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Burnt Friedman - First Night Forever

burnt friedman first night forever
Burnt Friedman - First Night Forever
(CD/2xLP) Nonplace NON22CD/NON22LP, 2007-09-21

Tracklisting :
01. Where Should I Go, featuring Steve Spacek 4:10
02. Machine In The Ghost, featuring Barbara Panther 4:51
03. Walk With Me, featuring Steve Spacek 3:39
04. Need Is All You Love, featuring Theo Altenberg 3:35
05. First Night Forever, featuring Daniel Dodd-Ellis 3:35
06. Healer, featuring Theo Altenberg 4:10
07. Western Smoke, featuring Enik 4:27
08. Thumb Second, featuring Enik 3:17
09. Chaos Breeds 1 5:22
10. Chaos Breeds 2, featuring Dodd-Ellis,Panther,Altenberg 5:35

Info :
A Burnt Friedman longplayer entitled "First Night Forever" will be released in September 07 containing 10 new songs with vocals, featuring Steve Spacek and Theo Altenberg amongst others.

Links :

Credits :
Mandjao Fati - acoustic guitar, electric rhythm guitar, electric bass
Joseph Suchy - electric guitar
Hayden Chisholm - saxophone, clarinet, flute
Claudio Bohórquez - strings
Alexander Meyen - strings (3/7)
Jochen Rueckert - drums (5/7)
Richard Pike - electric rhythm guitar (1/8)
Adulis Ghebru (3/5/6) / Sascha Cohn (1/9) / Don Abi (4) - backing vocals
Daniel Schroeter - bass guitar(4)
Tim Motzer - acoustic guitar(7)
Burnt Friedman - drum programming, bass, percussion, keys, voice (2/9)
produced, mixed and arranged by B. Friedman in Cologne, 2001-2007

Press Release :
During 2001 the very first sketches for "First Night Forever" were brought to tape and developed further until 2007. You may recognize one or another rhythmic pattern from "Secret Rhythms" amongst the album tracks, but no particular methods were conceived to create the songs. Burnt Friedman's sound-sculpting signature has fully developed intuitively.

The instrumentals has inspired singers of all genres to tune in :
Steve Spacek was formerly signed to Island records. His album contribution was written and engineered by himself in Sydney, May 2007 while embroiled in his own solo production. Except for Steve Spacek all singers recorded with Burnt Friedman in his Cologne Nonplace studio.
Enik is a singer and producer from Munich. His first EP came out on Germany's Wonder records, this was when Burnt Friedman took notice.
Berlin singer and composer Barbara Panther is currently creating her debut album. She appears on record for the first time.

3 album tracks feature the Berlin based artist, writer amd singer Theo Altenberg. Formerly engaged in the 70ies commune movement, member of the radical and visionary project "Friedrichshof Commune" (founded by the actionist Otto Muehl) and collaborator of Joseph Beuys during 1980 - 1983 (7000 Oaks, Documenta Kassel). He is known as photographer documenting the commune, actor (Vincent van Gogh 1984, Pablo Picasso 1985, Richard Gerstl 1987, Andy Warhol 1991). He founded the techno ambient duo ODER NICE (with Alexander Gutsch/ Suchtrupp/ Disko B) in 1996 and created a illegal techno-salsa club in Havana,Cuba together with friends and DJ Hell in 1998.

A native of Austin, Texas, Daniel Dodd-Ellis gathered his singing experience in the gospel church starting at five years of age. He sang throughout his school years winning numbers of talent contests and awards. He went on to study Theater and Music at the prestigious Serafim Fine Arts School of Southwestern University. Daniel experienced rapid success in the music field, receiving numerous roles in opera, theater, and music productions, including gospel tours and festivals in New York, Boston, Minneapolis and Texas.He founded his own band in 2002, with which he performs regularly. Besides touring with his band, Daniel also collaborated with artists Patrice, Daniel Hall, Patrick Nuo, and Zeichen Der Zeit. His album project is due to release in 2007.

Although the complete spectrum of 7 year's psychedelic audio wizardry is guaranteed, the record's aim to reach a wide audience is clearly intended.

"The production - recording and arranging - was enabled by a logical bypass switch located on the left side of my brain, known to the art world as the surrealist's psychic automatism. The nature of this studio recording project is absolutely artificial ! Most of the participating musicians have never been playing together. It is not solely pushing each song's sound cosmos to its evolutionary limits; but it is giving CHANCE a piece."


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alina alina ·  18 February 2008, 11:20

i love the songs enik wrote aswell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they sound eniklike and thats always the best way of musik!!

So thank you enik!!!!!

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