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What's Up With Shawn Lee ?

An email interview with Shawn Lee
Hey Shawn! Just saw that you had a tour starting in september, so much has already happened on your side just for this year, we were wondering if you could answer a few questions…


What's Up With Shawn Lee - September 2013

01. January 2013 - What's up with that new album on Pedigree Cuts, "Soul Food 2 Retro Vibes" ?
"It's a classic old school Soul instrumental Library album. It was a lot of fun cranking out the 60's and 70's sounds and parts. I just knocked it out in true library style and it has already been used in a film trailer."

02. January 2013 - What's up with that new single on Paris DJs, "The Word Jam" ?
"You guys have always been so supportive of my music I jumped at the chance of releasing something for Paris DJs! I've got my wife doing some backing vocals on it so it's a real family affair. Just a fun little track."

03. April 2013 - What's up with this new cover on the "Brassens, Echos D'Aujourd'Hui" compilation ?
"When Me and AM were on touring our debut album in France, we did an interview and session for Radio Nova. While we were at the station I was asked to participate in the Brassens project. He has such a wicked voice and his lyrics are superb. Really honored to be on the album."

Westances (Stances À Un Cambrioleur) by Shawn Lee on Grooveshark

04. May 2013 - What's up with that second album from AM & Shawn Lee, "La Musique Numérique" ?
"It's a logical progression from our first album Celestial Electric. It was made exactly in the same way by sending tracks back and forth on the internet. It has more of a synthy vibe and also features big drum productions. I feel like it is a slightly more focused album than it's predecessor. People keep mentioning the Disco influence but it certainly wasn't in the front of our minds. Having said that, it's been great making people dance at the live gigs. It's a good vibe."

05. July 2013 - What's up with those digital releases from AM & Shawn Lee, "Instrumentally AM & Shawn Lee Vol.1 & Vol.2" ?
"Simply put it's the instrumental versions of the songs. I think it's interesting for people to hear how the music is put together and the way it functions without the vocals being in there. It's all about the music man! ha ha"

06. From April 2013 to August 2013 - What's up with those 10 videos posted on YouTube with The Brothers Nylon ?
"The Brothers Nylon is a new collaboration with twin brothers Nick and Michael Rufolo from Long Island, New York. They have grown up listening to my music and it is had an effect on them as musicians. They are incredibly talented and working with them has been both refreshing and really really fun. It's fair to say that we equally inspire each other now. I expect much much more music from them. They are MONSTERS!"

07. August 2013 - What's up with those remixes on the "La Musique Numérique Replayed" from AM & Shawn Lee ?
"I reached out to friends and some musical peers to re-imagine some tunes from the new album. It's another interesting way to present the songs and to connect the dots
between styles and context. Really loving the I Ced, Monophonics & Colorama remixes especially."

08. Sept 2013 - What's up with this upcoming US tour from AM & Shawn Lee ?
"The US fall tour starts on the 26th of September in Santa Barbara. We play a handful of California dates including a show in San Francisco with my homies The Monophonics. That one is going to be off the chain! From there we head to the South and then the Midwest. We are going to be playing in a lot cities for the first time so it should be interesting. I urge people to come down as this will be the last tour of the year." Don't sleep...."

09. Late 2013 - what's up for the last 3 months of the year ?
"I have a new project with Adrian Quesada called 'The Electric Peanut Butter Company' coming out on Ubiquity on october 1st. It's a Psychedelic mix of instrumentals
and songs featuring ME on vocals. So great to finally to make an album with Adrian as we have been talking about it for a good few years now."

The Electric Peanut Butter Co Trans-Atlantic Psych Classics Vol 2

"After that, a horror inspired soundtrack for a new video game called 'Zombie Playground'. It will hopefully be come out on Halloween on Wonderful Sound. We are releasing it on limited edition cassette too! Gonna be DOPE!

10. 2014 - What's up for next year, at which point do you start to take a break ?
"I have started working on the 3rd AM & Shawn Lee album already and have a Hip Hop album in the can as well. There is also a new POP project that I have started recently that I hope to release next year too. I have a few more tricks up my sleeve too so I'm not slowing down yet! I also produced a really amazing album by British singer songwriter Fiona Bevan. I'm real proud of it she should really blow people away when her album comes out."


9/13/2013 - Hyperion Tavern (George Ben Sun DJ Set) - Los Angeles, CA
9/26/2013 - Soho - Santa Barbara, CA
9/27/2013 - Glass House - Pamona, CA
9/28/2013 - The Independent (w/ Monophonics) - San Francisco, CA
9/29/2013 - Abbot Kinney Festival - Venice, CA
10/1/2013 - Rhythm Room - Phoenix, AZ
10/3/2013 - Empire Control Room - Austin, TX
10/4/2013 - Dada - Dallas, TX
10/6/2013 - The Vanguard - Tulsa, Ok
10/8/2013 - The Marquee Theater - Denver, CO
More dates to be announced...


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