brighton's finest latinized electronics, Venezuelan disco, UK Boogaloo and American latin-rock, all served with more than a soupçon of hot sauce.

Tracklisting :
01. La Kábala - Lindo Panamá
(from 'La Kábala' album, late 60s / RCA Victor) PERU
02. Eddie Palmieri - African Twist
(from 'Champagne' album, 1968 / Tico) USA
03. Nico Gomez And His Afro Percussion Inc. - Lupita
(from 'Ritual' album, 1971 / Omega International) NETHERLANDS
04. Formula 7 - Watermelon Man
(from 'Som Psicodelico Vol.1', 1968 / Parlophone) BRAZIL
05. The Latin Brothers & Piper Pimienta Diaz - Las Caleñas Son Como Las Flores (Los Hermanos Latinos Rework)
(from 'Las Caleñas Remix' 12 inch, bootleg / 2005) COLUMBIA
06. The Spam Allstars - Campanario 64
(from 'Contra Los Roboticos Mutantes' album, 2004 / Spamusica) USA
07. Mulatu Astatke - Emnete
(from 'Mulatu Astatke EP' 10 inch, 2005 / Soundway) ETHIOPIA
08. Quantic - Sabor feat. Tempo
(from 'An Announcement to Answer' album, 2006 / Tru Thoughts) UK
09. Diesler - 900 Degrees
(from 'Keepie Uppies' album, 2006 / Tru Thoughts) UK
10. Los Amigos Invisibles - Miss Venezuela
(from 'Superpop Venezuela' album, 2005 / Gozadera) VENEZUELA
11. Manteca - Tremendo Boogaloo
(from 'Tremendo Boogaloo' 7 inch, 2005 / Freestyle) UK
12. Phish - The Landlady
(from 'Picture Of Nectar' album, 1992 / Elektra) USA
13. Tito Puente & His Latin Jazz Ensemble - The Simpsons End Credit Theme
(from 'Songs In The Key Of Springfield' compilation, 1997 / Rhino) USA

Original Covers :

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Credits :
Selected by Djouls, mixed by Grant Phabao (T.I.M.E.C.)
Artwork by Djouls - parody of "Reefer Madness" poster.


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Mr Blentwell Mr Blentwell ·  18 August 2006, 04:45

When you see a mix labelled as Afro-Latin there are only two possibilites - snooze-core, massage parlor background noise or killer latin icing on top of a afro-beat funk cake. Lucky for us the latter is the case with this super-cool mix. It's like the Latin Kings put out a hit on my ass! The Paris Djs step out with another killer selection, and be certain to click thru to the source for some sweet album art made up by Djouls.

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