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Dj Vadim - U.S.S.R. Repertoire

dj vadim ussr repertoire
Dj Vadim - U.S.S.R. Repertoire
(2xLP/CD) Ninja Tune ZEN25/ZENCD25, 1996-09-10

Info :
Il nous faut désormais parler du vilain petit canard de Ninja Tune: Dj Vadim. Pas vilain parce que pas beau, mais vilain parce que pas bien. En effet, le trip hop ultra mou de Dj Vadim rend, cet album qui pourrait ne pas être si mal, soporifique. Dommage! Sûrement l'exception qui confirme la règle: personne n'est parfait, en tout cas, pas Ninja Tune sur ce coup. Toutefois, un album qui peut plaire à d'autres malgré tout: pour les fans de Dj Cam.
Note pas terrible hiphoptropmou : 2/5

2xLP Tracklisting:
A1 My Radio (The Inaugeration)
A2 Relax With Pep (Part 6)
A3 Untitled
A4 Reality? Who Is The Realist?
A5 Help Me
A6 U.S.S.R. Repertoire
A7 The Next Shit
A8 Times Are Hard
B1 The Foundation (Origin Of Hip Hop)
B2 Melodies In Vertical Theory
B3 The Nuisance Caller
B4 Level Test
B5 Lord Forgive Me
B6 Variations In Chair Creek & Crackle
B7 Call Me
C1 Lounge Shiznitz
C2 Live From Paris (Remix)
C3 Melodies In Hinge Creek (Light My Fire)
C4 Morning Prayer
C5 The Breaks
C6 Knowledge vs. Wisdom (A Difference In Wordplay?)
D1 Suckas Wearing Tainted Sunglasses
D2 Aural Prostitution
D3 Bloke 1
D4 The Schematics
D5 Abstractions
D6 Headz Still Ain't Ready

CD Tracklisting:
01 My Radio (The Inaugeration)
02 Relax With Pep (Part 6)
03 Headz Still Ain't Ready
04 The Next Shit
05 Lounge Shiznitz
06 Live From Paris (Remix)
07 Lord Forgive Me (Part 2)
08 Relax With Pep (Part 5)
09 Suckas Wearing Tainted Sunglasses
10 Aural Prostitution
11 Knowledge Vs. Wisdom (Part 2) (A Difference In Wordplay?)
12 This Goes Out
13 The Nuisance Caller
14 Melodies In Hinge Creek (Light My Fire)
15 Times Are Hard
16 The Schematics (Part 2)
17 Call Me
18 Bloke 1
19 Who The Hell Am I?
20 Relax With Pep (Part 2)
21 Abstractions
22 Mental Gymnastics
23 The Foundation (The Origin Of Hip Hop)
24 U.S.S.R. Repertoire
25 Help Me
26 Melodies In Vertical Theory

2xLP Artwork:

CD Artwork:


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