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Grant Phabao & Djouls - African Mashed Potato Popcorn Vol.2

Grant Phabao and Djouls African Mashed Potato Popcorn Vol 2
Grant Phabao & Djouls - African Mashed Potato Popcorn Vol.2
(MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C. TIMEC114, 2006-07-31

Info :
Our second volume of afro grooves from around the world gathers some rare Nigerian funk from the Ikenga Super Stars Of Africa, The Funkees, One World and Ofege. You can now go hunting for the LPs on Ebay... We've also stumbled upon an incredible UK pressing of an LP called "The Body Music" from a band called Afro Funk which we think is from Ghana. If you have more info on this please share it with us cos' those african beats & soul have been playing repeatedly on our stereo for days now! Oddities come from Karl Denson, former sax player from late 90's US retro-funk band The Greyboy Allstars, the closing track from his fire-smoking funk album "The Bridge" from 2004 is an afrobeat monster we couldn't not play. For vinyl addicts, the track is available on a glorious 12 inch thanks to Adrian Gibson's Freestyle Records little label (UK). You will also hear that we've been diggin deep in our own crates, with "Wilderness", a track from Manu Dibango issued on a rare 1972 library album... and then reissued by our friend Manu Boubli on the mighty "Racubah" compilation. The mix closes with a sunny piece of African pop from Ghanean Kelenkye Band that should leave you eargerly waiting for a third volume of "African Mashed Potato Popcorn"... coming soon on your favorite Podcast!

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Tracklisting :
01. The Funkees - Mimbo
(from 'Now I'm A Man' album, 1976 / EMI) NIGERIA
02. Ikenga Super Stars of Africa - Ojele Woman
(from 'Greedy Man' album, 1977 / Decca) NIGERIA
03. Afro Funk - Farewell to Ibusa
(from 'The Body Music' album, 1973 / Kabana) GHANA
04. One World - Happy People
(from 'Peace' album, 1974 / EMI) NIGERIA
05. Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - Elephants
(from 'The Bridge' album, 2002 / Relaxed) USA
06. Ofege - Gbe Mi Mo
(from 'Try And Love' album, 1973 / EMI) NIGERIA
07. Manu Dibango - Wilderness
(from 'African Voodoo' library album, PSI) FRANCE
08. Kelenkye Band - Dracular Dance
(from 'Moving World' album, 1974 / Emporium) GHANA

Original Covers :

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Credits :
Selected by Djouls & Calumbinho, mixed by Grant Phabao (T.I.M.E.C.)
Artwork by Djouls


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Domisoul Domisoul ·  02 August 2006, 13:01

J'adore !
Super sélection, originale, grooving, plânante et psyché !!!
Je comprend mieux ta réaction lorsque je t'ai apporté une autre "Afro", à mettre sur le site.
Abondance de biens ne peu nuire, au contraire, riche et varié, c'est super sympa de pouvoir écouter cette musique là, goûter la saveur de cette cuisine africaine !
Bravo encore

bongosamy bongosamy ·  06 August 2006, 12:11

Afrofunk Band is from Nigeria, Kabana is one of many Labels that were founded by Ginger baker while recording stuff in Lagos. This one didnt last two long as only two LP were released. from what I know. If I am not mistaken thoses two were pressed in the UK.

djouls djouls ·  06 August 2006, 18:09

Thanks for the info. I've also found out the catalog number of the LP (#BSC-001), and that the band featured members of the Funkees. But do you by any chance know the name of the other album they recorded?

Trev Trev ·  08 August 2006, 06:06

Just found your awesome site the other day and you have it nailed !! Parfait !!
The Afrobeat casts are THE best anywhere on the web. All hail you mighty crate diggers.....!!!!!!

Blentwell Blentwell ·  18 August 2006, 04:53

Afro grooves from around the world : rare Nigerian funk, afrobeat oddities, wild library music and Ghanean pop... and no track extracted from the Soundway, Strut or Harmless marvelous afro compilations! This is a feast of priceless afrofunk. A previous volume is also available in the archives. Go seek.

Jonah Dempcy Jonah Dempcy ·  20 August 2006, 17:24

Found your mixes through Blentwell. Killer stuff! Lovin' the rare grooves, and showing the album covers is a nice touch. Overall, great presentation and great tunes. Looking forward to future mixes.

xnlb xnlb ·  29 September 2006, 20:04

Do you have a catalogue number for the AfroFunk album on Kabana?

Paris DJs Paris DJs ·  30 September 2006, 06:19

The Afro Funk album on Kabana is the best Afro LP I've heard this year!! It is pressed on thick vinyl with yellow KABANA Record labels #BSC-001. Made in England. Tracklist is : Try And Try / Farewell To Ibusa / Obanya Special / Tei-Egwu / Afro Funk / Hot Love

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