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Belleruche - Turntable Soul Music

belleruche turntable soul music
Belleruche - Turntable Soul Music
(CD/limited edition LP) Tru Thoughts TRU130, 2007-07-16

Tracklisting :
01. Northern Girls (3:41)
02. Bump (3:56)
03. Reflection (3:16)
04. Minor Swing (4:08)
05. Balance (4:07)
06. Bird Mess (4:04)
07. 13:6:35 (4:07)
08. Alice (3:37)
09. The Itch (3:20)
10. It'll Come (3:08)
11. Bought & Sold (2:38)

Links :
Profile on (label's official site)

Press Release :
Belleruche are a new signing to Tru Thoughts. They describe their sound as handmade hip hop blues soul, like Sarah Vaughan, Charlie Christian and Cut Chemist stuck in a dusty second hand record store with wine and a sampler, Belleruche make Turntable Soul Music.

Their sound is pure soulful jazz with scratches aplenty. They are influenced by the likes of DJ Vadim to Nina Simone to Hendrix and the result is an album like a weird trawl through a dusty basement full of the best records you've never heard of, whilst a voice you can't quite pin down sings hooks you can't forget.

Their new album, named 'Turntable Soul Music' includes tracks that conjure thoughts of Stax Records recording Django Reinhart with Dr Dre controlling the mixing desk. Or Erikah Badu jamming with Mixmaster Mike recorded onto analogue tape by The Dust Brothers.

The threesome is made up of Kathrin deBoer (vocals), Ricky Fabulous (guitar) and DJ Modest (decks). The band was formed after Ricky and Modest, who played bizarre turntable and guitar sets in London bars, bumped in to Kathrin in the market one day. She did some singing over a cup of tea with the pair and Belleruche was formed.

The trio have attracted attention from luminaries in the UK underground music scene; with vocalist Kathrin deBoer recording tracks with Dj Vadim and performing with the Bonobo live band, and remixing tracks for labels including The Elephant, Trojan & Quannum.

They have previously released a handful of extremely limited 7" records on their own Hippoflex label including the latest 'Four Songs EP' here are some of the reastionc from this release...
"...deservec cult status" DJ Magazine
"A slice of funky soul in the vein of Amerie's 'One Thing', but way better" DJ Vadim
"Everything real soul should be" Single of the Month, Undercover Magazine

Biography :
A true DIY story, the Belleruche turntable soul trio have swiftly become a name to watch out for. Having released a handful of extremely limited records on their own Hippoflex label (the latest "Four Songs EP" is out now) the guys have just signed to Tru Thoughts. Deep hip hop, folk, soul influenced songs make their sound and the debut album is set for release in the Summer.

Kathrin deBoer
Raised on a pirate boat sailing the South Pacific Ocean, with only Billie Holiday and Spanky Wilson records for company, Kathrins voice carries the soul of the wind off the cape mixed with the grit of illegal Polynesian rum bars. Lyrics written in bottles cast into the sea found their way into three continents; Kathrin jumped ship and found London.

Ricky Fabulous
Leo. Baby. Following an adolescence chasing girls and heavy rock bands, Fabulous found himself trapped working for a Maltese gangster in a frozen northern town. Whilst keeping warm locked in a damp basement, he found a stack of quarter inch tapes and discovered the work of Grant Green and Django Reinhardt, which gave him the energy to slip out of town, heading south on a freight car clutching a false identity and a forty-year-old guitar.

DJ Modest
Growing up in the deep south, in engine oil and mud, Modest discovered hiphop on a stolen radio, sneaking into clubs through broken windows to hear more. Building turntables and mixers from scavenged electronic gear and two stroke engines, he created a soundsystem and played unlawful hiphop parties in strange woodlands to farmers. He coaxes twisted Bluenote solos and broken drums from Shure m44-7s whilst drunk on moonshine.

The three met in a London street market whilst running from the law, banks and parents. Whilst holed up in Modestís flat, he and Fabulous noticed Kathrin singing whilst making tea. They formed a plan and the band was born out of a shared love of old vinyl, true funk and real soul music.

The trio have a innovative and tight live show based around the turntables, sampler, guitar and voice thats been honed in shows all over the UK.


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Gio Gio ·  16 September 2007, 07:06

Love da one, but still looking for the lyrics... any ideas ???


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