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Fulgeance - Shifted Grooves - Los Angeles & Paris New Hip Hop Beatmakers

Fulgeance Shifted Grooves
Fulgeance - Shifted Grooves
Los Angeles & Paris New Hip Hop Beatmakers
(MP3 Podcast on Eklektik, 2007-02-09

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Tracklisting :
01. Fulgeance - Intro
02. Sa-Ra Creative Partners - Hollywood
(from 'Set-Ups & Justifiactions' sampler, 2006 / G.O.O.D)
03. Flying Lotus - 1983
(from '1983' album, 2006 Plug Research)
04. Ammoncontact - With Voices (feat. Lil Sci)
(from With Voices' album, 2006 / Ninja Tune)
05. Mr Dibbs - Divine Spirit
(from 'Various - Suite For Weldon' 12 inch compilation, 2003 / Stones Throw)
06. J Rocc - Dirty Fingered BBoyz Edit
(from 'Keep In Time - A Live Recording' album, 2005 / Ninja Tune)
07. Flying Lotus - Rickshaw
(from 'Rickshaw' white label 12 inch, 2007)
08. Dabrye feat Guilty Simpson & Paradime - Special
(from 'Two/Three album, 2006 / Ghostly)
09. Connecticut - Dancefood
(from 'Fidelity' 12 inch, coming soon on Eklektik Rekords)
10. Fulgeance - Chico
(from upcoming 12 inch, 2007 / Musique Large)

Original record coevrs :
sa-raFlying LotusAmmoncontactSuite For WeldonKeep In TimeDabryeFidelityFulgeance Musique Large

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Credits :
Selection, mix & artwork by Fulgeance (
Editorial gathered by Djouls (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (

02. Sa-Ra Creative Partners - Hollywood
(from 'Set-Ups & Justifiactions' CD album sampler, 2006-08-15 / G.O.O.D)

Info :
Sa-Ra formed in the 90s from a trio of industry producers, musicians, and executives who had worked in various hig-profile production and business duties prior to the group's formation. Sa-Ra scattered various remixes, collaborations, singles, and productions throughout the underground during the early 2000s, including songs with artists as established as Jurassic 5 and Pharoahe Monch. Sometime in 2006 they signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music label, where they plan to release their debut full-length LP, reportedly titled "Black Fuzz" (originally named "Set-Ups & Justifications" as you can see on the sampler CD artwork), though no official release date has been set. Their unusual sound, including spacy electronic R&B and hip-hop elements, sung vocals, and unsual sound effects and synthesizers, has generated a considerable amount of buzz in the underground.
Look for Sa-Ra to eventually release more singles, EPs, an instrumental release called "Sick Sick Beats", a Rawkus album called "Leniency And Mercy" consisting of mostly old material, and an experimental album onUbiquity ("Synthesizers And Sex Toys"), and watch for the Zombie/Mandingo collaborative album with Sa-Ra, Erykah Badu, Karen Wheeler, Zap Mama and others. They're also rumored to produce the next Kanye West album...

Sampler tracklisting :
01. Intro
02. Starwarz
03. Nasty You
04. Skit
05. Big Famee
06. Hollywood
07. Outro

Album tracklisting :
01. Intro
02. Shameless
03. Nasty U
04. Strawberry Misses
05. Big Fame feat. Iggy Pop
06. Hollywood
07. Fantastic Vampere feat. Erykah Badu and Herbie Hancock
08. Downtown
09. StarWarz
10. Blondie
11. You Choose
12. Can I Get You High?
13. Jozan
14. High Moon Lust
15. Glorious

Links :

Flying Lotus
03. Flying Lotus - 1983
(from '1983' CD/LP, 2006-10-03 Plug Research PLG76)

extracted from the Press Release :
Los Angeles resident Flying Lotus brings beats with a cinematic flare: "I see these tracks as little short films that play in my head." Flying Lotus is a free spirit: "I have this beautiful lemon tree in my backyard, and on a sunny day the light shines through. Little things like that inspire me." Flying Lotus is a Coltrane (nephew of Alice and John): "My greatest influences are my family, I'm lucky to have been around so many accomplished musicians." And most importantly, Flying Lotus is a visionary; get ready to meet your favorite new producer.
Keyboards wobble and wiggle with mutated funk, skewed rhythms grind underneath, warped samples play hide-and-seek with the beat... This is Blade Runner, Bambaataa, the Bomb Squad, and Basquiat.

Tracklisting :
01. 1983
02. Sao Paulo
03. Bad Actors
04. Orbit Brazil
05. Shifty
06. Babble
07. Pet Monster Shotglass
08. Hello
09. Untitled#7
10, Unexpected Delight (feat. Laura Darlington)
11. 1983 (Daedelus's Odd-dance Party Remix)

Links :

04. Ammoncontact - With Voices (feat. Lil Sci)
(from With Voices' CD/2xLP, 2006-05-22 / Ninja Tune ZEN125)

Press Release : Carlos Niño and Fabian Ammon have long been fulcrums of LA Black music, perfectly poised between the jazz crowd centered around Dwight Trible and classic group's like the Army of Healers and Build An Ark, the underground hip hop scene which grew from the Good Life and Project Blowed collectives and the heavy soul-beat sound of the likes of Sa Ra and Madlib.
"With Voices" is the album that Ammoncontact have been waiting to make - the point where the duo's own loping, deep production style could be melded, as the title has it, with the voices around them. The results are scinitillating, a hip hop album bursting with spirituality and positivity and a unique ambience.
The guests that Carlos and Fabian have brought together sound impressive enough on paper. From the jazz scene come the legendary Yusef Lateef, Kamau Daaood (a writer and performer who turned down the opportunity to join the Last Poets in the late sixties, preferring to build something in his own community) and, of course, Dwight Trible, for whom Carlos was instrumental in putting together the "Love Is The Answer" album.
From hip hop, they bring together long-time collaborator Lil Sci (Scienz of Life and MF Doom cohort), Abstract Rude (Project Blowed and Big Dada), Sach (formerly of seminal LA group The Nonce), Prince Po (one half of the mighty Organised Konfusion) and the Dark Sun Rider himself, Brother J (leader of X Clan). In addition, Cut Chemist adds some cuts to the X Clan man's "Drum Riders". And to round out the mix, there are constributions from Daedelus and Mia Doi Todd, who could be said to represent the more esoteric side of the music which has grown around the lynchpins.
But to list the names is one thing. To hear them bouncing off one another is something else again. Check Lateef, Trible and Prince Po on "Beautiful Flowers," Brother J's booming voice on "Drum Riders", Lil Sci's drawled attack on the title track, Sach's ATP-esque abstract rhythmatics on "Into 777" or Ab Rude's jazzy freestyle verbalistics on "Worth It." In fact, check any of the tracks. Nothing is forced here, nothing out of place. The guests all add to a feeling of unification which is rare on "producer" albums. This is Ammoncontact's masterpiece, a record which at heart grows from their love of music and love of a city and is all about just that - heart. And a little bit of soul...

Tracklisting :
01. Children Of The Sun (featuring Dwight Trible and members of Build An Ark)
02. One For Ayler
03. Into 777 (featuring Sach)
04. Like This (featuring Lil Sci)
05. A Zillion Tambourines (featuring Kamau Daaood)
06. Elevation
07. With Voices (featuring Lil Sci)
08. Drum Riders (featuring Brother J and Cut Chemist)
09. Ropepe (featuring Najite)
10. Through The Pauses (featuring Sach)
11. Beautiful Flowers (featuring Prince Po, Yusef Lateef and Dwight Trible)
12. Earth's Children (featuring Mia Doi Todd)
13. Sleep Stasis (featuring Daedelus)
14. Worth It (featuring Abstract Rude)
15. Love Needs No Destination To Have Made It (featuring Imiuswi)
16. Life Force Contact

Links :

Suite For Weldon
05. Mr Dibbs - Divine Spirit
(from 'Suite For Weldon' 12 inch compilation, 2003-02-24 / Stones Throw STH2055) Review :
"Deep and glorious heartfelt tribute to the late legendary spaced out jazz cat Weldon Irvine. Madlib's on a roll at the moment and his 10+min tribute is devine. A crisp rolling drum groove and spaced out synth rolls ride along with lush fender rhodes fills and dubbed effects. Spiritual soul funk bliss but just wait for the dusted batucada ride at the tail end – truly dope, Madlib you've done Weldon proud. Mr Dibbs lets his soul flow out and drops the thug rock tendencies to compose the sublime cut 'n' paste scratch and sniff version of 'Divine Spirit'. Breakestra reinterpret Weldon's 'Sister Sanctified' adding their own spirit to this wonderful 12" of which all royalties go to the family of Weldon Irvine. Unbelievable music blessed to one of the true greats and overseen by Don Blackman. Do not miss."

Tracklisting :
A1. Yesterdays New Quintet - Suite For Weldon Irvine 10:02
A2. Mr. Dibbs - Divine Spirit 3:31
B1. Breakestra - Sister Sanctified (edit) 3:43
B2. Weldon Irvine - Outro (Live In Nashville)

Links :
Buy it on

Keep In Time
06. J Rocc - Dirty Fingered BBoyz Edit
(from 'Keep In Time - A Live Recording' 2xLP/CD+DVD, 2005-08-22 / Ninja Tune ZEN111)

Review :
In 2000, B+ produces a short movie, with crazy scratchmasters Dj Shadow, Cut Chemist and a few Beat Junkies, called to jam with 2 legendary drummers, Paul Humphrey and James Gadson. The short movie opened DJ Shadow's tour supporting the release of his second album "The Private Press" and a lot of people got nuts about it. B+ so decided to build up a big show in Los Angeles, during which DJs and producers such as Madlib, Dj Nu-Mark (Jurassic 5), Derf Reklaw, Shortkut, Cut Chemist or J. Rocc would go for live improvisation with those two same drummers. The video extracted from this show is crazy!! A classic to sort between "Scratch" and DJ Q-Bert's famous "Wave Twisters". But the story doesn't end here. B+ then sent the separate tracks tout a selection of producers he didn't choose randomly at all, most of them from New York, so that they might sample those rhythms, grooves, breaks and scratches to create something newer. Dj Shadow, Ammoncontact, Cut Chemist, King Britt, O.H.N.O., the Quantic Soul Orchestra, J Rocc, Daedalus and a few others are part of the game, and the resulting compilation is more than surprising. You never feel like you're listening to a compilation, but rather to a full-length album, fluidly flowing and really consistant, hip hop and funk-based of course, but most of all very tripped-out, cosmic and psychedelic. You get all this with a few bonuses in a superb CD/DVD packaged set distributed by Ninja Tune in Europe, Mochilla in the US.

CD Tracklisting :
01. Keep In Time Theme produced by Charlie Dark
02. Infinity Of Rhythm Mix produced by Ammoncontact
03. Bring Madlib Up produced by Dj Shadow
04. A Peek In Time produced by Cut Chemist
05. Kings On The Mix produced by King Britt
06. Paulista Remix produced by Eric Coleman
07. A Remix In 3 Parts produced by O.H.N.O.
08. Talking Drums Whispering Vinyl produced by Quantic Soul Orchestra
09. Roy's Theme produced by Dj Shadow
10. Dirty Fingered B Boy Edit produced by J Rocc
11. Song For Sophia/You Can Know Her produced by Nobody (featuring Mia Doi Todd)
12. From SP On My 303 produced by Dj Nuts
13. All Lights On Stage that Night produced by Daedelus

DVD (120 minutes) :
Keepintime: Talking Drums Whispering Vinyl (The Original Film)
Keepintime: A Live Recording (The Show)
Trailers for the film and its forthcoming sequel "BRASILINTIME"
Remixes and Premix: Two short films inspired by "KEEPINTIME"
"Midnight In A Perfect World" by DJ Shadow (video)
Extensive commentaries and discographies.

Note: Produced at Mochilla Records almost a year before the Ninja Tune release. Both versions in cardboard, but Mochilla release has a size of a DVD box when Ninja Tune release has CD size. Ninja Tune also released 2 LP's while Mochilla released a series of 3 12inches.

Links :

flying lotus rickshaw
07. Flying Lotus - Rickshaw
(from 'Rickshaw' white label 12 inch, 2007)

Check track 03 of this mix for info and links on Flying Lotus.

08. Dabrye feat Guilty Simpson & Paradime - Special
(from 'Two/Three CD/2xLP, 2006-06-13 / Ghostly GI-50)

Press Release :
Taking the next logical step in his evolutionary hip-hop album cycle, Dabrye has rounded up a formidable crew of MCs to create "Two/Three". A moody, propulsive take on the genre, the Blade Runner-esque beats help cage rhymes ranging from world events to the street, with little chance to catch your breath. The result is a dizzying narcotic rush stronger than a back alley glue hit. Five years after his meticulously sculpted debut "One/Three", Tadd Mullinix is back to make an indelible mark with his new hip-hop sound.
Gritty singles "Air" and "Game Over" have thus far foretold the progression of the Dabrye sound, and in the full-length context these tracks fit together as pieces of an unstoppable manifesto. Other appearances by Vast Aire, Wildchild, Beans, and Ann Arbor's Kadence work in tandem with Mullinix's signature handmade productions to create a hardheaded onslaught of the underground new school.
Going back to basics, instrumentals like "Machines (pts. I & II)," "Bloop," and the Waajeed (Platinum Pied Pipers) collab "Jorgy" further showcase Dabrye's uncommonly detail-driven style, balancing crackling trap kit beats against gossamer melodies and bass lines that reference jazz and electro in equal measure. Again emerging at the forefront of hip-hop's new wave, Dabrye has made the wait worthwhile, offering up a Molotov cocktail as raw and uncompromising as its cover art (by WK Interact), and a proverbial cattle prod to the underground backside.

Aliases :
Dabrye - Hip hop inspired by P.E., DJ Premier, Kraftwerk, J Dilla, Dr. Dre; the sonic result of music realized in methods using drum machines, synths and step sequencing; the sonic pallette of new wave, electro, early industrial dance, synthie funk, and digi-dub - many of which were popular among skateboard youth and the air waves of Detroit's best, Electrifyin Mojo and The Wizard in the late 80's-90's.
James T. Cotton - Influenced by Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Liaisons Dangereuses, Carlos Souffront, Traxx, acid from the Sleezy D (i've lost control) perspective, the drippy experimental counterpoint basslines of the 303 and similar squelch style step-seq arpeggiations, the acidic and edit aspects of belgian newbeat, acid of the 1990's Cologne (only the jackingest variety), interestingly juxtaposed and sometimes nonmusical hypnotic cycle phrases in dance music. SK-1 - Ragga jungle. Real mashed up. Usually produced with Soundmurderer (aka Todd Osborn). Original production on labels: Ghostly International, Spectral Sound, Eastern Developments, TNT, Rewind!, Rephlex, Shockout, ~Scape, International DeeJay Gigolos, Udek, Muzique, Relief Records, Creme Organization...

Tracklisting :
01. The Stand (feat. Wildchild)
02. Air (feat. Doom)
03. Machines Pt. I
04. Encoded Flow (feat. Kadence)
05. That's What's Up (feat. Vast Aire)
06. Tell Dem
07. Nite Eats Day (feat. Beans)
08. Jorgy (w/ Waajeed)
09. Special (feat. Guilty Simpson and Paradime)10. Bloop
11. Viewer Discretion (feat. Invincible and Finale)
12. Piano
13. Pressure (w/ Waajeed | feat. Ta'Raach)
14. Reconsider (feat. Kadence)
15. Get It Together (feat. Invincible and Finale)
16. My Life (feat. AG)
17. In Water
18. Get Live (feat. Big Tone)
19. Machines Pt. II
20. Game Over (feat. Jay Dee and Phat Kat)

Links :

09. Connecticut - Dancefood
(from 'Fidelity' 12 inch, coming soon on Eklektik Rekords)

Info : Duet electro Hip-hop
This young duet is composed of Pierre Troel aka Fulgeance (Machines, low Guitare) and Rodolphe Dekoninck aka Blockbass (scratch, turntable speech). The two boys draw their inspiration from the jazz, the funk, and Hip-hop. Their musical creations are based on a shifted groove which already proved reliable in front of a varied public and unceasingly growing. They are accompanied live by the trumpeter Pierre Millet and the pianist Vincent Pouchain.

Links :

Fulgeance Musique Large
10. Fulgeance - Chico
(from upcoming 12 inch, 2007 / Musique Large)

Info :
Enough self-promotion already!



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