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About Knowfoowl Records

Knowfoowl Music (pronounced no fool) is an Australian based hub for all things soulful, working with artists around the world to bring back the kindness to our dancefloors and headphones. Drawing inspiration from what could be loosely described as freestyle, the sound of Knowfoowl is somewhere between Funk-Jazz-Hip Hop and its marriage to contemporary beat culture.

Established in 2005 (some twenty three years in the making), the label involves heavy collaboration with musicians, producers, Djs, managers, promoters, radio presenters and label people from around the world. The catalogue is shaped and nurtured through a network of primarily Sydney and Melbourne based artists working in association with MCs, remixers and beatsmiths from the US, Stockholm, Vienna, the UK and Canada.

Huwston (real name is just Huw) has been involved in the music industry via independent label and distribution since he was sixteen in the late nineties. Currently slinging vinyl for Creative Vibes and writing the weekly column Bebop & Rocksteady for Syd-Melb streetpress Three D World, as well as an Oz-NZ focused column for global dance culture site, music has always been a responsibility for the uber-enthused young twenty-something. Locally Huwston has been involved in the compiling of compilations such as "Jugglin With Raw Fusion", "Evolutionary Vibes 6", "Hemmesphere Two" and the inaugural "Good Vibrations Festival 2004 Sampler" and working festivals, clubs and events such as Good Vibrations, Vibes On A Summers Day, Amnestys Freedom Festival, Chinese Laundry, In Transit and has been a regular at clubs like The Loft, Tonic, Honkytonks, Revolver and many more between Sydney and Melbourne. As a DJ he has played on stages with the likes of Jamie Cullum, Jazzanova, Mr Scruff, Katalyst, Che Fu, The Cat Empire, Neotropic, Kyoto Jazz Massive and many more. Knowfoowl Music got its first break after Huw Ellis was a finalist in the 2004 Nescafe Big Break youth awards scheme. Finding himself in the company of inventors, designers, architects and sports people, Huw came in as a runner-up but still pursued his dream and set the label up on a shoestring.

Knowfoowl is represented by team mascot Genki, an evolving, involving little character invented whilst waiting for remixes of the first single to materialise. As Knowfoowl grows, Genki grows, giving way for some cute art direction in releases to come. If youve read this far, Genki wants to give you a hug and a kiss and maybe make you a mix-tape.

Debuting in November 2005 is the 12" single release from Melbournes Cookin On Three Burners. Cressy St Breakdown is a deep funk monster with remixes from No Comply and Rephrase and is sure to spark attention with Djs and tastemakers across a number of genres. Following from that will be new material, collaborations and remixes from the likes of GPA (Sydney funk and disco don Gian Arpino), MEZ (producer of 2-Up), Rephrase, Gerard Masters, J Sands (of Lone Catalysts), Bennson, Parov Stellar, Flevans and many more.

Asides from some merchandise, a website and some new releases, who knows what the future holds? Whilst the music industry is licking its wounds its good to know that, for at least the next while, therell be some great fun-k to be heard, with the aforementioned artists collaborating to further bridge the gap between our ever-sprawling dancefloors. Knowfoowl Music joins a speight of young Australian label standing to attention in the world wide future beat scene. Keep your ears in the know, foowl!

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