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Versus - Mr. Blue - out on Sound Sculpture

Versus Mr Blue
Versus - Mr. Blue
(CD/Digital) Sound Sculpture, 2012-04-30

After some heavy grassroots promotion, French funk/hip hop/jazz band Versus is finally unleashing its full-length album, an event we couldn't pass on celebrating this release with our friend Lawkyz leading the project and our former label partner Jesus Crise on the turntables. We produced 4 albums with the latter at the end of the 90s, including My First DJ Tos and Tostuguesh (maybe we'll podcast those one day), it was a long time ago when Jesus Crise was still called Dj Tos and designing T-Shirts saying "Jesus is a Spanish dealer"… One of the common musical grounds of those two cats is their love of The Herbaliser's records on Ninja Tune, and this influence is quite obvious, but Versus is much more than just a 90s hip hop/funk retro septet. There's also a lot of blaxploitation vibes in there ("Marauders", "Theme From Bobbin Street", "The Don Walks In"), some Beastie Boys funk & samples stuff ("Alerte", "Everyday Fever"), a pinch of Mo' Wax abstractness, classy 70s flute or strings arrangements and Danny Elfman-esque songs and voices ("Always Noon", "End Credits") and hip hop anthems ("Play The Game")… A new high quality blend of "extra old flavor" from La Republica Del Groove indeed!

Versus Mr Blue
Versus - Mr. Blue
(CD/Digital) Sound Sculpture, 2012-04-30

Preview Album by Versus

Tracklisting :
01. Intro 01:49
02. Mr. Blue (Lead Vocal Bruce Sherfield) 04:32
03. Marauders 05:10
04. Alerte 01:13
05. Theme From Bobbin Street (Lead Vocal Yann Cléry) 03:39
06. (How To) Play The Game (Feat. Beat Assailant) 03:33
07. Almost Noon (Lead Vocal Bruce Sherfield / Feat. Juan Rozoff) 05:05
08. The Letter (Feat. Black Sifichi) 01:44
09. Everyday Fever (Lead Vocal Bruce Sherfield) 02:39
10. The Don Walks In 05:08
11. Museum Of Life (Lead Vocal Bruce Sherfield / Feat. Juan Rozoff) 03:59

Links :
Find Versus on Juno
Versus : official | bandcamp | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

‪Versus - Mr Blue [Official Video HD]‬

‪Versus - Mr Blue (Grant Phabao Remix)‬ - FREE DOWNLOAD HERE

Versus Paris DJs Extra Flavor Mix
Versus - Paris DJs Extra Flavor Mix - FREE DOWNLOAD HERE

Band Members :
DONNIE BASS, The Bartender aka Lawkyz - double bass, electric bass, production
CHARLIE KEYS, The Player aka Charles Françoise - keys, production
SHAWN WASHINGTON, The Don aka Yann Cléry - flutes, arrangements
JESUS CRISE, The Cop aka Mr. Tos - turntables
MR BIG,,The Screwdriver aka Nico Rajao - drums
TCHIKY WAH, The Storyteller aka Jerome Perez - guitars
RAY WATERBOY, The Tech Guy aka Gérald Bonnegrace - percussions
BLUCE, The Narrator aka Bruce Sherfield - vocals
Versus - Mr. Blue
(CD/Digital) Sound Sculpture, 2012-04-30


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