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Boca 45 - Vertigo Sounds

boca 45
Boca 45 - Vertigo Sounds
(CD/LP) Unique UNIQ117, 2006-10-06

Info :
The follow up from the man who loves the soccer and the 45's. Vertigo Sounds has more vocals, more live-instrumentation and more melodies than Pitch Sounds. Combining hard hittin' Hip Hop Funk with elements from the 60's and 70's Rock and Soul. An intensive experience of the next step in the musical life of Scott Hendy.

01. Experience
02. Round And Round
03. Diego's Theme
04. Crime De La Creme
05. Summer Gospel
06. Pretty Sound
07. That's All
08. Make's No Sense
09. Vertigo
10. Step Off
11. Down To Mexico
12. Soul Brother 45
13. Meaning Of Live
14. Tribute
15. End Of The Road

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Press Release :
Boca 45, aka Scott Hendy, is the funk hop brother who has a deep love for 7" slabs of wax aka vinyl and the beautiful game of football. This new release finds Boca on new Bristol label B-Block Records, in conjunction with Unique in Europe and North America, Jet Set in Japan and Invada Records in Australia.

Past releases have included his excellently received debut 'Pitch Sounds' on Manchester's Grand Central, plus a slew of essential tracks on Hombre, Illicit, Superslick Stereo Sounds and High Noon Records. He also records with Andy Smith (Portishead tour DJ) as Dynamo Productions.

Recent remix work has seen him give a funky makeover to tracks for Thunderball (aka Fort Knox Five) for ESL America, Chevy for Catskills, and The Bodybeard Brothers for Leisure Recordings.

Boca has also garnered huge interest from his 2 recent mix CD's (using only 7" records) 'Boca Plays His 45's' and 'Boca's Jukebox (vol.2)'.

Constant touring since the 2004 release release for Grand Central has seen the DJ / Producer spread the 45 sound far and wide taking in Japan, Australia, Canada, USA, Russia, UK and even a forthcoming date in Manila in the Philippines!

Following the success of Pitch Sounds, which received radio, club and label support from leading tastemakers including Steve Lamacq, XFM, JJJ Radio Australia (receiving airplay on daytime national radio for over 2 months in 2006 alongside the likes of Coldplay!), plus a nomination for tune of the year for 'In The City' featuring McKay from Giles Peterson, Boca 45 drops his second LP with a lot to live up to.

Vertigo Sounds does not disappoint.

The cut and funk origins are still very much alive, but on Vertigo Sounds they jostle for attention with more original vocals, live instrumentation and melody than before. The album has a strong hip-hop funk backbone with elements of 60's and 70's rock, soundtracks and soul, seamlessly woven together to bring a new sound.

"I'm liking ruff but heavy sounding gear at the moment. To me there's so much music that sounds too polished and over-produced. I'm trying to make beats/hiphop tunes how they might sound if they were made in 1968!"

The previous album, Pitch Sounds, had many similar influences, but the idiosyncrasies of the Boca 45 sound have developed further. Vertigo Sounds is more indulgent, musically ambitious, and all the better for it.

Part of this development owes a lot to the input of vocalists Kelvin Swaby, Stepchild, Marc Gouvin and Emskee, who's collaborative efforts have helped to create an album full of soul, skills, good vibes and satisfying continuity from start to finish.

Eschewing the concept of hiring the latest flavour of the month rapper or vocalist, Boca has selected artists who offer real compatibility with the kind of music he makes.

Stepchild, who features on 'Diego's Theme', Genesis cover version 'That's All', and 'Vertigo', is a Bristol friend from way back. They first worked together on 'Down To Mexico' and developed from there, incorporating his energetic input into the live show (The Boca45 Experience). Stepchild's hiphop / folk and melodic, epic vocals bring something truly unique to this record.

Kelvin Swaby, whose vocals shine on 'Round And Round', 'Makes No Sense', 'Vertigo' and the sublime 'End Of The Road', sings with Bath-based outfit The Heavy. "I really rated his band The Heavy, I thought Kelvin sounded like an updated version of Curtis Mayfield so he was on!"

Boca had known Marc Gouvin who stylishly croons his ways through 'Crime De La Crème' from his previous work from albums he did with friend Jim Barr (Portishead bass player) for East West France. "I sent him a beat and an idea over to France; he loved it and sent it back within a week with his vocals and a Crème Fraiche Epaisse top attached to the CDR... Very French and just a little bit surreal!"

Finally we have New York's Emski who features on old school jam 'Meaning Of Live'. "We met up in Bristol when he was DJing and MCing over here (he was already a Boca fan and had written some lyrics for me without me knowing!), he put down the raps in my studio in Bristol, then we hooked up again in NYC when I was there on tour and we finished off the track." The result is a slamming late 80's sounding Cold Chilling or Wild Pitch jam.

Vertigo Sounds is an album of full-flavoured organic sounding soul and funk, deftly coupled with authentic, crunchy, hiphop beats and b-boy breaks.

At the club, in the car, on the sofa or at the bar, Boca 45's Vertigo Sounds is an album that you need in your life!


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