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Freddie Cruger (a.k.a. Red Astaire) discography

Freddie Cruger
The complete Freddie Cruger (a.k.a. Red Astaire) discography is now available at :

[And if you're in Paris on September, 23rd, don't miss his DJ set at The Bus Palladium]

Biography :
Fredrik Lager aka Freddie Cruger & Red Astaire first got in contact with hip-hop when he started out as a break dancer in the early 80's. His electric boogie dancing brother was collecting records at that time, which introduced Freddie to the world of black dance music. Around 85-86 he worked weekends at a legendary import record store in Stockholm called Space (special job cleaning the toilet). At this time he started buying more and more records, mostly electro and rap records but also disco and funk 12"/7" classics. One thing led to another and he soon bought his first drum machine and turntables in 88 (according to himself the best investment he's ever done). Around 91 he met up with Mad Mats (Raw Fusion/Jugglin') and started to hang out in Mats' studio in downtown Stockholm. This started a friendship and working relationship, which is still going strong today. Around 92 he bought his first sampler and released his first 12" vinyl in 94 under the name Chimney Heads (only 100 copies printed). But since then he's worked with numerous artists like China Moses (DeDe Bridgewater's daughter), Bob Powers (A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots), Rappadon, Baz Baz, La Nata (France), ADL, Desmond Foster, Linn, Swing Fly, Anthony David, Bas-1 and many more.
The characteristic style off Freddie's productions are a blend off old school hip-hop and b-boy grooves mixed up with dirty funk, soul, reggae, latin and disco rhythms. He's currently signed to Jugglin' Records (sub-label to Raw Fusion Recordings, now distributed by Tru Thoughts in europe and Creative Vibes in Australia) but he also releases music on Swedish Brandy, G.A.M.M. (as the notorious Red Astaire) and his own Home Grown label. Besides this he's also travelling the world as a renowned DJ spinning everything from future to old-school funk, soul, hip hop, reggae, disco and latin.

Discography Albums :
Freddie Cruger presents The 3 Foot People - 3 Foot High & Rising (2xLP/CD) Homegrown, 2006
Freddie Cruger - Soul Search (CD/2xLP) / Tru Thoughts, 2006

Discography Singles :
Chimney Heads - Spread Love (12&#quot; ) Sonet 1994
Freddie Cruger & Berger - Vol. 1 (10") Swedish Brandy, 1999
The Odd Couple - Paperkites EP (12&#quot; ) / Swedish Brandy, 2002
Freddie Cruger - Movin' Among The Madness (12" ) Swedish Brandy, 2002
Freddie Cruger - Running From Love (12") Jugglin', 2003
Red Astaire - Follow Me (12") G.A.M.M., 2003
Red Astaire - Marvin's Groove (12") White label 2004
Linn & Freddie Cruger - The Wonderlust EP (12") Swedish Brandy, 2004
Red Astaire - Rollin' Stone (12") G.A.M.M., 2004
Freddie Cruger - Bap Yo Head (12") Jugglin', 2004
Red Astaire - Ghetto Hell (12") G.A.M.M., 2004
Freddie Cruger - I Love To Rap (12") Elephant Records, 2004
Red Astaire - G.A.M.M. Battle Weapon Vol.1 (12") G.A.M.M., 2004
Red Astaire - Hazlo Correcto (12") Homegrown, 2004
Red Astaire - Whatcha Do (12") G.A.M.M., 2005
Freddie Cruger - Something Good (12") Jugglin', 2005
Red Astaire - Mambo El Kingston (12") G.A.M.M., 2006
Red Astaire - Go Move (12") Homegrown, 2006
The Ultimates - Saturday Love (12") Homegrown, 2006
Freddie Cruger - Instrumental Gobitar Vol. 1 (12") Homegrown, 2006
• Red Astaire goes Latin (tba) Homegrown 2006
• Red Astaire album Nuggets for the needy (tba) House of godis, Oct-Nov 2006

Discography Remixes (& production) :
China- Time (Freddie Cruger Cut) (CDS) Source 1996
China - (album cuts 1, 8, 13) (CD) Source 1997
Scoob Rock - As The World Turns (CD) 360 Degrees Ent, 2000
Greyboy - To Know You Is To Love You (Red Astaire Remix) (12") Ubiquity, 2004
Sia - Where I Belong (Red Astaire Remix) (12"/CDS) Go! Beat, 2004
EMO - I Want My Love (Freddie Cruger Remix) (12") Stereo Deluxe, 2004
• DRW - the future (Red Astaire Remix) (tba) The Elephant

Discography Compilations :
Various - Inside Scandinavia (2xLP/CD) Raw Fusion, 2004
Various - Current Cuts Vol.1 (CD) Swedish Brandy, 2005
Various - Inside Scandinavia Vol. 2 (2xLP/CD) Raw Fusion, 2005
Various - Jugglin' with Raw Fusion (CD) Raw Fusion, 2005

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