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Various Ropeadope Artists - 2009 Really Raw Honey Underground Mix

Ropeadope 2009 Really Raw Honey Underground Mix
Various Ropeadope Artists - 2009 Really Raw Honey Underground Mix
(Digital) Ropeadope RAD-901, 2009-06-30

Tenth anniversary sampler from Pennsylvania-based label specializing in hip-hop, jazz, electronica, funk. Includes music from King Britt, Black Landlord, Fatty Acid, Kicksville, Marco Benevento, DJ Logic, and more.

Ropeadope 2009 Really Raw Honey Underground Mix
Various Ropeadope Artists - 2009 Really Raw Honey Underground Mix
(Digital) Ropeadope RAD-901, 2009-06-30

Tracklisting includes :
01. Let's Make A Record - King Britt (Presents Sister Gertrude Morgan)
02. A Street Fight Could Break Out - Charlie Hunter ( Copperopolis)
03. A Rose In Spanish Harlem - James Hunter (The Harlem Experiment)
04. Don't Let The Devil Ride - The Campbell Brothers ( Can You Feel It?)
05.Say Something - Christian McBride (Live At Tonic)
06. Unlocked - Leo Genovese (Unlocked)
07. Smile - Bodega (Bounce)
08. Evolution - Fatty Acid (Fatty Acid)
09. Got It - Black Landlord (Addicted To Distraction)
10. Pimp Juice - Otis Grove (Crank It Up)
11. Fearless - Marco Benevento (Live At Tonic)
12. Kalamaya - Kicksville (The Singles - Season 2)
13. Hope Road - DJ Logic (Zen Of Logic)
15. Well, You Might - Dred Scott Trio (Live At The Rockwood Music Hall)
16. Gastrophysics - JDT
17. Canteloupe - Carlon (Johari Window)


Press Release :
Happy Birthday Ropeadope.

"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans." And one night while Andy Blackman Hurwitz was busy making other plans as an A&R executive for Columbia Jazz, life happened. He had seen a then unknown turntablist (DJ Logic) sit in with a then not-so-known jazz trio (Medeski Martin and Wood) during their now legendary Shaq parties at the Knitting Factory and knew that he had to work with this DJ who effortlessly bridged the gap between hip-hop and jazz. And while Columbia would eventually "pass" on signing Logic, Hurwitz was so inspired that he called his pals John Medeski and long time manager Liz Penta and they decided that they would pool their collective resources and put out Logic's record themselves, and a label was born.

In no way was this meant to be a long-term effort. There were no grand plans for reinventing the music business and certainly no thoughts on signing more artists. It was simply meant to be a one-time project to show off the musical talents of a friend. But a funny thing happened in the fall of 1999. As DJ Logic hit the road with his band, and as Hurwitz burned the midnight oil holding down his day job and marketing this project by night……the album started to sell. It wasn't long before major labels started to take notice, and Ropeadope was soon courted by many. By the fall of 2000 the one-man label found itself with offices and a joint venture funded by Atlantic Records.

Ropeadope developed an extraordinary catalog and reputation. being the first to release music from Robert Randolph (in 2001's "The Word"), Norah Jones (in 2002's Dirty Dozen Brass Band Recording "Medicated Magic") and the Grammy winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra. Highlights include historically important records - The Word, The Philadelphia Experiment - as Hurwitz simply let musicians be themselves. All the while Ropeadope was developing an underground reputation in the fashion world with their line of unique clothing.

As huge pieces of the music business crashed down around them, the label held on to the ropes, delivering punches. The renowned ' New Music Seminar, a live music free for all, highlighted Hurwitz's commitment to music for its own sake. In 2005 Ropeadope merged its music and clothing businesses with the introduction of their new partner, Louis Marks. In a bold step (at the time), Ropeadope moved to an all digital format that signed unknown talent to short term licenses, sharing profits evenly with artists. The Ropeadope faithful grew in numbers, centered around their growth in internet presence at and a host of new social networks. Marks developed a new vision for the company as media publisher, record label, and apparel brand.

And so, it's 2009 in America. Many of the mighty have fallen and the real talent is beginning to shine. Ropeadope pauses for a moment to reflect on the past, then quickly eyes up the future and pushes ahead.

The more things change, the more they change.

'Ropeadope knocks people out' ... CMJ July 30,2001
'Young, fresh, and clean' ... Jazz Times, 2004
'Ropeadope... puts it all to the test.' ... LA Times, Fall 2004

Ropeadope 10 th Anniversary Event Schedule :

The South Philly Experiment
Monthly : Connie's Ric Rac
Deep in the heart of the italian market, a dive bar with a dope stage it's our newest musical laboratory; every month we'll be presenting the ultimate mash up of bad-ass musicians playing 110% improvised love based in jazz, beats and life. Featuring Chuck Treece (McRad, Bad Brains) and Bodega as the house band, with a rotating cast of special guests. Music as it should be, pure and free.

The New York Experiment
June 10 : Sullivan Hall - Sold Out. Our brightest stars of musical past, present and future to share a stage and artistic ideas in an evening of improvisation and skill. Featuring Charlie Hunter, John Medeski, John Ellis, Big Sam, Billy Martin, and special guests tba.

Ropeadope New Music Seminar and Birthday Party
September 2009 : New York
Shhhh! This will be our signature event with an all star cast of Ropeadope recording artists, dates and lineup to be announced in July 2009.


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