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Alison Faith Levy & Mushroom – Gas, Grass Or Ass – Nobody Rides For Free

Alison Faith Levy Mushroom
Alison Faith Levy & Mushroom – Gas, Grass Or Ass – Nobody Rides For Free
(CD-Single) 4 Zero Records FZ002, 2007-02-05

Review :
Whoa! A new Mushroom release is always a BIG event in my book. I've already warned my fellow friend and collegue Mr Moo (the only other current psychedelic music specialist in France I know) that I had received their new single, extracted from an upcoming album, his answer was immediate and crystal clear: "You bastard!". Not that Mr Moo will ever hate me, he just knows about Mushroom, their incredible recordings to sip acid too, and the collectability of all their releases.

This CD-Single is like the rest of their discography: HARD TO FIND. A hundred copies only were pressed, and most of those were sent to DJs and reviewer, so I don't think he'll buy this one easily on Amazon. Very specialized record shops might carry it or order it for you, shops such as Bimbo Tower near Bastille in Paris for example (who also carry the Rather Interesting releases from Atom Heart when they're issued... contact them on

The album, "Yesterday, I Saw You Kissing Tiny Flowers", should be released soon (mid-May)... We'll keep you up-to-date with the latest info don't worry.

The opening track of the single is a groovy psychedelic soul jazz ride, with organ, flute, drums, percussions and saxophone, all jamming like furious Wacky Racers while Alison Faith Levy is preaching in the background. Now that's what I call "I can't wait for the album" pressure! Exclusive to this release, previously unreleased bonus tracks are rare live recordings from 2002 and 2004, two softer jam-jazz pieces, more of a end-of-trip thing. You can hear people chatting in the background, so we can guess it's all small venues.

Tracklisting :
01. Gas, Grass Or Ass – Nobody Rides For Free (5:20) | sample
02. Half A Mile From The Country Fair (7:34)
03. She's So Phased Out (8:40)

Links : (Mushroom leader)
Free MP3 Download of "Gas, Grass Or Ass – Nobody Rides For Free" on
Complete discography on

Press Release :
Space rock / psychedelic jazz groovers join forces with singer/songwriter Alison Faith Levy, known for her own albums (with members of Camper Van Beethoven) and as a member of the Loud Family (featuring Scott Miller of Game Theory).

With Mushroom, Alison soars soulfully into another realm - that one reviewer described as "The Space Rock Eartha Kitt."

On their forthcoming album "Yesterday, I Saw You Kissing Tiny Flowers" Alison Faith Levy & Mushroom take you on a journey to the centre of your mind; in the meantime, enjoy this CD single featuring one of the key tracks from the album and two rare live recordings that won't be available elsewhere.

Limited edition of 100 copies. Released 5th February 2007. Copies available to DJs and reviewers. Free downloads available to all...

Credits :

01. Gas, Grass Or Ass – Nobody Rides For Free
Alison : vocals
Pat Thomas : drums
Erik Pearson : guitar/flute
Michael Holt : Rhodes Piano/Oberheim
Michael Clare : bass
Marc Capelle trumpet
Dave Mihaly : percussion/tom-toms
Recorded to multi-track at Komotion studios and mixed by Pat at Black Eyed Pig

02. Half A Mile From The Country Fair
Alison : vocals
Pat Thomas : drums
Erik Pearson : guitar
Emery Dora : keyboards
Ned Doherty : bass
Dave Mihaly : marimba
Tim Plowman : guitar
Recorded live at Peri's, Fairfax, CA 22nd June 2002

03. She's So Phased Out
Alison : vocals
Ned Doherty : bass
Matt Cuntiz : keyboards
Dan Olmsted : guitar
Tim Plowman : guitar
David Brandt : percussion/bongos
Recorded live at Blakes, Berkeley, CA 3rd December 2004
Pat Thomas : drums
Erik Pearson : guitar
Dave Mihaly : marimba

01 taken from the forthcoming Alison Faith Levy & Mushroom album: "Yesterday, I Saw You Kissing Tiny Flowers"
02 & 03 previously unreleased recordings exclusive to this release

All songs written and arranged by Mushroom. Lyrics by Alison Faith Levy
Produced by Pat Thomas under exclusive license to Four Zero Records
Mastered by Gary Hobish
Artwork by Stacie Willoughby (< href="" target="_blank">


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