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Paris DJs Soundsystem - Who Is Molesting Laura ? (part 1)

Paris DJs Soundsystem Who Is Molesting Laura Part 1
Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Who Is Molesting Laura ? (part 1)
(MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C., 2009-02-15

This is the beginning of a new series of Molesting Laura mixes, starting with a selection of 60's and 70's soulful divas covering some hits and lesser well-known songs. From incredibly deep to blue-eyed, from glam to jazz, from disco to rock, the scope is quite vast. Expect 3 more parts coming up soon, exploring latin, fresh'n'funky and more hard-edged thematics...

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Tracklisting :
01. Bobbie Gentry - You've Made Me So Very Happy
(from 'Touch 'Em With Love' album, 1969 / Capitol)
more info on, or on
02. Helen Shapiro - My Guy
(from 'Helen Hits Out!' album, 1966 / Columbia)
more info on or on
03. Ella Fitzgerald - Get Ready
(from 'Get Ready' album)
more info on, or on
04. Sharon Cash - Fever
(from 'He Lives Within My Soul' album, 1974 / Mothers)
more info on or on
05. Dusty Springfield - Can I Get A Witness
(from 'Dusty' album, 1964 / Philipps)
more info on, or on
06. Kerrie Biddell - Sing A Simple Song
(from 'Kerrie Biddell' album, 1973 / Summit Records Australia)
more info on
07. Mascara - Golden Years
(from 'See You In L.A.' album, 1979 / Ensign)
more info on or on
08. Gladys Knight & The Pips - The Nitty Gritty
(from 'The Nitty Gritty' album, 1969 / Motown)
more info on or on
09. Etta James - Sookie, Sookie
(from 'Come a Little Closer' album, 1974 / MCA) » DON COVAY COVER «
more info on or on
10. Thelma Houston & Pressure Cooker - I've Got The Music In Me
(from 'I Got The Music In Me' album, 1975 / Sheffield Lab)
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Original record covers :

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Credits :
Selected by Djouls and Loik (
Mixed by Djouls (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Djouls (, using the cover from 'La Morte Ha Paura' LP


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Duke Duke ·  17 February 2009, 01:54

Keep on molesting that damn Laura for how long as you want guys !!

Mike Mike ·  17 February 2009, 09:54

Don't stop, Laura likes it too. But, just a nity-grity detail, ParisDJs Mix #133? Seems with all the change of your site you mixed the numbers too (are there more than one Laura? <G>). There is (was?) a gap in numbering the mixes and Malcolm Catto and Mr. Confuse shared the same number - no problem when shifting the later one up. But restarting now at 133? That was Soviet Blaxploitation! Sorry for disturbing with such a dull problem.

Djouls Djouls ·  17 February 2009, 12:25

Yep that's my mistake sorry. This mix is #152. Please don't hate me I'm just one guy doing all this website... I've put up a recap of all mixes so that you may check which ones you're missing, which ones aren't labelled with the good number, etc. It's all here :


Mike Mike ·  17 February 2009, 15:44

You are fishing for compliments: I DO NOT hate you for weeny typos and I like very much your site and the kind of music you offer. OK? No! One more: I am a ParisDJs addict.

some dude some dude ·  18 February 2009, 21:13

Just got turned on to this site and Podcast. Just want to say thanks, I'm loving the selections, variety of styles, but most importantly the consistent quality of tracks. Merci beaucoup!!!!

Don't suppose any shows are lined up for Miami's Winter Music Conference, are they? We need some more of this in our lives!

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