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Aaron Jerome - Dancing Girl EP

Aaron Jerome Dancing girl
Aaron Jerome - Dancing Girl EP
(12") Barely Breaking Even BBE12046, 2007-08-20

Tracklisting :
A1. Dancing Girl feat. Mozez
A2. Dancing Girl (instrumental)
B1. Blow Your Own feat. Kathrin DeBoer (from Belleruche)
B2. Marrakesh

Links :

Press Release :
You need only take a look at the hottest names in the music industry today to realize that we are entering the age of the producer. Mark Ronson, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland or Kanye West to name but a few have all made the transition from their darkened studios to the limelight with varying degrees of success and have become household names internationally. One can speculate as to why this is, but it seems increasingly clear than in today's convulsing music industry being able to multitask is a key attribute for any new artist.

Step forward Aaron Jerome.

Aaron Jerome combines his confident musical writing with brilliant production skills, accomplished musicianship and a rising Dj career. Raised in Nairobi, Kenya; of Indian descent, and currently residing in cosmopolitan London, Aaron Jerome's influences are as wide as it gets, as is readily apparent on his forthcoming 2008 debut album "Time to Rearrange" (BBE Records). But before we unleash that beast onto the world, BBE is proud to offer you a taster of things to come with "Dancing Girl". This his first single kicks off with a gorgeous cover version of Terry Callier's original masterpiece featuring Zero 7's Mozez on vocals. On the flip we find Aaron Jerome's' own composition "Blow Your Own", for which he is joined by the rising star of Belleruche fame - Kathrin DeBoer.

Info from Aaron Jerome's site :
Well, I used to DJ at the If Music night monthly at Plastic People. Was always an opportunity to just dig in your box and play tracks that just cant play anywhere else. The sound system and type of crowd at Plastic People make it unique. About 2 years ago I was heavily diggin the Cadet records archives. And was discovering the epic tracks on Terry Callier's "What Color Is Love". Was amazing to see how the Stepney sound and Richard Evans had influenced albums such as those I really look up to such as 4Hero's "Two Pages". So one time whilst playing "Dancing Girl" @ Plastic I thought I would try at doing a cover version of it. In the style of say "Black Gold Of The Sun" or "Les Fleurs". Always like the idea of reintroducing music and songs to people who might have never heard them before. Much in the same as I was influenced by 4hero's covers to go and dig further into the realms of their heroes.

I started out taking the song and trying to figure out all the keys, strings, bass lines and replayed them on my sequencer. From there I then took the elements I thought were faves and rearranged the sections into a new song format without distorting the meaning. The original has a real live vibe about it. I thought I would give it bit more structure and 3 sections parts. The intro, big strings, then come down.

The obvious choice for me, of a vocalist to sing on it was Mozez! Now obviously that was a bit of a dream at the time. I didn't have any contact with him or know how feasible that would be. My friend at V2 hooked me up with his managers number and I started hassellinh him for a collab. Nothing happened but months later I found out Mozez has split from his manager and I managed to get old of him myself. Mozez was really up for it and I sent him the tracks. A few weeks later he came round and recorded the vox in an afternoon. So there I had the bare bones of the tune. To finish of I asked Teddy Crockett, the brother of Alison Crockett, an accomplished guitarist to play the acoustic riffs for me. That was pretty much it. I held back on giving it out to anyone but Gilles Peterson was always asking when I would pass it on to him! I finally gave in, in the summer of 06 and he played on radio 1 and at Notting Hill Carnival on the Good Times sound system of all places!! It was then nominated in the singles of the year at the Worldwide Awards 2006/7. Didn't get placed in the final list, but then again it still hasn't been released!! Maybe single in this year's category...


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