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Daedelus - Denies The Day's Demise

Daedelus Denies The Days Demise
Daedelus - Denies The Day's Demise
(2xLP/CD) Mush/Ninja Tune MH245/ZENCD118, 2006-05-15

Tracklisting :
01. At My Heels
02. Sundown | Go Watch Video
03. Nouveau Nova
04. Viva Vida
05. Samba Legrand
06. Like Clockwork Springs
07. Lights Out
08. Bahia
09. Our Last Stand
10. Patent Pending
11. Sawtooth Ekg
12. Dreamt Of Drowning
13. Sunrise
14. Petite Samba
15. Never None The Wiser

Promocd artwork:

2xLP Artwork:

Press Release :
Daedelus aka Alfred-Weisberg-Roberts returns to the fray with "Denies The Day's Demise," a new album of electro-tropicalia. The LA-based musician and producer always tries to do something thematic with every release and the contrast with his first Ninja Tune record could hardly be starker. If "Exquisite Corpse" was his hip-hop album, this is his techno record. There are no collaborations here, Daedelus choosing to strip right back to his own music and voice. In a further departure, this production focuses on the live elements of his previous recordings rather then his well-known sampling style. This is Daedelus naked, so to speak.

So what is "Denies The Day's Demise" all about? On one hand it's a child's temper tantrum to stay up late, on the other hand it's a grand desire to save the world. "Day's Demise" starts with "At My Heels" a world roaming song, lyrically tongue-in-cheek. Then the riotous "Sundown" officially sets off to the Southern Hemisphere with a full Brazilian bloco band and a stadium rock audience. "Nouveau Nova" a driving, multi-layered exercise which sounds like Bach played on a Bontempi organ ends up as post-bossa, whereas "Viva Vida" sounds like carnivalé in halftime, all lament, and redemption. "Like Clockwork Springs" pulses unlike any previous Daedelus affair, while "Samba Legrand" exudes an easy, lilting charm. "Lights Out" proceeds as a freaked-out exercise in tempo-teased hiphop-isms. Then without any slackening of rhythmical power we reach "Bahia," wherein Daedelus' famous bass clarinet chops get an outing on a celebratory, beautifully broken track. Before the dawn there are tracks like "Patent Pending," nodding to another Alfred, Mr.Hitchcock, with its fluttering flutes and suspense. Then finally, the hyperkinetic loveliness of "Sunrise" gives way to the sheer morning brilliance of "Never None The Wiser", like awakening after a particularly heavy dream...

A thematic and musical tour de force which repays repeated listenings, Daedelus' "Denies The Day's Demise" is all about raging against the dying of the light, the romance of the night and the sheer arse-waggling marvellousness of latino rhythms. Don't dorm…


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Warped Warped ·  05 April 2006, 12:33

Dope album. Very tight from start to finish. Inspires me to get the rest of Daedelus' shit to see how he got here.

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