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clouddead ten
the best of 2004 part 1cLOUDDEAD - Ten
(CD/Limited 2xCD/2xLP) Big Dada BD065, 2004-03-08)

Info :
Après un faux-premier album vraie-collection-de-EPs relativement trippante, question psychédélisme chez Big Dada, le label hip hop des Ninja Tune, ça ne chôme pas: cLOUDDEAD avec "The Velvet ant" extrait de leur nouvel album "Ten" font inmanquablemment penser à une version "sous champis" de "L'Etrange Noël de Monsieur Jack" de Danny Elfman (on parle de la musique du film!), avec The Beta Band en guest star. De Why? et Doseone, c'est ce dernier qui est le plus présent (le troisième larron de la bande, Odd Nosdam, s'occupe lui de la majorité des samples) et son rap nasal sur ces beats abstraits, nappes ambientes et boucles mélodiques pop, évoque une filiation à trouver plutôt du côté de chez Beck ou Pavement... Qui aurait pu croire que l'album de cLOUDDEAD le plus abouti serait aussi le plus pop? Innénarrable!
Note : 5/5 (Djouls)

clouddead ten
(CD/Limited 2xCD/2xLP) Big Dada BD065, 2004-03-08)

Tracklisting :
1. Pop Song
2. The Teen Keen Skip
3. Rhymer's Only Room
4. The Velvet Ant
5. Son Of A Gun
6. Rifle Eyes
7. Dead Dogs Two
8. 3 Twenty
9. Physics Of A Unicycle
10. Our Name

Links :

Press Release :
cLOUDDEAD are back. The trio whose debut, self-titled album was met with such consternation and acclaim back in 2001 have, after numerous solo projects and a break-up (or two), returned with the follow-up. And what a follow-up it is.

“Ten” finds cLOUDDEAD building on all of the elements that defined their debut: razor-sharp vocal interplay, quirky found sound samples, ambient drone dreamscapes, lyrics that walk the line between observational and confessional, and a fair share of nosdam’s growl-slow drums.

Whether scorning America's gun culture, using a car crash as a metaphor for stardom or describing a tour van window view that includes oil drills and a dead-deer-god-done dog shit, Doseone and why? never take the cheap way out. Their lyrics may range from blurry and buried to sharp and surfaced, but each and every line has meaning. The music and production are collaborative, featuring Doseone's knack for bottling emotion, why's self-taught multi-instrumentalist efforts, and odd nosdam's flair for borrowed genius.

But this album is more than an improvement on a blueprint – it’s also a leap forward. The period of recording the ten tracks that make it up coincides with why’s and nosdam’s relocation to join Doseone in Oakland and it’s as if the move from Cincinatti to California has opened the group up. Sonically, the record has more depth, the interplay between why’s and dose’s voices has become more harmonised and even less ‘rap’ driven, their subject matter has become broader.

Individually, Doseone, why? and odd nosdam are as prolific and fearless as anyone in today’s new music scene, but together as cLOUDDEAD they are able to create music that captures all of the promise of their individual talents in a stunning, unequalled sound. You won’t hear many records like “ten” this decade let alone this year. Or as why? semi-helpfully puts it: “I think the sound of the record is quite unique. I think rather than having some specific sound like the self-titled album had, this one is more of a healthy mix of the three of our respective aesthetics. The no more wigish stuff can be heard, the no musicness is there, and the oaklandazulity is also present. And I think as a whole it still sound pretty cohesively cLOUDDEADian.” We hope that makes it clear.


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