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Fletch - Feather Your Nest EP

fletch feather your nest epfletch feather your nest ep
Fletch - Feather In Your Nest EP
(12") Chateau Disc Japan CD 12001, 2006-11-06

Review :
Beware - this is strange music! Fletch presents a new single of downtempo UK hip hop laced with a country/pop feel and chorus sung by Flevans collaborator Sweet Laredo. The remix is more of a hiphop/blues thing, perfectly cool. Keep on loopin' those guitars and hints of harmonica Mr Fletcher!! B-side goes heavenly downtempo sweetness on "Tattoos Of You", with on-the-porch acoustic guitar, Sweet Laredo vocal loops and lovely strings, before leaning towards dancefloor business with "Breakstoshaketo", where bass, breaks, horns and flute strugle for their piece of action.

Tracklisting :
A1. One Of Them Days feat. Sweet Laredo 4:41
A2. One Of Them Days feat. Sweet Laredo (Fletch Remix feat Steve Gibbs) 3:01
B1. Tattoos Of You feat Steve Gibbs3:51
B2. Breaktoshaketo 4:12

Links :

Press Release :
This is Fletch's first solely international release, and for him, another dream come true. Like much of his career so far, and judging by the music on this e.p, things just seem to be on the rise! Showcasing all of what Fletch is about, this record has been an outlet for him in terms of vocals, production and instrumentation, with a little bit of help from his friends! The e.p breaks down like this:
A1 . One of Them Days featuring Sweet Laredo.
A beautiful semi acoustic guitar solo leads into a chorus. Sarah Scott's luscious voice moving effortlessly over leadfooted beats, 303 bass and mellow guitar loops. Fletch brings the verse in, with a relaxed and assured execution that befits the honest sentimentality of the lyrics. Add in some harmonies and subtle scratches towards the end and you've got a genuine slab of sunshine!.
Fletch says:This song is a labour of love. I spent time on tour with Sweet Laredo, and always harboured a desire to merge our two styles together. For me this song represents what I've learned from my roots in hip hop and my love of straight up songwriting. As a vocalist I'm not all up in your face like an everyday 'emcee' . . and especially on this track, hopefully I'm getting across how I felt when I wrote it.
A2 . One of Them Days -FLETCH Remix featuring Sweet Laredo and Steve Gibbs.
Fletch flips the style, stripping it down to a raw bassline and beat with Guitarist Steve Gibbs filling in the gaps. The sampling sensibility that he is known for, is added in the chorus where Sarahs vocal is simplified and served over a spacious yet funky mix of Harmonica and Hammond stabs. With re-recorded 'dirtied' verse parts and more guitar riffing later on, this track is a much heavier version than the original.
Fletch says: I'd had this track for a while before Sarah had even contributed to the original, but as yet it had no vocals. Its like I was subconciously saving it for something! SO... The new chorus vocal came from a bunch of Sarahs overdubs that I didn't use when recording the original. I had a feeling that they'd sit really nicely over the bluesy backdrop of this version. As an instrumental it worked well, so with my vocal I just wanted it to ride the beat, and not make too much noise!.
This is me getting back to my basics and really trying to be free with it.
B1 . Tattoos of You featuring Steve Gibbs.
A deliberate acoustic guitar line and crisp drum break lead the way in this downtempo track. It has been described as 'dreamy' and 'panoramic' by those that have heard it, yet still maintains the familiar production sound of favoured by Fletch.
Halfway through he brings in an etherial vocal and lush strings that could well be the sound of the sunshine breaking through cloud!
Fletch says:This was a pleasure to make, as it all happened in small stages. Everything I brought into it as I went along, just worked so well. Steve Gibbs completed its beauty with an awesome job on acoustic guitar, it felt right for me to marry it with my own bass guitar!
It was demo'd at a time when I was feeling quite negative, and this track seemed to lift me up. When it came to giving it a name, it pretty much came to me in an instant. It makes me think of my family and friends, the people I love the most, so I thought 'What would be the biggest demonstration of love I could show you?'. It would have to be exactly what the title of this track is.
B2 . Breaktoshaketo.
As the title suggests, this is Fletch in dancefloor mode. His debut 45 'Heavy Stepper' was a hit with dj's and this could well become a new favourite. A funk sampling up tempo affair, with an unrelenting drum break and hook, it flows into a flute-stab breakdown.
Fletch says: I've always loved djing, and playing records like this! I think if you have an understanding of what you're doing and why, then you can start to relax and have fun. This is exactly what Breaktoshaketo is about, good times. I hope you all agree!


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