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Flanger - Outer Space-Inner Space

Flanger Outer SpaceFlanger Inner Space
Flanger - Outer Space-Inner Space
(2xLP/CD) Ninja Tune ZEN61/ZENCD61, 2001-11

Flanger Outer Space
Flanger - Outer Space-Inner Space
(2xLP/CD) Ninja Tune ZEN61/ZENCD61, 2001-11

LP Tracklisting:
A1 01 Outer Space/Inner Space
A2 The Men Who Fell From Earth
B1 Galak
C1 Inner Spacesuit
C2 Le Dernier Combat
D1 It Ain't Rocket Science
D2 Unocietecero

CD Tracklisting:
01 01 Outer Space/Inner Space
02 Galak
03 The Men Who Fell From Earth
04 Inner Spacesuit
05 Le Dernier Combat
06 Unocietecero
07 It Ain't Rocket Science
08 Hirnflug

Flanger Templates

Press Release :
It's ja-a-a-a-zz folks, but not as we know it. How could it be when it's Burnt Friedman and Atom™ setting the controls for the dyslexic heart of the dark side of the moon?

Agents from a more distant future, Flanger echo JG Ballard, pondering the question "Which way to inner space?". Kubrick's vision of 2001 showed us that the quest for space exploration is, of course, underpinned by an inner journey. Flanger pose in silver space suits for the cover art, recalling the anecdote about Salvador Dali, who donned a diver's suit to deliver a lecture, and nearly suffocated. As a playful apparition of an alternate future, it sure beats all those laptop clicks, eh?

It's with these thoughts uppermost that the third Flanger collaboration (following Midnight Sound and Templates) is born and finds our heroes stretching their musical horizons in most unusual ways, both in recording methods and song construction. So, business as usual for two of contemporary music's keenest adventurers. Recent output includes Con Ritmo and Plays Love Songs on Friedman's own Nonplace label and Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players on Scape, along with parallel works from Atom™ as Atom Heart, Señor Coconut, Geeez'n'Gosh and LB: both concerned the blurring of sound definitions between artificial and real. Previous Flanger music may have sounded like full jazz outfits later processed - but in fact, they were both entirely programmed.

This time however, new co-ordinates and parameters were set. Friedman, based in Cologne, and Atom™, located in Santiago de Chile, programme the tracks, building in specific contributions from sympathetic musicians around the world: in Copenhagen, in Cologne, in Santiago. They resume their prediliction for unlikely time signatures: 5; 7; 9; sometimes several in the space of one track.

Flanger discover music of intuition and chance. Questions of authorship arise, as it did when Miles Davis was recording with producer Teo Macero in the seventies, where spontaneous improvisations then savagely edited essentially reinvented the original compositions.

There's a fusion-y feel that is too knowing to fall into shit clichés: gorgeous vibraphones, subtle variance of percussion, all undercut by the satisfying precision of the programming that creates lovely space; the weird jump cuts and edits that reveal a techno pulse amidst the layers of lush instrumentation.

Flanger say: You are about to to take the quantum leap to a fantastic journey on the other side of human understanding. Let's go!

Flanger attempted their first ever live gigs in Santiago de Chile and Brazil this year. They bring their show to Europe, the Middle East, Japan and the UK this November with Jaki Liebezeit (from Can) on drums.

With guest musicians on this recording:
Claudio Ortuzar (Santiago de Chile): percussion
Ernesto Artunez (Santiago de Chile): percussion
Jorge Gonzalez (Santiago de Chile): guitar
Toly Ramirez (Santiago de Chile): electric bass
Argenis Brito (Santiago de Chile): additional percussion
Carsten Skov (Copenhagen/Denmark): vibraphone
Thomas Hass (Copenhagen/Denmark): saxophone
August Engkilde (Copenhagen/Denmark): upright bass
Josef Suchy (Cologne/Germany): electric guitar


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