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Flanger - Templates

Flanger Templates
Flanger - Templates
(2x12"/2xLP/CD) N-Tone/Ninja Tune NTONE32/NTONE33/NTONE33LP/NTONECD33, 1999-06-21

Comme son nom l'indique, Flanger est un groupe qui passe d'une oreille à l'autre en insistant un peu plus sur le cerveau! C'est sous l'estampille N-Tone/Ninja Tune que les deux gars de Flanger sortent leurs sablières du placard. Composé essentiellement de jazz electrico-acoustique, "Templates" vibre par ses différentes vagues qui induisent l'auditeur dans un bain jungle-breakbeat à la sauce jazz impro… et tout ceci malgré une programmation rythmique infaillible de par sa théorie de l'ordre dans le désordre, et dieu pour personne… Une suite de vagues, donc, dont l'écume caresse la peau dans le sens du poil… Ouî Môssieur, il aime ça les caresses… Laissez-vous donc tenter par une expérience Flanger car l'essayer c'est l'adopter, ou le détester, faut voir! En tous cas, merci à N-Tone/Ninja Tune de faire du Warp: on ne sera jamais assez à le faire!
Note jazztical impro breakbeat à la Ninja Warp : 5/5 (Tiff)

Flanger Templates
Flanger - Templates
N-Tone, 1999-06-21

Tracklisting EP1 NTONE32 :
01 Music To Begin With
02 Options In the Fire
03 Endless Summer
04 Short Note With a few

Tracklisting EP1 NTONE32 :
01 Full On Scientist
02 Studio Tan
03 Lata
04 Quicksilver Loom

Tracklisting CD/2xLP :
01 Music To Begin With
02 Options In the Fire
03 Endless Summer
04 Short Note With a few
05 Full On Scientist
06 Studio Tan
07 Lata
08 Quicksilver Loom

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Biogaphy :
Flanger is:
-Atom Heart playing Rhodes, Motion Bass/ Programming
-Burnt Friedman playing Gretsch Drums, Percussion/ Programming

The Flanger project was founded in 1998 by Uwe Schmidt (aka Atom Heart)and Bernd Friedmann (aka Burnt Friedman),who have both been active in the music business since the early 1990s.The two musicians met up to program their first album "Templates" in Santiago de Chile in 1998.Their musical goal was to generate their own vision of non-repetitive,organic and extremely complex music that is far removed from the well-trodden paths of techno and other established styles of so-called contemporary music. "Templates" was released the following year on Ntone/Ninja Tune,together with separate 12-inch pressings of several tracks. The success of this debut album convinced Flanger to do a second LP,which was recorded in Santiago de Chile, in March 1999. Entitled "Midnight Sound", this was released on Ntone/Ninja Tune November 2000. The release of "Midnight Sound"prompted Uwe Schmidt and Bernd Friedmann, who are renowned for their very special shows, to consider the idea of live Flanger presentations.

Although their Fall 2001 Tour was recently postponed, they are still planning a series of live appearances around the world.

Bernd Friedmann
1965 born in Coburg,Germany
1979 first recordings with low-tech equipment
1984 studies of fine arts in Kassel,Germany
1990 first official releases
1994 studies at Kunsthochschule fuer Medien in Cologne,Germany
90-00 production of soundtracks and commercial sounddesign
94-00 intensive production of music and live performances
2000 founding of label "Nonplace"

Uwe Schmidt
1968:born in Frankfurt/Main,Germany
1979:first recordings with low-tech equipment
1985:first musical activities as drummer and programmer
1986:co-founding the "n.g.medien"cassette label
1988:first recordings and production for the "Lassigue Bendthaus"project
1990:first official releases
1991:mainly 12inch releases and collaborations with various frankfurt djs
1992:first international releases in England,Benelux,Spain,France and U.S.A..Top 40 chart entry in
1994:founding the "Rather Interesting"label in order to create an independent outlet for electronic exploration.
"Rather Interesting"releases cds (collaborations and own productions)on a monthly basis.Collaborations with
musicians such as Tetsu Inoue (New York),Haruomi Hosono (Yellow Magic Orchestra,Japan),Victor Sol
(Barcelona)and Dandy Jack (Frankfurt/Santiago)
1997:moving from Frankfurt/ Santiago de Chile
1998:diverse releases in Europe,Japan and U.S.A.Further collaboration with ex-Yello Magic Orchestra member
Haruomi Hosono (recordings in Santiago)for his label "Daisy World"(Tokyo)
1999:release of "Pop Artificielle"cd containing 10 Coverversions of rock/pop classics,which causes big resonance
2000:release of "El Baile Aleman"(the german dance):Kraftwerk classics transformed into latin-american
standards.Parallel release of this album in Europe (Multicolor Records),U.S.A.(Emperor Norton Records)und
Japan (Akashic Records),followed by it ’s release in Hong Kong,Australia and New Zealand.Worldwide press
resonance:The New York Times,New York Post,NZZ,Frankfurter Allgemeine,Der Spiegel,Prinz,Musik,
NME,The Face,etc..Both singles „Tour de France “and „Showroom Dummies “are charting the „official
german club charts “(DCC)on positions 16 and 8.


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