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DJ Elected - Jacked Potatos Vol.2 & 3 Promotional Post

DJ Elected - Jacked Potatos Vol.2 & 3 Promotional Post
DJ Elected - Jacked Potatos Vol.2 & 3 Promotional Post
(2x7") Sirkus Recordings, 2007

Vol.2 7" Tracklisting:
A1. Roots Manuva - Mix Tape Intro
AA1. Lotek HiFi's - What You See (Remix)

Vol.3 7" Tracklisting:
A1. Track1
AA1. Track2

DJ Elected sendt me these babies a few months ago. Now their off to be official releases this late summer. Follow up on the Jacked Potato's Vol.1 there will be Vol.2 & 3 as promised.

With Vol.2 DJ Elected do remixes of Roots Manuva / Lotek of Big Dada. The Roots Manuva is the Intro used at the Dj Elected Presents Roots Manuva mix CD. This is a party stomper for sure! On the B side DJ Elected slow it a bit down with a remix by Lotek HiFi's 'What You See'.

Vol. 3 are two remixes of a artist I never heard before. As I'm a fan of lo-fi/indie hiphop this one got my attension. It starts out with a stomping-stumbling beat, followed up with nice sad guitar samples..and then there is this excellent female voice, its like shes really hurt by not being your girlfriend. This is a superb track with mystic moves that really want you to dance with 'that' girl you've bin looking at all nite. Close up, groovy, sweaty, touchy, eyes to eyes and real tight..that way of a dance. I'm sure you'll understand...its just brilliant! B side tries to be somewhat the same but never reach up to the A side...then again, not much do.

Roots Manuva / Lotek 7" will be out in august. The third single will be released in September.
10 points to Elected and Sirkus Records for this one!

Comments from other medias:
"its got a good tuffnesss to it" - JSTAR
"Shit! Just listening to your stuff. I like it a lot" - DJ C
"Wicked tunes bro - heavy !" - Upstate rec.
"Either one will devastate any dancefloor worth the name" - Fat City

Links :

Vol.2 7" Promo Artwork:

Vol.3 7" Promo Artwork:



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Djouls Djouls ·  15 August 2007, 08:06

If those are as good as the first 7 inch I can't wait to get my hands on 'em!!

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