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Fog - Fog

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<strong>Fog - Fog</strong><br />
(LP/CD) Ninja Tune ZEN61/ZENCD61, 2002-02-18
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<strong>Info :</strong><br />
Là c'est vraiment n'importe quoi. A la limite, le remix de <strong>Coldcut</strong> présent sur le single (CD 2 titres ou 45 tours) est amusant, presque en place, mais là... comment dire... <strong>Fog</strong> déconstruit sa pop folk un peu n'importe comment, séduit le super-hype <strong>Gilles Peterson</strong>, mais ça reste pas très écoutable... On dirait vraiment trop une maquette! Quelle dérision, cela dit... Et puis l'addiction s'installe. Je n'ai jamais arrêté d'écouter les productions de Fog depuis!!<br />

Fog - Fog
Fog - Fog
(LP/CD) Ninja Tune ZEN61/ZENCD61, 2002-02-18
LP Tracklisting:
A1 A Word of Advice A2 Smell of Failure
A3 Pneumonia
A4 FuckedupfuckFuckup
A5 Check Fraud
A6 Hitting a Wall
A7 Fool
B1 Truth and Laughing Gas
B2 We're a Mess
B3 Staring at the Dashboard
B4 Glory
B5 Ghoul Expert
B6 And Stay Out

CD Tracklisting:
01 A Word of Advice 02 Smell of Failure
03 Pneumonia
04 FuckedupfuckFuckup
05 Check Fraud
06 Hitting a Wall
07 Fool
08 Truth and Laughing Gas
09 We're a Mess
10 Staring at the Dashboard
11 Glory
12 Ghoul Expert
13 And Stay Out

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Press Release :
Andrew Broder aka Fog started to make this album with one simple question on his mind. Is there more to using a turntable to make your music than as a vehicle for showing how good you are at playing the turntable? The answer is complicated, but its also beautiful, as well as funny, sometimes sad and, in its own sweet, downbeat way, sort of uplifting. Or to put it another way, the answer can be yes.

As influenced by post-rock, folk and blues as much as hip hop, Broder has aimed to make a record which moves you, rather than just making you bob your head and your mind revel in the technique. Its a risky strategy, leaving Fog open to all manner of snide asides, but we think he succeeds admirably.

This is still a cut and paste album but it also uses guitars and Broders singing to make a unique sound. Its a record of such single-minded strangeness that its not clear if anyone will ever catch up, or even what there is to catch up with.

Enough. Listen and learn? We cant even describe what Broder is doing, so well leave him to talk you through a few choice moments: "Check Fraud is covered in dust. Smell of Failure is a blustery Minnesota winter wind. Pneumonia is mildew-encrusted hope. Were a Mess is deep-sea country-hopeless. Glory (featuring genius Dose One) and And Stay Out are quitters anthems. Oh, and Ghoul Expert contains the best line I ever wrote Hello filth/ Youd be proud/ Tonight I gave the I dont want to weird you out speech. Add anything you want to add."


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