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Paris DJs Soundsystem - Who Is Molesting Laura ? (part 6)

Paris DJs Soundsystem Who is Molesting Laura Part 6
Paris DJs Soundsystem - Who Is Molesting Laura ? (part 6)
(MP3 Podcast on 2009-08-16

This new Molesting Laura episode is clearly aiming for the FUNK, with James, Sly & Stevie covers urging you to shake that ass!
A big thanks to Freestyle Records for releasing so many good records, sending us some promos and letting us play those in our mixes! We couldn't resist playing the heavy hitter track from the Grits album here, so full of inspiration... The Baker Brothers upcoming collection of covers is quite a treat too and we could have picked many other tracks from their 5th album for this mix. French keyboard maestro Soul Sugar is a friend and collaborator of ours but even if it wasn't the case we would still praise him for his upcoming album Nothing But The Truth which has been spinning an awful lot in our stereo this summer. Deep, soulful and groovy, it should please MANY funk and jazz lovers. Israeli funk band The Apples stormed the dancefloors earlier this year with their fantastic Snap cover, we can't wait for their new album now (the 4th one I think)... And that's only a few cos there are many more new releases to come on the Freestyle label, leading the way for the worldwide deep funk scene these days.

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Tracklisting :

01. The Invaders - Big Payback
(from 'Jump Back: Imitations, Interpolations & The Inspiration Of James Brown' compilation, 2008 / Le Smoke Disque)
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A James Brown classic covered with a psychedelic funk vibe. Anyone knows when/where this was first released?

02. The Baker Brothers - If You Want Me To Stay
(Sly & The Family Stone cover, from 'Avid Sounds' album, 2009 / Freestyle)
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Superb soulful cover of Sly & The Family Stone by Bournemouth's grooviest funk trio.

03. Peter Herbolzheimer Rhythm Combination & Brass & Inga Rumpf - Superstition
(Stevie Wonder cover, from 'Hip Walk' album, 1976 / Polydor)
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Funky fusion cover or Stevie Wonder. Think of Germany in the mid-70s, with a stellar European line-up of musicians...

04. Soul Sugar - Play It Back
(Lonnie Smith cover, from 'Nothing But The Truth' album, 2009 / Freestyle)
» more info on «
A trippy, moody, swampy, soulful, funky and rather amazing cover of Lonnie Smith from France finest' keys/Hammond player. Get the album in September!!

05. The Apples - The Power
(Snap cover, from 'The Power' 12 inch, 2009 / Freestyle)
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In your face brassy funk cover of Snap! Another instant classic after their spectacular Rage Against The Machine Rhythm'n'Blues cover.

06. Soopasoul - It's Just Begun
(from 'Twin Stix' album, 2009 / Jalapeno)
» more info on, «
A heavy Jimmy Castor Bunch cover taken from an album over-filled with funk delights. is now one of the labels to follow with a rooster consisting of Skeewiff, Kraak & Smaak, Smoove & Turrell, Soopasoul, Dr Rubberfunk and Radio Trip!!

07. The Grits - Boom Boom
(from 'The Grits' album, 2008 / Freestyle)
» more info on «
Their Fabulous Counts cover of Jan Jan is impressive but not as much as this original, an instant classic of psychedelic dancefloor funk. The rest of the album is as good, get it on vinyl - I did!

08. Dillard Crume and The Soul Rockers - Mother Popcorn
(James Brown cover, from 'Singing The Hits of Today' album, 1969 / Alshire)
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At the end of the 60s gospel singer Dilard Crume was into a great James Brown-inspired funk/soul spirit. There are even rumors of Maceo Parker playing on this JB cover...

Original record covers :

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Credits :
Selected and mixed by the Paris DJs Soundsystem (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Djouls ( using Double, Double by Ellery Queen pocket book artwork


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dża dża ·  17 August 2009, 15:22

great mix! thx :)

jon jon ·  19 August 2009, 14:04

been waiting for this one, great mix, thanks

JJ1ONE JJ1ONE ·  19 August 2009, 20:07

Who Is Molesting My Brain?

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