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Various - Movements 4 - out on Tramp Records

movements 4 Tramp Records
Various - Movements 4
(CD/2LP) Tramp Records TR-9015, 2012-03-12

Just like with some the best Paris DJs mixes, some selections take a long time to gather. This 4th volume in the Movements series happens 7 years after the first one and took Tramp records founder Tobias Kirmayer two years to complete, chasing lost treasures and privates pressings of funk, soul and jazz tracks all over the globe. So don't expect familiar names, semi-hits or any kind of already-compiled-over-and-there kind of grooves, this is real diggin' business, each track to be found here has been carefully brought back to life, thoroughly annoted and properly referenced with full-color label scans and band photos. Most intense findings include Carl Westmoreland stunning early 70s political burner Shakers and Movers, Iris Bell's funky piano on the aplty titled Honky Games, the Gershwin classic Summertime covered by Polish Old Metropolitan Band, the irresistible and stamping unedited Discotheque Soul from blind drummer and piano player Ricky Williams, and the amazing heavy funk of I Don't Think We Are Going Back Again by The Soul Brothers Inc. that was already available on The Story of The Soul Brothers Inc. anthology released on Tramp Records in 2010. A real treat for music lovers in search of discoveries to be released march 12th 2012.

movements 4 Tramp Records
Various - Movements 4
(CD/2LP) Tramp Records TR-9015, 2012-03-12

Tracklisting :
01. Carl Westmoreland - Shakers and Movers
02. Rudy Tee & the Reno-Bop's - Talk About Soul
03. Dino & The Dell-Tones - Sticks and Stones
04. Preston Love & His Band - Cissy Popcorn
05. The D.M. Movements - Ooo Wee Baby
06. Bro. Byron - Booty Whip (Previously Unreleased Aacetate Version)
07. Iris Bell with the Jive-ettes - Honky Games
08. Old Metropolitan Band - Summertime
09. The Dave Harris Trio - Night Club
10. James Ironhead - Crossing the Baha
11. Zodiacs - Hey Rugh Nut
12. Ricky Williams - Discotheque Soul
13. C. Forture & J. Brinson - Hipster
14. Soul Brothers Inc. - I Don't Think We Are Going Back Again
15. Ernest Skipper with Flag and the Boys - Shot Gun Joe
16. Odyssey Group - Machine Gun

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Tramp Records : official | bandcamp | discogs | kudos (UK distribution) | myspace | parisdjs

Ricky Williams - Discotheque Soul Pt 2

Preston Love - Cissy Popcorn

Press Release :
The Movements series started in 2005 when Tobias Kirmayer released his first compilation on Munich’s Perfect Toy Records. Now, seven years later, he introduces the fourth volume. You may have experienced that follow-up volumes of compilations cannot maintain the level of rarity, quality and excitement of the earlier volumes, however, what you hold in your hands right now is not only the result of two years of work chasing the elusive ‘Rare Groove’, but a masterpiece in it’s own right. The discerning music lover will agree, ‘Movements 4’ is the highlight in the series so far.

The term ‘Rare Groove’ originates from the late 1980s. British DJ Norman Jay coined it after his “The Original Rare Groove Show” on Kiss 94 FM. Around that time, DJs wanted to astonish their crowd with recently unearthed funk, jazz and soul music. In 2012, after more than 20 years have elapsed you may think that there is not more to discover. Fortunately this is not the case. The proof is ‘Movements 4’.

In the past 20 years many labels focused on the genre called Rare Groove. Such tunes, which may have remained uncompiled until now, have to be seriously rare. Otherwise it would not have missed the eyes of diggers for the last 40 years. So Kirmayer's goal to uncover real Rare Grooves became an exciting adventure. It cost him two years of hard work, uncounted hours of research, and hundreds of phone calls and conversations with all the musicians to get their story right.

'Movements 4' is here to please an open-minded audience with an exciting selection of funk, soul and jazz music. All of these tunes had been privately released and might have been forgotten if it weren't for aficionados like Kirmayer securing them and bringing them back to life. From the selected track listing, to the detailed liner notes, to the classic packaging including full-color label scans and band photos, the buyer can be assured not only of the rarity and quality of each selection, but also of the refined taste and heartfelt care that went into this entire production.

The 16-page CD booklet contains detailed liner notes, scans of all labels as well as unpublished photographs. The deluxe double-gatefold LP contains the same information as the CD-booklet. The first 500 units come with a bonus 45rpm single, nothing less than one of the last remaining funk 45 holy grails, the Soul Chargers - Charge It Up, Baby!


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Funky Dew Funky Dew ·  03 February 2012, 14:24

WOW !! IN YO FACE !! C'est du bon ça !

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