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DJ Kentaro - Enter The Newground - Live at Tokyo Liquidroom - May 2nd 2007

DJ Kentaro Enter The Newground
DJ Kentaro - Enter The Newground - Live at Tokyo Liquidroom - May 2nd 2007
(DVD) Ninja Tune ZENDV128, 2008-01-29 (Japan), 2008-05-19 (Rest of the world)

Tracklisting :

[1] "Enter The Newground" Live !! (2nd May, 2007/Tour Final at Tokyo Liquidroom)
01. Enter
02. Enter The Newground
03. One Hand Blizzard
04. Charlie Jugg
05. Jah Jaka
06. Hatsuyume Feat. Hunger (from Gagle)
7. Brightin' Star
8. Let It Go Feat. Fat Jon (from Five Deez)
9. Tasogare Highway High (Bass Wanna Be A Singer)
10. Uminnaka
11. Little Journey Feat. Little Tempo
12. Space Jungle
13. Free (Original And Bodyshake Remix)
14. Keep On (Zero Dbeep Remix And Original) Feat. The Pharcyde
15. Spank Rock Best Fwends Remix
16. Harvest Dance Feat. Hifana
17. Sakura Feat. Hifana
18. Rainy Day (The Qemists Dnb Remix)
19. Trust
20. Etuc
21. Fue And Table Feat. Kisho Tosha
22. Encore (DMC 2002 Champion Rootin)

[2] "Videos"
1. Free Feat. Spank Rock / Directed By Kim Gym
2. Tasogare Highway High / Directed By Teppei Maki

[3] "Extras"
1. Interviews
A. Dj Kentaro
B. Hifana, Hunger, Little Tempo, Kisho Tosha, Fat Jon, The Pharcyde, Spank Rock Etc..
2. Bonus Clips From "Enter The Newground Japan Tour 2007"

Links :

Press Release :
This historical event finally became a DVD!!

Releasing his debut album "Enter" this year, DMD Champion (2002) DJ Kentaro stepped into the world of a producer.

DJ Kentaro's special set crafted just for this special night entranced the crowd into much enthusiasm with 6 big screen projectors that overwhelm the audience It was held at Tokyo Liquidroom on May 2nd which was the final date of the "ENTER THE NEWGROUND" tour which went around 12 cities in Japan after the release of the stunning album "Enter."

The 9 cameras covered the artists featured in the album such as HUNGER(GAGLE), FAT JON (FIVE DEEZ), THE PHARCYDE, LITTLE TEMPO, HIFANA, and Japanese Fluitist, Tosha Kisho who has performed with Kentaro many times, as well as DJ Kentaro's juggling, scratching, and EQing technique.

DVD also features;
"FREE feat. SPANK ROCK" PV by KimGym
Tour footage by easeback

It also features special treats such as "FREE feat. SPANK ROCK" PV by KimGym which is set in the near future when analog record is prohibited, "TASOGARE HIGHWAT HIGH"PV by Teppei Maki which he put so much energy that took Kentaro about a year to make, tour footage by easeback, and interviews.

"ENTER THE NEWGROUND LIVE" is another dimension to his album "Enter", proving what a stunning live DJ/AV performer Kentaro is.


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dead air dead air ·  05 April 2008, 01:19

just saw kentaro perform a dj set here in shanghai. was great. he reproduced enter the new ground, trust, free and a coule others frm his debut album, the very one that the blog masters hated, and decided to remove my positive review of (due to the fact that, one is not allowed to have a different opinion than these clowns)

anyways, the show was class all the way, as are most ninja gigs i see. it was kentaro, 2 tables, a 3rd table set up with scratch, or another digi set up. and a kaos pad. plus a banner set up behind him (big whoop!) but seriously, the mad skills involved whoooooo boy... even just regular club dj styled stuff was mezmerising as he could just leave it be.

i'm not partial to just seeing people play others records, but in this case, it's like seeing a class scratch act like kid koala (minus the humour) mixed with the mad dancefloor destruction of amon tobin...

this dvd, i'm not too sure about, although i live in shanghai, and i'm relatively close to japan, the jap imports are nigh impossible to obtain over here. abd unfortunately kentaro wasn't selling any merch at the gig... somehting i hope is rectified next time he comes to these shores...

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