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Dj Shadow Bootlegs

Dj Shadow Brainfreeze
[ All Dj Shadow Bootlegs!! ]

dj shadow cut chemist brainfreeze

Dj Shadow & Cut Chemist - "Brainfreeze"
Tracklisting :
01. First set
Thunder Kick radio spot
The Jules Shattner Group-2001: A Soul Odyssey
Fried Chicken-Funky DJ
The Mohawks-The Champ
Reuben Bell-Superjock
Albert King-Cold Feet
Ultimate Force-I'm Not Playing
Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham-Lover And A Friend
Mack Rice-Three People In Love
The Nu People-I'd Be Nowhere Today
Nu-Sound Express Ltd-Ain't It Good Enough
Mystic Moods-Cosmic Sea
American Gypsy-Inside Out
Odetta-Hit Or Miss
The Mar-Keys-Grab This Thing (Part 2)
Rusty Bryant-Fire-Eater
Simtec & Wylie-Bootleggin' (Part 2)
Wilbur Bascomb & The Zodiac-Just A Groove In "G"
Eddie Bo & The Soul Finders-We're Doin' It (Thang)(Part 2)
Rufus Thomas-Sophisticated Sissy
The Showmen Inc.-The Tramp (From Funky Broadway) (Part 1)
The Original Soul Senders-Soul Brother Testify (Part 2)
Rufus Thomas-Itch & Scratch (Part I & II)
Alvin Cash-Keep On Dancing (Instrumental)
Lou Courtney-Hey Joyce
Bummer radio spot
02. Second set
The Singing Principal-Woman's Lib
Salt-Hung Up
The Soul Lifters-Hot, Funky & Sweaty
Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders-Soul Food
The Interpretations-Jason Pew Mosso (Part 1)
Thunder & Lightning-Bumpin Bus Stop
Billy Garner-I Got Some
Pleasure Web-Music Man (Part I & II)
Gary Byrd-Soul Travelin' (The G.B.E.) (Part I)
"W" radio spot (click here for lo-fi MP3; 75K)
Marlena Shaw-California Soul
The Vibrettes-Humpty Dump (Part 1)
Eddie Bo-From This Day On
7-Eleven-Dance The Slurp
Flash & The Five-Flash It To The Beat
Pearly Queen-Quit Jivin'
Tony Alvon & The Belairs-Sexy Coffee Pot
Chuck Mangione-Hill Where The Lord Hides
Funka Fize-No Words
Schooly D-Gucci Time
Jurassic 5-Unified Rebelution (Acapella)
Third Guitar-Baby Don't Cry
Don Pierce-This Funky Thing
Funka Fize-Because You're Funky
The Troubleneck Brothers-Back To The Hip Hop
Stu Gardner-Devil In A Man
Samson & Delilah-There's A DJ In Your Town
Bill & Tim-PM Or Later

brainfreeze breaks

Various Artists - "Brainfreeze Breaks"
Tracklisting :
01.Fried Chicken "funky dj"
02.Salt "hung up"
03.Mack Rice "three people in love"
04.Eddie Bo "from this day on"
05.Odetta "hit or miss"
06.Rueben Bell "superjock"
07.The Nu People "I'd be nowhere without you"
08.Tony Alvon & The Belairs "sexy coffe pot"
09.The Singing Principal "women's liberation"
10.The Soul Lifters "hot, funky, and sweaty"
11.Giorgio "tears"
12.Gary Byrd "soul travelin' pt. 1 (the G.B.E.)"
13.Wilbur Bascomb and The Zodiac "just a groove in "g'"
14.Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham "lover & a friend"
15.The Mystic Moods "cosmic sea"
16.7-Eleven "dance the slurp"
17.Alvin Cash "keep on dancing"
18.Thunder & Lightning "bumpin' bus stop"
19.Sugar Billy Garner "I got some"
20.Lou Courtney "hey joyce"
21.Simtec & Wylie "bootleggin"
22.Pearly Queen "quit jivin"
23.Original Soul Senders "soul brother testify"
24.The Vibrettes "humpty dump"
25.Third Guitar "baby don't cry"
26.Pleasure Web "music man"

dj shadow cut chemist product placement

Dj Shadow & Cut Chemist - "Product Placement"
Tracklisting :
01. First Set
Sesame Street (Oscar The Grouch)-I Got Two
Little Grady Lewis & Soul Smokers-Smokin' Soul
Dennis Coffey-A Whole Lot Of Love
LL Cool J-I Need Love
Eddie Simpson-Big Black Funky Slave
Harold Alexander-Mama Soul
Charlie Whitehead-Let's Do It Again (Part 3)
Cold Grits-It's Your Thing
Backyard Heavies-Expo '83
Timmy Thomas-Sexy Woman
Kool & The Gang-N.T.
Freddy Scott-(You) Got What I Need
Bobby & James Purify-I'm Your Puppet
The Oceanliners-Funky Pants
Thunder, Lightning & Rain-Super Funky Part 1
James Brown-Talkin' Loud And Sayin' Nothin'
National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation-Rappin' With Gas
CD III-Get Tough
Man Parrish-Hip Hop, Be Bop (Don't Stop)
The B-Boys-Rock The House
Newcleus-Jam On It
Davy DMX-One For The Treble
Grandmaster Melle Mel-Step Off
Newcleus-Destination Earth
Soul Searchers-Ashley's Roachclip
Orange Krush-Action
Pieces Of A Dream-Mt. Airy Groove
Bill Withers-Kissin' My Love
Mandrill-Mango Meat
Jazzy Jeff-A Touch Of Jazz
Kid 'N Play-Last Night (Instrumental)
Esther Williams-Last Night Changed It All
James Brown-Funky President
Miami-Chicken Yellow
Johnny Cameron & The Camerons-Funky John (original pressing)/(Atlantic pressing)
Willie John Ellison-You Got To Have Rhythm
Harvey & The Phenomenals-Soul And Sunshine
Mongo Santamaria-Coylude
Communicators & Black Experience Band-The Road
Denis Bryant-Soul Man
02. Second Set
Lifeforce-The Freeze
Earnest Jackson-Funky Black Man
Little Buck-Little Boy Blue
Dandelion Wine-Hot Dog
Nu-Sound Express-One More Time You All
-Keep On Dancin'
The Commodores-Keep On Dancing
Gerald Wilson Orchestra-California Soul
The Messengers-California Soul
The Poets-Fun Buggy
The New Seekers-It's The Real Thing (radio spot)
Ivor Raymonde Orchestra-It's The Real Thing
American Dietary Association Of Mississippi-The Basic
Cookie Crew-Born This Way (Instrumental)
Larry Sanders-Story Of My Love
Jessie James-Move On Out Of My Way
Yellow Sunshine-Yellow Sunshine
Rodney O & Joe Cooley-Cooley High
Nairobi And The Awesome Foursome-Funky Soul Makossa (Rap)
Logic Circuit-Motorcross Pt. 2
Hell's Belles (movie radio spot)
The Outcasts-Loving You Sometimes
Gran Am-Get High
David McCallum-House Of Mirrors

product placement breaks

Various Artists - "Product Placement Breaks"
Tracklisting :
01 I Am Shadow (Milton Floyd)
02 A Whole Lotta Love (Dennis Coffey)
03 Big Black Funky Slave (Eddie Simpson)
04 Let's Do It Again (Charlie Whitehead)
05 It's Your Thing (Cold Grits)
06 Expo '83 (Backyard Heavies)
07 Sexy Woman (Timmy Thomas)
08 I'm Your Puppet (Bobby & James Purify)
09 Get Tough (CD III)
10 One For The Treble (Davy Dmx)
11 Destination Earth (Newcleus)
12 Soul And Sunshine (Harvey & The Phenomenals)
13 The Road (Communicators)
14 Funky Black Man (Earnerst Jackson)
15 Keep On Dancin (The Commodores)
16 Californian Soul (Gerald Wilson)
17 California Soul (The Messengers)
18 Fun Buggy (The Poets)
19 It's The Real Thing (The New Seekers)
20 It's The Real Thing (Ivor Raymonde Orchestra)
21 The basic (Milk)
22 Story Of My Love (Larry Saunders)
23 Cooley High (Rodney O & Joe Cooley)
24 Motocross Pt. 2 (Logic Circuit)
25 House Of Mirrors (David McCallum)

dj shadow cut chemist freeze

Dj Shadow & Cut Chemist - "Freeze"
Tracklisting :
Z-Trip II
Freeze Practice I
Freeze Practice II
Freeze Practice III
Freeze Practice IV
Freeze Practice V
Freeze Practice VI
Freeze Practice VII
Freeze Live I
Freeze Live II
Freeze Live III
Freeze Live IV
Freeze Live V
Freeze Live VI
Freeze Live VII
Freeze Live VIII
Freeze Live IX
Freeze Live X


Various Artists - "Slurped"
Tracklisting :
Fried Chicken - Funky DJ
Salt - Hung Up
Singing Principal - Woman's Liberation
Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham - Lover and a Friend
Thunder and Lightning - Bumpin' Bus Stop
The Nu-People - I'd Be Nowhere Today
Reuben Bell - Super Jock
Pleasure Web - Music Man
Gary Byrd - Soul Travelling
Mack Rice - Three People
Marlena Shaw - California Soul
Odetta - Hit or Miss
7-Eleven - Dance the Slurp!
Rufus Thomas - Itch and Scratch
Lou Courtney - Hey Joyce
Alvin Cash - Keep on Dancin'

dj shadow live from austin

Dj Shadow - "Live from Austin"
Tracklisting :
Austin Music Hall, Austin, TX, 10-30-99
1. Shadow chatter > beats + scratches + playing with the pitch control
2. "Number Song (Cut Chemist Remix)" > ???? (song from Brainfreeze) > "Number Song (Cut Chemist Remix)" > turntablism > ???? > Shadow "Holy
Calamity (Bear Witness)"
3. "Holy Calamity" cont'd > Shadow "Entropy (Part A - The Third Decade, Our Move)" > (old-school mix) > ???? (first record that Shadow made) >
(song that Digital Underground sampled for "Gutfest '89) > ???? (breaks) >
4. Shadow "Building Steam with a Single Grain of Salt" / voice samples from Psyence Fiction, etc. >
5. Shadow chatter > J5 "Improvise" > ???? > Ozomatli "Cut Chemist Suite" Remix > Lyrics Born & The Poets of Rhythm "I Changed My Mind" instrumental / scratches "funky beat" > ???? > "I Changed My Mind (DJ Spinna Remix)" > Shadow chatter ("chi-ka-chi-ka")
6. Hiphop mix: ???? > "1, and then comes 2 to the 3" > Dialated Peoples "Work the Angles" > "1, and then comes 2 to the 3" > Beatnuts "Watch Out
Now" > "1, and then comes 2 to the 3" > Quannum MC's & Jurassic 5 "Concentration" > "1, and then comes 2 to the 3" > UNKLE ft. Kool G. Rap "Guns
Blazing (Remix)"
7. UNKLE ft. Richard Ashcroft "Lonley Soul" / "Guns Blazing" blend > "Lonely Soul" instrumental / scratches / vocal sample > Shadow "Stem / Long
Stem" / ???? (it's a Shadow track, the name escapes me)

the ultimate lessons

Various Artists - "The Ultimate Lessons"
Tracklisting :
Lesson 4 (Solid Steele Edit) - Double Dee + Steinski
Say Kids (What Time Is It?) - Coldcut
Live Lesson D - DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist & Nu Mark
Feelin' James - TD
Lesson 7 - DJ Bombjack
Beats & Pieces - Coldcut
Jazz - Double Dee + Steinski
Genius At Work - Big Apple Productions
Sugar Hill Suite - Double Dee + Steinski
Coldcut vs The Godfather - Coldcut
Payback - Coldcut
Live Lesson E - Cut Chemist

the ultimate lessons 2

Various Artists - "The Ultimate Lessons 2"
Tracklisting :
Lesson 4 (Solid Steele Edit) - Double Dee + Steinski
Say Kids (What Time Is It?) - Coldcut
Live Lesson D - DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist & Nu Mark
Feelin' James - TD
Lesson 7 - DJ Bombjack
Beats & Pieces - Coldcut
Jazz - Double Dee + Steinski
Genius At Work - Big Apple Productions
Sugar Hill Suite - Double Dee + Steinski
Coldcut vs The Godfather - Coldcut
Payback - Coldcut
Live Lesson E - Cut Chemist

dj shadow presents schoolhouse funk

Various Artists - "Dj Shadow Presents Schoolhouse Funk"
Tracklisting :
Black Roots
Introduction of House Band/I Made A Mistake
KCOR Variatios
Cisco Kid (CD Bonus Track)
The World Is A Ghetto
Funky Beat
Funky Side of Town (instrumental) (CD Bonus Track)
Nine Monks (CD Bonus Track)
Second Half Intro/Red Clay (reprise)
Camel Back (CD Bonus Track)
Susdy (Soul Pride)
A Toast to the Boogie (CD Bonus Track)
Give It Away
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
Loose Booty
The Newborn Hippopotamus/Jazz Rock Machine

quannum live on british radio

Quannum - "Live On British Radio"
Tracklisting :
Set 1 (Breezeblock Show From Radio One - 12/4/00 - 49 min
01. Solesides Reunion Intro
02. Shadow vs. Xcel
03. Blackalicious - A To G
04. Lyrics Born - Send Them
05. Latryx -Burning Hot In CaliÖ
06. Blackalicious - Rhymes For The Deaf, Dumb & Blind
07. Blackalicious - Lyric Fathom
08. Chief Xcel feat. Gift Of Gab, Lateef - Fully Charged On Planet X
09. Lateef - The Quickening
10. Latryx - Ranking #1/ Aim For The Flickering Flame
11. Latryx - Say That
12. Quannum - I Changed My Mind
13. Versatile - Freestyle
14. Lyrics Born vs. Latieef vs. Gift Of Gab - Freestyle Session
Set 2 (BBC Radio - 12/7/99 - 30 min.):
15. Blackalicious - Do This My Way
16. Blackalicious - The Fabulous Ones
17. Latryx - Storm Warning
18. Quannum - I Changed My Mind
19. Blackalicious - One Of A Kind
20. Quannum - Bombonyall
21. Lyrics Born vs. Latieef vs. Gift Of Gab - 12 mn Freestyle Session

dj shadow diminishing returns

Dj Shadow - "Diminishing Returns"
Tracklisting :
01. Give It To Them 5:22
02. Rock The Sohw 8:27
03. Diss Me 5:09
04. Special K 7:24
05. Lyrics Are Hype 6:42
06. Hollow Cut 7:31
07. Freeze 5:26
08. Rock To The Rhythm 5:07
09. Moved On 7:11
10. Funky Fresh In The Flesh 5:30
11. I Can't Go For That 16:04
CD 2
01. Minute Mix: Part I 8:56
02. Minute Mix: Part II 9:58
03. Minute Mix: Part III 6:43
04. Minute Mix: Part IV 6:43
05. Minute Mix: Part V 8:50
06. War Is Hell 5:02



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olivier olivier ·  17 March 2008, 12:07

Hi there.

I first saw the product placement dvd in what may be the biggest music and video store in paris ( france, that is ). i immediately bought it, without even taking a second of reflection. some weeks later, i even bought what is ( i didn't know at the time ) a vinyl bootleg of the same dvd. a fair one, indeed! as a several-time dj i used it pretending i had a huge vintage funk tank, when i only had maybe fifty good 45s. cause that's where my fascination was at: 45's. that was some years ago, and today i don't have much time or opportunities to mix at parties, since my free time is focused on playing music. i don't buy lots of records, everybody knows times are tougher everyday, but when i look at my little 45 shoe boxes, i know what chemist and shadow have done to me. i wish some day i could tell them myself, not as a shaky and voiceless fan, but as someone they opened some doors to.

uh, what would i say? THANK YOU.

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