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Ensemble du Verre - Sanctuary For Animals (11 Collages)

Ensemble du Verre Sanctuary For Animals
Ensemble du Verre - Sanctuary For Animals (11 Collages)
(CD) Batterie 001, 2008-02-20

Info :
Another E.D.V. opus which can't easily be categorized. On this third album various quite different elements melt together into one homogenous soundtrack. The ensemble makes best use of the player's instrumental virtuosity, combining club music, song writing and spoken poetry with elctronica. The result settles somewhere between score music, club sound, poetry and jazz. E.D.V. once again managed to create a sound totally different from the previous album. But the music sounds warmer and more relaxed. Especially "Just Another Thursday Morning" with poetry icon Ursula Rucker, makes this clear.
(from Ensemble du Verre MySpace blog, 2008-03-02)

Tracklisting :
01. Sanctuary For Animals 8:12 | MP3 other link
02. Striped And Incredibly Bright 7:45 | MP3
03. Just Another Thursday Morning 4:31 | MP3 | Quicktime video
04. Blues Bottom 4:58
05. Painting 5 7:54
06. Ra 6:24 | MP3
07. Pursuit 3:58
08. '70 -'71 7:06
09. Milky 4:30
10. Lizards In Mind 5:15
11. Aureate Barque 2:46

Links :
MP3 downloads here or here

Press Release :
"Sanctuary For Animals", the third Album presented by Soenke Duewer aka Batterie Du Verre, is a collection of collages, 11 pictures, shaped by musical elements. Duewer uses all sorts of stuff, from Schellack samples to 1970's jazzrock or free influences, he merges breakbeats, minimal house, hip hop, electro, ambient, classical song writing and spoken word poetry.
"I'm missing a sound carrier with highlights of political statements like Churchill's declaration of war in 1939, "Kennedy's 'Ich bin ein Berliner...', I can't listen to it anymore", he laugh...

Before "Sanctuary For Animals" was recorded by the live band existing since 2003 (Claas Ueberschaer - trumpet/keyboards, Daniel Cordes - bass/voice and Soenke Duewer - drums, percussions, electronica), the ensemble played a couple of gigs to develop character and structure of the songs. Duewer also tests his pieces in what he calls club compatibility.
"There's nothing wrong about a dancing audience", he says, defying the fact that his music sounds more like a soundtrack for a movie arising in front of the listeners mind's eye - like cinema out of music. "I am like a magnet, music attracts me, I am a total amateur, I can lose myself and time in my studio..."

After recording the material in his own studio - the batterie room - the raw music was completed by sound details and musical contributions of guests, Bene Aperdannier - Rhodes/Wurlitzer, Stefan Kuchel - saxophones, Jens Voightlaender - guitar, Ursula Rucker and Ute Lorenzen - vocals.
How about the poetry pieces? "I love reading" Duewer states. "I've got a book seller I really trust, she preselects the books for me. For me books and music have one thing in common, they need a certain 'punch', after all I am a studied drummer..."he adds laughing again.

"Sanctuary For Animals" impresses by it's variety of styles and at the same time it's musical coherence. Duewer consequently follows the path he's been walking on with "facing,transparent" (2003 Fante Records/SPV) and "Sing Me Something" (2005, Fante Records/SPV), the synthesis of totally different elements. But contrasting the first two releases the acoustic share on "Sanctuary For Animals" is much bigger. Loops and electronica are integrated into rich instrumental structures, sceneries, flows of tension. Saxophone, trumpet, Fender Rhodes and Wurltzer, double and electric bass, drums, percussion, samples, voice and guitar make the music sound more vivid, much more mature. "I've turned 40..." Duewer smiles.

Duewer's cooperation with Ursula Rucker, the poetry icon from Philadelphia, has turned out to be very productive, "Sanctuary For Animals" marks the third project in which they've worked together. Rucker delivered lyrics and voice for "Or Is The Moment Gone" on "Sing Me Something", in return Duewer produced the piece "uh-uh" on her last album "ma'at mama", this time she sings "Just Another Thursday Morning", filling an expressive piece from the start with her very personal touch, creating an even stronger atmosphere.

All other lyrics are written by Ute Lorenzen, Soenke Duewer's wife. The last piece "Aureate Barque" she sings herself. The piece is a musical reprise of "Ra" (a piece you have to listen to), at the same time it prospects a song album the couple is working on at the moment, probably released later this year.

Simultaneously with the release of "Sanctuary For Animals" Duewer will presents his own record label "Batterie", on which he will also release his solo project "Energie Du Verre". According to Duewer the independence from the regular label business is a big chance for more freedom in releasing creative music. "Batterie" will exist in the internet. Besides cd sales at concerts and via homepage, the releases will be available on all usual music-platforms in the net. The label service will not only contain the cd booklets for download, but also a growing list of Duewer's favourite books. "Things I don't need, but I like". He is looking forward to an intense exchange of thoughts and opinions.


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