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Fire Tongue & Chief Cook - Ayé / Commot For Road (radio edit)

Fire Tongue and Chief Cook

"Hipsters into Afrobeat won't be disappointed with a new single from Antibalas (covering Sly Stone with Doctor L!!!), the first Budos Band album or the Dakataris reissue on Daptone Records, two Nomo albums (because we prefered the first one, released some time ago), and a french release from Fire Tongue and Chief Cook. That's what we call a grand buffet." ( - 12 Reggae Dub World albums & singles for 2006 part 1)

Fire Tongue and Chief Cook
Fire Tongue & Chief Cook - Ayé / Commot For Road (radio edit)
(12" virtual release/MP3 Podcast on
Nocturne PARISDJS005, 2006-09-29

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Direct MP3 Download :
Fire Tongue and Chief Cook - Aye radio edit.mp3

Musicians :
Vocals, guitars, keys, chekere : Fire Tongue
Bass : Richel Roche
Programations, additional guitar, additional bass, additional vocals : Chief Cook

Credits :
Original version available on the album :
'Wayo Bring War - Afro Mets Modern Touch… In A Blues Mood' (Nocturne, 2006)
Original artwork by Djouls


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Zamali Zamali ·  08 July 2008, 03:21

Wow très bien ça aussi, je ne connaissais pas en plus, merci pour la belle découverte.

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