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Grant Phabao and Djouls - 21st Century Afro Vol.6

GRANT PHABAO AND DJOULS 21st Century Afro Vol 6
Grant Phabao and Djouls - 21st Century Afro Vol.6
(MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C., 2009-03-25

This 6th mix in our series of 'current Afro music from all over the world' is focused on the funk anglo-saxon musicians kinda always put back into afro-beat. The Souljazz Orchestra, Kaleta & Zozo Afrobeat, The Soul Hustlers, Brownout, Baby Charles, The Budos Band, The New Mastersounds, Midnight Lab Band... You might not know all these bands - yet.

For starters, Canadian afro-funk outfit The Souljazz Orchestra opens the mix with a splendid instrumental, 'State Terrorism', nearly as powerful as the original demo song from 2007, 'Terrorist'. We then move to New York City and the multi-cultural collective Zozo Afrobeat, with a superb cover of Bob Marley's 'Get Up, Stand Up', before crossing over to Orange County, California, and the Soul Hustlers (with members of Breakestra, Nafro, The Mars Volta...). Their debut 7-inch 'Supernatural Thing' features the Snake from the Los Angeles-based neo soul band The Rebirth, it's a re-interpretation of the Ben E. King classic with a mix of west coast Cali-funk and Nigerian afrobeat. 'Part 1' is vocal, here's the rootsy instrumental 'Part 2' available on the b-side of the single.

Adrian Quesada (Ocote Soul Sounds, Grupo Fantasma) is featured once again with his Brownout afro-latin-funk combo. African music is just everywhere and couldn't pass on Austin, Texas... And even in Brighton, funkateers Baby Charles are trying the afro way. Their cover of 'I Bet You Look God On The Dancefloor' is simply amazing UK afrofunk from the United Kingdom. Brooklynites The Budos Band don't need presentation anymore if you're following our mixes, but maybe you haven't heard of UK funk maestros The New Mastersounds yet? The psychedelic afro-funk track from their 2008 album 'Plug & Play' we've chosen should infectiously make you dance. And we conclude this mix in Brooklyn once again, with the second single from the Midnight Lab Band, a conceptual project from NYCTrust label founders Oneman & E's E. Their second single fuses afro-latin vibes with some cosmic disco spirit.

21st Century Afro. We did not lie.

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Tracklisting :
01. The Souljazz Orchestra - State Terrorism
(from 'Parasite' 7 inch, 2008 / Do Right!) CANADA
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02. Kaleta & ZoZo Afrobeat - Get Up
(from 'Country Of Guns' album, 2008 / Tramp) NIGERIA/USA
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03. The Soul Hustlers - Supernatural Thing Part 2
(from 'Supernatural Thing' 7 inch, 2008 / All City) USA
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04. Brownout - Laredo 77
(from 'Homenaje' album, 2008 / Freestyle) USA
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05. Baby Charles - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
(from 'Baby Charles' album, 2008 / Record Kicks) UK
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06. The Budos Band - His Girl
(from 'The Budos Band II' album, 2007 / Daptone) USA
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07. The New Mastersounds - Kuna Matata
(from 'Plug & Play' album, 2008 / One Note) UK
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08. Midnight Lab Band - Run Riot
(from 'Run Riot' 12 inch, 2008 / Names You Can Trust) USA
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Original record covers :

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Credits :
Selected and mixed by Grant Phabao & Djouls(
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Djouls (, photo by Nilag under a Creative Commons license


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pwguy pwguy ·  16 December 2008, 20:41

hey guys,
I really love your mixes. something to look forward to, every couple of weeks.
But where are the podcasts of this and some other 21st century Afro Volumes??
cheers and keep up the good work!

Franck Franck ·  20 December 2008, 10:50

Oui, c'est vrai ça.
Les 2 premiers "21th century afro volume" sont très bons et je me régalais d'avance à l'annonce des volumes suivants.
Ou sont donc passés les volumes 3,4,5 et 6 ?

Djouls Djouls ·  04 January 2009, 20:01

I've changed the dates. All those afro mixes and more are in the schedule now. Keep coming back... twice a week now!

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