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Deadbeat - Journeyman's Annual

deabeat journeymans Annual
Deadbeat - Journeyman's Annual
(CD/2xLP) Scape SC46, 2007-06-15

Tracklisting :
01. Lost Luggage
02. Melbourne Round Midnight
03. Night Train To Paris
04. Refund Me feat. Bubbz | MP3
05. Where Has My Love Gone
06. Deep In Country feat. Moral Undulations
07. Turbulence
08. Gimme A Little Slack feat. Jah Cutta
09. Gimme A Little Dub
10. Loneliness And Revelry
11. Saul Williams - Black Stacey (Deadbeat Remix)*
(* Bonus track)

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Press Release :
Whether taken as a reference to the journeymen of old or as a play on words adopted to suggest a year end reflection on a road weary existence, the title of DEADBEAT's forth album for Scape is all to appropriate. Since the release of his previous outing, "New World Observer" in March 2005, SCOTT MONTEITH has spent the vast majority of his time on the road, honing his skills as a master craftsman of genre defying electronic dance music. Though fans of Monteiths previous scape full lengths might find it difficult to envision his music as the soundtrack to a rollicking dance floor, "Journeyman' Annual" is the first to showcase an updated version of the DEADBEAT sound that has quietly been overtaking his more meditative work over the last year and a half. Indeed, those fortunate enough to attend a recent DEADBEAT performance would be hard pressed to enjoy it from the relative comfort of a clubs beer stained couches. This is modern bass music of an entirely unique sort, crafted with the intention of moving asses as much as stimulating minds.

Having consistently shown a creative vision which concerns itself not only with the trajectory of individual songs or even albums, Monteith opens "ourneyman's Annual" with what could easily be seen as the next chapter of the story concluded on "New World Observer". Easily the closest stylistically to his previous work for Scape, the opening 2 tracks employ minimal technos careful ruminations on endlessly repeating groove structure, while sitting comfortably in dubsteps doom filled, 140 bpm pocket. For the album opener, "Lost luggage", Monteith enlists the aid of violinist and fellow Montrealer SOPHIE TRUDEAU (ex-GYBE!, A SILVER MOUNT ZION) to craft what is potentially the darkest song in his entire catalog. An ode to those things literal and figurative so easily left behind when living out of a suitcase, "Lost luggage" is a ticking time bomb culminating in an explosive mid-song crescendo. Similarly, "Melbourne round Midnight" combines a familiar lurching funeral organ line with vaporous horns and a thunderous one note bass drop to create a chugging dub monster, certain to appeal to fans of Berlin's rich history of exploring the genres dark side, as well as London's half-step massive.

Along with TRUDEAU's string arrangements, Monteith also calls upon several vocalists met at various times over the last year to expand the albums sonic palette. Jumping past the comfy intro ambiance and straight into a crushing noise and drum line, "Refund me" features the albums first of said guests. Bristol based BUBBZ (whom Monteith met while attending the Red Bull Music Academy in Australia in October 2006), spits a fiery tale of lifes day to day frustrations over the tracks hammering rhythm. A rough-and-tough combination which undoubtedly make it the albums first go-to dance floor burner. "Deep in Country" marks the triumphant return of Moral Undulations, whose unmistakable baritone has graced countless Cynosure records as well as MIKE SHANNON's "Possible Conclusions" album for Scape in 2006. The combination of his politically charged, bad man vocal stylings and the songs militant snap-clap rhythm assault prove to be a match made in heaven. MU's apocalyptic verses trade screen time with an appropriately horror show guitar line and gloomy cinematics to create a dancehall anthem for the end of the world. On "Gimme a little slack", the influence of MONTEITH's weekly DJ sessions at Montreals infamous Dub Lounge shines through to devastating effect. Featuring firebrand Montreal deejay JAH CUTTA, the dynamic duo craft a piece of pure heavyweight bashment, filled with searing percussion, impossibly low bass, and a vocal hook that will stay in your head for days after first listen. Having already gained local hit status, this one is definitely destined for big tings. Pull up Selecta! Finally, as a bonus to this already fine set, we are pleased to include DEADBEAT's much sought after remix of SAUL WILLIAMS' "Black Stacey" from 2005. Previously only available on incredibly rare promo-only 12 inch, the track has been a trademark finisher of Deadbeat live sets for over a year and a half, and has driven the floor into a frenzy each and every time.

Easily his most diverse album to date, "Journeyman's Annual" is a far reaching account of new creative connections and rhythmic inspirations drawn from the four corners of the globe, and a spectacular sign of things to come from one of electronic musics premier low end prophets.


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