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Fela Ransome-Kuti - Lagos Baby, 1963-1969

Fela Ransome Kuti Lagos Baby
Fela Ransome-Kuti - Lagos Baby, 1963-1969
(2xCD/3xLP) Vampisoul/Differ-ant, 2008-05-05

01. Signature Tune
02. Highlife Time
03. Lagos Baby
04. Omuti
05. Olulufe
06. Araba's Delight
07. Wa Dele
08. Lai Se
09. Mi O Mo
10. Obinrin Le
11. Omo Ejo
12. Bonfu
13. Fere
14. Onifere No 2
15. Oyejo
16. Oluruka
17. Awo
18. Yese
19. Egbin
20. Orise
21. Eke

Tracklisting CD 2 :
01. Great Kids
02. Amaechi's Blues
03. VC7
04. I Know Your Feeling
05. Onidodo
06. Alagbara
07. Ajo
08. Abiara
09. Se E Tun De
10. Waka Waka
11. My Baby Don Love Me
12. Home Cooking
13. Everyday I Got My Blues
14. Moti Gbrokan
15. Waka Waka
16. Ako
17. Ororuka
18. Lai Se

"This brilliant compilation gathers the complete vinyl recordings of Fela 1963-1968 and is a must-have!
Thanks to Djouls, a complete Fela Kuti discography is available with all the details concerning the original pressings..." (from

Links :

Press Release :
Fela Kuti (1938-1997) was the first and brightest African super star, and a music genious of colossal dimensions, considered by many the unrivalled king of African music for more than 30 years. What Vampisoul has the inmense pleasure to offer, as part of our ongoingg African sonic exploration (Tony Allen, Orlando Julius, Highlife collection and more to come), is the musical birth of a MYTH and GIANT of world's music.

In 1970 Kuti changed his name from Fela Ransome Kuti to Fela Anikulapo Kuti ("Anikulapo" being a yoruba name meaning "he who carries death in his pouch"), and radicalized his music (inventing Afro-Beat!) and his vision of the world, joining forces with the Black Panther Party, forming the Kalakuta Republic (a commune which he declared independent from the Nigerian state), creating his own revolutionary political party "Movement Of The People", and rebelling against the military regime of Nigeria.

What we're focusing here into, though, is what Kuti did in the 60's, between 1963 and 1969, years before naming his band Africa 70 and becoming the first african music rebel. After staying in London between 1958 and 1961, where he studied at the Trinity College of Music, and prior to his first visit to the States, when he knew about the black power movement, Fela was back in his Nigeria home with his band The Koola Lobitos serenading nightclubbers with jaunty highlife jazz and afro soul music. What you can hear in this compilation is Fela Ransome Kuti (not Anikulapo) and His Koola Lobitos, doing an irresistible, torrid and infectious rhythmic mix of West Africa's Highlife music, jazz, soul and funk.

Licensed from The Fela Kuti Estate and Premier Records, this deluxe Vampisoul package, available both on double CD set and triple vinyl LP, features extensive notes by African specialist Max Reinhardt and artwork by artist Victor Aparicio. The vinyl version consist on two 12" LPs, and one special 10" LP, exact reproduction of Kuti's legendary 1966' "Afro Beat On Stage, recorded Live At the Afro Spot (PLP001)", with all the same songs, in its own jacket with original artwork, and liner notes!


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manu boubli manu boubli ·  12 June 2008, 23:50

Yo djouls,

01. Bonfu
02. Fere
03. Onifere No 2
04. Oyejo
05. Oluruka
06. Awo
07. Great Kids
08. Amaechi's Blues
09. Yese
10. Egbin
11. Orise
12. Eke
13. VC7
14. I know Your Feeling
15. Alagbara
16. Ajo
17. Signature Tune
18. Highlife Time
19. Lagos Baby
20. Omuti Soul
21. Olulufe Mi
22. Araba's Delight

Tracklisting CD 2 :
01. Wa Dele
02. Lai se
03. Mi o Mo
04. Obinrin Le
05. Omo Ejo
06. Everyday I got my Blues
07. Moti Gbrokan
08. Waka Waka
09. Ako
10. Ororuka
11. Lai se
12. Onidodo
13. Abiara
14. Se e tun de
15. Waka waka
16. My Baby Don Love Me
17. Home Cooking.

Le track list de ce CD est pas le bon... pourtant c'est celui qui est sur le cd et dans le livret mais tout est en desordre... t'as moyen de choper le vrai track list?



orfy orfy ·  16 August 2008, 22:17

Hi djouls,

I have the same problem as Manu, the track-listing is all over the place on these CDs. The correct order would be great if you have it,


Djouls Djouls ·  17 August 2008, 00:58

Do you know this release ? It might help...

Fela Ransome-Kuti and His Koola Lobitos
Highlife-Jazz and Afro-Soul (1963-1969) (CD Japan; P-Vine PCD-18511/3)

orfy orfy ·  18 August 2008, 15:17


Ulla at Vampisoul has just provided me with the track-listing for th defective CDs. If you want to resequence your album here are the details:

CD 1:
1. Signature Tune
2. Highlife Time
3. Lagos Baby
4. Omuti
5. Olulufe
6. Araba's Delight
7. Wa Dele
8. Lai Se
9. Mi O Mo
10. Obinrin Le
11. Omo Ejo
12. Bonfu
13. Fere
14. Onifere No 2
15. Oyejo
16. Oluruka
17. Awo
18. Yese
19. Egbin
20. Orise
21. Eke

CD 2:
1. Great Kids
2. Amaechi's Blues
3. VC7
4. I Know Your Feeling
5. Onidodo
6. Alagbara
7. Ajo
8. Abiara
9. Se E Tun De
10. Waka Waka
11. My Baby Don Love Me
12. Home Cooking
13. Everyday I Got My Blues
14. Moti Gbrokan
15. Waka Waka
16. Ako
17. Ororuka
18. Lai Se

Apparently the problem has been corrected on new copies and they're in stores now (or very soon).


Djouls Djouls ·  19 August 2008, 14:16

Thanks a lot, I've corrected the entry and put the incorrect tracklist in Manu's comment

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