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Blockhead - Uncle Tony's Coloring Book

Blockhead Uncle Tonys Coloring Book
Blockhead - Uncle Tony's Coloring Book
(CD) Ninja Tune, 2007-08-28

CD Tracklisting:
01. Coloring Book
02. The Strain
03. Grape Nuts and Chalk Sauce
04. Duke of Hazzard
05. Squirmy Worm
06. Put Down Your Dream Journal and Dance
07. The Hucklebuck Slice
08. Not So OK Corral
09. Do the Tron
10. Get Your Regal On
11. Cheer Up, You're Not Dead Yet
12. Trailer Love
13. NYC Bounce

Links :

Info from Blockhead's MySpace page :
my next album "uncle tony's coloring book" will be dropping mid august. no exact date yet but it's getting mastered right now and that month is the locked down time table for it. it's not gonna be as widely released as the past two albums (limited songs on i-tunes and it won't be released in europe) so it's kind of being viewed as a limited edition type album. we're only pressing up a certain ammount of copies so get'em while you can, or else you may miss the boat. when it is available, i plan to sell it from this page so, if you're too lazy to go elsewhere on the internet or to selected stores, you can cop it right here. it's 13 songs long and a different look from my earlier albums. i wanted to make an album that was more upbeat. i don't mean a whole album of happy disco songs but i do mean faster songs. everything is 100 bpm's or over. i just felt like trying something new. don't fret, i won't be making beats like your boy moby anytime soon. although it's faster, it's still got some of that meloncholy shit i know you guys love. so, keep an eye out for that one.

also: AUGUST 28th is when aesop rocks new album "none shall pass" drops. i did 7 beats on it and i can hoenstly say it's fucking amazing. i'm not just blowing smoke up your ass. peep his page for more details but know it drops on august 28th and you should all buy that shit.

and finally,
come september i'm planning on joining aesop on a full u.s. tour. it's be him , rob sonic and big wiz, a yet unnamed act and me featuring dj signify. i plan on selling lot of hard to find shit on tour. aside from "uncle tony's coloring book" i also am gonna be peddling a rarities cd with a bunch of hard to find or unreleased stuff that i've taken part in over the last few years. it'll be full of jewels...i hit that merch table. i'm contemplating making a cd of my last tours live set also but that remains to be seen...

anyway, i hope you all get down with at least some of the above mentioned shit. lets make 07 better then 06...

Press Release :
Blockhead is the go-to man for anyone in the know on the indie hip hop scene. Helping propel MC talents such as Aesop Rock, Cage, Slug, Murs, etc. with his tough instrumentals that inspire the lyrical weight of such people. Wanting to stretch out his creativity he approached Ninja Tune with a killer demo for what was to become his debut album, "Music By Cavelight" (ZENCD88), which contained the head-nodding hit of 2004, "Insomniac Olympics". Since then there has been a second Ninja Tune album, "Downtown Science" (ZENCD113), and slew of production credits. Most notably his work on the upcoming Aesop Rock album, "None Shall Pass", for Def Jux (due out late August 2007).

To coincide with that release, and the subsequent tour following (which Blockhead is opening for all 45 dates), Blockhead has decided to self-release his latest collection entitled "Uncle Tony's Coloring Book". An upbeat collection of fun instrumentals with the trademark Blockhead production style, tough beats and catchy grooves that have infected his earlier releases.

So grab your crayons, spread them out on the floor and color along to the sounds of Uncle Tony's Coloring Book.

Points :
- No, this isn't you creepy Uncle Tony, this is NYC native Tony Simon, a.k.a. Blockhead.
- Blockhead has released two full lengths for Ninja Tune, Music By Cavelight (ZENCD88) in 2004 and the follow-up in 2005, Downtown Science (ZENCD113).
- Uncle Tony's Coloring Book is not his official third album, but much more of a self produced, for fun, tour release to coincide with upcoming shows.
- Blockhead made his name doing hip hop instrumentals for the cream of the underground rappers, most notably Cage, Slug of Atmosphere, Murs, Mike Ladd, SA Smash and Aesop Rock (with major production credits on all Aesop's Def Jux and Mush albums).
- Uncle Tony's Coloring Book is going to drop two weeks before Aesop Rock's third Def Jux release, None Shall Pass, is scheduled to come out. Once again Blockhead has made a good chunk of the instrumentals for this album.
- Blockhead will be the opening act for all of the Aesop Rock shows following the release of these albums. 45 North American dates done in three stretches; East Coast Sept. 8th–25th, West Coast Oct. 10th-28th, and a third run down South later on. More tour details to follow when they come through.
- Blockhead has collectively sold over 25,000 units in North America.
- Cover art by Omega One.


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Cladouros Cladouros ·  01 August 2007, 04:41

This is dope !

its:ari its:ari ·  06 August 2007, 14:02

hi, why only on CD ??
koz is very good stuff...



cue cue ·  08 August 2007, 14:20

why there is no info about this relese on ninja tune website, ninja tune press site and ninja tune release schedule ?

what is wrong with this release ? or
what is wrong with ninja tune ?

Ninja Freaks Ninja Freaks ·  08 August 2007, 18:55

I was thinking the same, Blockhead is a artist that really should be promoted. CD media is the only thing we're sure of, but I suspect a vinyl release too. Same thing with the Sixtoo album, we're not sure if it will be on vinyl yet...there also a Daedelus 12" out soon...and DJ Kentaro suddenly has released a 12" (ZEN12193) included a Coldcut late february!?! Ninja Freaks have control, that Kentaro wasn't for sale back then. ;)

uncle tony uncle tony ·  09 August 2007, 22:53

the blockhead is limited edition only 2000 pressed. I think he is also selling it on his myspace as well, so you can download the tracks straight off the internet. It's also already leaked if you know where to look.

Ninja Freaks Ninja Freaks ·  12 August 2007, 05:05

thats very interesting, if you want to help me where to look that would be great. ;)

uncle tony uncle tony ·  13 August 2007, 14:49

both links are working. enjoy, its a great cd

qumran88 qumran88 ·  30 August 2007, 10:42

hi all !
Does anybody know artists like blochead ( song: insomniac olympics) ?
his music is soo cool !

lokassfr lokassfr ·  18 September 2007, 11:07

Try those big stuffs : Sixtoo, Doctor Flakes, Wax taylor, Bonobo

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