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Cut Chemist - The Audience's Listening

Cut Chemist Audience Listening
Cut Chemist - The Audience's Listening
(CD) Warner, 2006-07-10

Here's an album we've been expecting for quite some time now. The first Cut Chemist real solo 'album'. The man is one of the most famous active scratchmasters of the planet, along with Dj Shadow, Shortkut and a few others. He's released many incredible recordings as a member one of the best hop hop outfits out there, Jurassic 5 (from whom a new album will be out this summer!), he's done deejay mixes, solo ("The Litmus Test"), or with partners in crime ("Brainfreeze", Product Placement", "Live At the Future Primitive Soundsession", "Live At The Variety Arts Center"). Lotsa tracks on compilations ("Return Of The DJ", "Deep Concentration", "Bunky's Picks") and remixes (Dj Shadow, Otzomatli, Blackalicious, Major Force West, gly Duckling, Breakestra, Edan...) were released since the mid-nineties, and even a few bootleg compilations appeared on the market recently ("Pre-historik Rarities", "Def Beat Remixes Vol.7", "Tunnel Vision"). The hype is now so big on this artist that he's signed with Warner to release his first album.
That's bad news. Major companies are really killing artistic potential. Jurassic 5 may have attained artistic freedom since they became major stars on the live circuit (and so don't need their record company more than the record company needs them), with Bonnaroo festivals and such, but Cut Chemist's solo career is another thing. We can only keep our fingers crossed, waiting for something not too awful like the recent Dj Shadow cash-in of the "Entroducing - Expanded Edition" (don't buy it!).
Two tracks are already available. I'm not convinced. I keep my fingers crossed for at least one or two heavy dancefloor electro hip hop'n'scratches tracks on vinyl though... Let me know what you think.
Tracklisting :
01. Motivational Speaker
02. My 1st Big Break
03. The Lift
04. The Garden | Download MP3
05. Spat
06. What's The Altitude (featuring Hymnal)
07. Metrorail Thru Space
08. Storm (featuring Edan and Mr. Lif) | Download MP3
09. 2266 Cambridge
10. Spoon
11. A Peak In Time
12. The Audience Is Listening (Theme Song)

Links :

Press Release :
Warner Bros. Records is proud to announce the release of famed turntable wizard, Cut Chemist's solo debut, titled "The Audience's Listening" (release date: Tuesday, July 11).

The album is the encyclopedia of musical varieties -- the tracks span from the lush, guitar-driven, Brazilian-inspired "The Garden" to the futuristic old school track (if there be a term), "The Storm," -- featuring rappers, Mr. Lif and Edan layered on Cut's brass, percussive beats. If you've heard it, Cut probably already owns it in his vinyl collection.

Cut Chemist was the DJ and producer for LA hip-hop dynamos Jurassic 5 (which traveled the country and world via packages like Lollapalooza and The Warped Tour), five years playing the turntables with the Grammy-winning Latin alternative band Ozomatli, and several years releasing highly bootlegged mixtapes (such as his "Brainfreeze Original Soundtrack" collaboration with DJ Shadow in 1999, a much sought eBay delight that lead to another popular meeting of the two in 2001's Product Placement tour and DVD). Throughout it all, he's found the time to helm his own recurring club nights in Los Angeles (these days he can often be found on Saturday nights playing at "Funky Sole" at Hollywood lounge Star Shoes).

"The Audience's Listening" also represents a significant change in production for Cut Chemist, as he's moved on from the traditionalists MPC to a proper studio environment. "I used the 'Litmus Test' (last year's album of mash-ups, bootlegs, and remixes) as my teaching ground for this," he says. "I was computer illiterate for a lot of years, and couldn't really find anybody to help me, so I figured out slowly how to do certain things and just gradually taught myself the ins and outs."

Cut Chemist has spent years in the laboratory concocting the album through rare, odd, and eccentric samples gathered through a lifetime's worth of record digging around the world. Inspired by all sounds unusual and unexpected, the album is an education in hip-hop, jazz, soul, rock, funk and pop.


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khalido khalido ·  14 August 2006, 10:43

je veut participe ou cette site

djouls djouls ·  14 August 2006, 11:19

any kind of help is welcome!

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