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Dj Oof - La Biennale Takes A Trip pt.1

dj oof la biennale takes a trip
Dj Oof - La Biennale Takes A Trip pt.1
(promo CD/MP3 Podcast) Ping Pong DJOOF005, 2005-11-25

La bande-son d'une exposition d'art psychédélique à la célèbre 'Biennale de Lyon' de septembre à décembre 2005 à Le Fort St-Jean. Mixé live sans ordinateurs! La sélection a été effectué à partir de 3000 morceaux... Dj Oof donne un trip à la Biennale. Conçu pour vous rembobiner la tête.

Soundtrack for a psychedelic art exhibition of the famous 'Biennale de Lyon' from September to December 2005 at Le Fort de St-Jean. Mixed live without computer! Selection made out of 3000 tracks... Dj Oof gives a trip to La Biennale. Made to rewind your mind.

too late this show is not available anymore sorry

Tracklisting :
01. Country Joe And The Fish - Grace
(1967, USA, from 'Electric Music For The Mind and Body' / Vanguard) 0:00
02. Mad River - Eastern Light
(1968, USA, from 'Mad River' / Capitol) 1:46
03. Iron Butterfly - In The Time Of Our Lives
(1969, USA, from 'Ball' / ATCO) 3:45
04. Vanilla Fudge - The Season Of The Witch
(1968, USA, from 'Renaissance' / Atlantic) 6:05
05. Led Zeppelin - No Quarter
(1973, USA, from 'Houses of the Holy' / Atlantic) 7:14
06. Pink Floyd - Fearless
(1971, UK, from 'Meddle' / Harvest) 9:06
07. Funkadelic - Mommy, What's A Funkadelic?
(1969, USA, from 'Funkadelic' / Westbound) 10:08
08. Jean-Claude Vannier - Le Roi Des Mouches Et La Confiture De Rose
(1972, France, from 'L'enfant Assassin Des Mouches' / Jour Et Nuit) 13:01
09. Amon Tobin Vs Velvet Underground - Venus In Furs
(Bresil/USA, 2005 / Bootleg) 14:38
(original version from 'The Velvet Underground & Nico', 1967 / MGM)
10. Salaryman - Hummous
(1996, USA, from 'Salaryman' / City Slang) 22:18 16:34
11. Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar
(1988, UK, from ' Tunes From the Missing Channel' / On-U Sound) 18:31
12. Moondog - Nero's Expedition
(1969, USA, from 'Moondog 2' / Columbia) 20:24
13. White Noise - Love Without Sound
(1968, USA, from 'An Electric Storm' / Island) 21:29
14. Big Brother And The Holding Company Feat. Janis Joplin - All Is Loneliness
(1967, USA, from 'Big Brother And The Holding Company' / Columbia) 23:23
15. Holger Czukay - Fragrance
(1981, Germany, from 'On The Way To The Peak Of Normal' / Spoon) 25:28
16. Add N To X - The Black Regent
(1998, UK, from 'On the Wires of Our Nerves' / Sattelite) 27:22
17. Matching Mole - Gloria Gloom
(1972, UK, from 'Little Red Record' / Sony) 28:56
18. Gong - The Isle Of Everywhere
(1974, UK, from 'You (Radio Gnome Invisible, Pt. 3)' / Virgin) 30:10
19. Dashiell Hedayat - Cielo Drive / 17
(1971, France, from 'Obsolete' / Mantra) - 31:30
20. Manfred Mann, Volume One - Devil Woman
(1969, UK, from 'Chapter Three' / Petbrook) 33:47
21. Herbie Hancock - Hornets
(1973, USA, from 'Sextant' / Columbia) 35:57
22. Jimi Tenor - Sirens Of Salo
(2004, Finland, from 'Beyond The Stars' / Kitty Yo) 37:04

Original covers :

Info :
Selected & mixed by Fred Elalouf (aka Dj Oof) (Ping Pong)
Ping Pong


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