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Yarah Bravo - Good Girls Rarely Make History

Yarah Bravo Good Girls Rarely Make History
Yarah Bravo - Good Girls Rarely Make History
(CD) self-released, 2008-11-10

Tracklisting :
01. Rambling From A Sober Mind
02. Stop
03. Double Trouble In Paris
04. Chase The Sun
05. Freedom Fighters
06. Chillin'
07. She Said
08. Mold
09. Fat Freddy's Drop - Cay's Cray (One Self Remix feat. Blu Rum 13 & Yarah Bravo)
10. Kidkanevil feat. Yarah Bravo - F.I.R.E.
11. 6ix Toys & Yarah Bravo - Wanna Ride?
12. You Are Yours (Live!)
13. Helicopters In Your Speakers
14. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
15. DJ Vadim - Cum Shots (feat. Yarah Bravo)
16. Agujitas
17. I Sit In Darkness
18. One Self - Bluebird (Freaked )
19. Hollow Human Beings (Freaked)
20. Ignis Fatus
21. Rambling From A Smoked Up Mind

Note : collection of recent works - kinda mixtape teasing the upcoming album...

Links :

Yarah Bravo & 6ix Toys - Wanna ride?


So here it is!!

I just reached 600.000 hits on myspace. Don't ask me how it happened, cause i have no idea. Ok well maybe it's cause some people out there seem to like what i do? ha ha
And i hope the same people who got me here, will help me get even further? Cause i wanna reach for the stars!! I have a vision, and i'm here to turn it into a reality... nothing else!!

I am a completely independent artist, all you see and hear and feel, it's all me. All the work, sleepless nights, it's all me... I don't have a big money making machine behind me, promoting me, which is the reason i am gob smacked i've gotten as far as i have?!

People think i am signed, people think i have a team running my business, people think i have stylists and the whole shabang .... really doesn't get realer than this. I eat, breath and live this shit! And i ain't gonna lie, it's not always roses. But so far it's been worth it because of the love i receive from the people!!


We're nearing the end of 2008, and to be honest it has probably been the worst year of my life. (untill Obama won hahaha and for the record 2006 was my favorite) But through some blood, sweat and tears i still managed to create something.

A piece of me. To you!!

I ask for nothing, nothing but your humble support.

- Get the CD
- Tell the world i was here.
- Turn my music up loud, and let it vibrate through your speakers.
- Feel it in your heart, like i felt when i created it.
- Let it be an alternative to what can sometimes be seen as repetitiveness on the airwaves.

...Help me reach my full potential.

Straight from the heart....Yours truly
Yarah Bravo

Buy the CD on
Buy the CD on

Biography :

This Brooklyn, Berlin, London based MC is the exception that could change the rules.

As a member of London's underground supergroup One Self (Ninja Tune), Yarah rips the microphone apart and kills MCs and stereos. She has a versatile style, and slides effortlessly between soulful jazz-inflected lines and hard hitting rhymes with tonal movements and meter shifts complementing an aphrodisiac voice that was born to be broadcast.

As well as being the front woman for The Soundcather Soundsystem, the founder of the One Self movement, and a one woman powerhouse with a force to be recockened with. She owns her own record label, clothing label, and studio, all under the name Mothergrain (C.O.P)

She is neither a sex kitten wannabe nor a puppet for a behind the scenes machine, she displays defiant intelligence, acute political awareness and a world-traveler's sense of cosmic consciousness while exuding the streetwise cool of the neighbourhood girl we all secretly wanna kick it with...

The young Miss B performs with a sense of heartfelt urgency, conviction, and youthful energy that captivates even the most listless crowd. With more than 4 languages under her belt and as a child of two freedom fighters, she is a true renaissance woman with a purpose. While others are content with polluting the airwaves, Yarah Bravo would rather challenge you with breath of fresh air.

The big bosses have been knocking on her door for a minute, but back then she wasn't ready.

Now as this little B-girl breaks out on her own...her fan base grows, and it is growing fast. It seems like this charismatic and openly honest MC might just be the one to change the game.



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