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Dj Food - A Recipe For Disaster

dj food a recipe for disaster
Dj Food - A Recipe For Disaster
(2xLP/CD) Ninja Tune ZEN20/ZENCD20, 1995-10-23

Info :
Écouter un album du collectif Dj Food, c'est un peu comme se retrouver dans les cuisines du Hilton avec les Marx Brothers en chef d'orchestre. Tous les goûts sont dans la nature et ceci est prouvé dans le menu que propose Dj Food: salade de trip hop déjanté sur crème d'hypnose en entrée, suivi de fromage dégoulinant sur lit de scratch frais, suivi encore de breakbeats épicés accompagnés de ses cuivres. Enfin, le dessert, la cerise sur le gâteau, le junglisant "A little samba" pour digérer en dansant ad libitum. Un repas impressionant de par sa taille mais tellement appétissant qu'on n'hésite pas à s'en refaire une tartine.
Note trip hop jungle scratch déjanté : 4/5

dj food a recipe for disaster
Dj Food - A Recipe For Disaster
(2xLP/CD) Ninja Tune ZEN20/ZENCD20, 1995-10-23

2xLP Tracklisting:
A1 Dark River
A2 Inosan
A3 Scratch Yer Hed
A4 Spiral
B1 Strange Taste
B2 Fungle Junk
B3 Scientific Youth
B4 Scratch Yer Butt
C1 Taste Strange
C2 Mr. Quickie Cuts The Cheese
C3 Brass Neck
C4 Akaire
D1 Bass City Roller
D2 Half Step
D3 Hip Slop
D4 A Little Samba

CD Tracklisting:
01 Dark River
02 Inosan
03 Scratch Yer Hed
04 Spiral
05 Strange Taste
06 Fungle Junk
07 Scientific Youth
08 Scratch Yer Butt
09 Taste Strange
10 Mr. Quicke Cuts The Cheese
11 Brass Neck
12 Akaire
13 Bass City Roller
14 Half Step

Dj Food - A Recipe For Disaster
(CD) Shadow Records SDW007-2, 1995/11/11

CD Tracklisting:
01 Strange Taste
02 Dark River
03 Inosan
04 Scratch Yer Head
05 Mr. Quick Cuts The Cheese
06 Hip Slop
07 Brass Neck
08 Fungle Junk
09 Half Step
10 The Dusk
11 Bass City Roller
12 Spiral
13 Akaire
14 A Little Samba
15 Scientific Youth
16 Taste Strange

Dj Food - A Recipe For Disaster
(CD) Toy's Factory TFCK-87903, 1995-11-30

CD Tracklisting:
01 Dark River
02 Inosan
03 Scratch Yer Hed
04 Mr. Quicke Cuts The Cheese
05 Brass Neck
06 Fungle Junk
07 Half Step
08 The Dusk
09 Bass City Roller
10 Spiral
11 Scratch Yer Butt
12 Akaire
13 A Little Samba
14 Scientific Youth

Press Release :
In the book of funkjazztickle tricknology, it is written that ALL things taste stealthy, as long as your psychedeli-diet is balanced across the board. if Variety is the Spice of life, welcome to a veritable vindaloo, a firing falafel, a tumpin tortilla of tunes with fat funky fillings and whirld-wide flavas ...Dj FOOD serves ya wid a "RECIPE FOR DISASTER".

In his contekstual growth from child to adult, DJ FOOD has suffered a hifi-dentity crisis; in earlier years he was branded as a compilation of breaks and grooves, a mere quick-stop take-away on Hip-Hop-high street;but no longer, for da froot has grown from the root of his yoot' , and yes, now, the menu has changed. Sole food sustenance and ghetto-pasta, as prepared by meisterchefs PC and tha bruthas cOldcut. Getting down to the 'art of the Platter...

Can we offer you some ruffage? 'Spiral" is a deep dish of dancefloor hiphopnotism where blood-red beetz predominate the flava, whilst 'Inosan' caters for those who like their food moody - a perfeck puree of pumping parsnip-hop. 'Scratch Yer Head' and 'Scratch Yer Butt" are simply pasta-pieces of the hip and the hop; forget pitch-control, this is a lesson in itch-control. If it burns, sk-skr--skratch it.Baaaaad.

Perchance your inner palate calls for a more funky traditional dish, like the jungle-splashed 'Akaire' or 'Brass Neck', served with a garnish of horny horns and crunchy breaks; perhaps you require a snack before bed-time, in which we recommend the lush milky chords of 'Dark River' or 'The Dusk', a deli-cate creme of moon soup. If break-fast is the order of the day, try a bite of the Latin-flavoured "Half-Step", or 'A Little Samba',that slips down the throat of your ears like buttered B-b'oysters. And just desserts, for tha flava of tha month; taste the exquisite 'Fungle Junk', a ripe, hype slice of jungle funk made with fresh f'roots from the bassssket.

Food to make you healthy in body, wealthy in behind, and stealthy in spirit. And if ya can't stand the beatz, git out tha kitchen...... A "Recipe for Disaster" - available in a Stealth-food shop near you soon.


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