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Various – Back To Peru Vol.2

Back To Peru Vol 2
Various – Back To Peru Vol.2
(2xCD/2xLP) Vampisoul VAMPIDC117/VAMPILP117, 2009-11-09

Volume two of this collection of the rarest grooves from Peru from 1964 to 1974. 34 dancefloor hits of garage stompers, psych-pop, raunchy funk, psychedelia, surf, acid Latin rock and anything in between. Many songs here are reissued for the first time. available on double digipack CD and double vinyl with gatefold sleeve - both formats including rare and unseen photos, and extensive notes in English and Spanish written by expert Fidel Gutiérrez Mandoza.

Back To Peru Vol 2
Various – Back To Peru Vol.2
(2xCD/2xLP) Vampisoul VAMPIDC117/VAMPILP117, 2009-11-09

Tracklisting :
01. Tercera Piedra En El Sol - Los Juniors
02. Dámelo Mi Nena - Los Drag's
03. Guau Guau A Go-Go - Los Shain's
04. Intensamente - Los Saicos
05. Loca Por Un Loco - Kela Gates
06. Sueño Sicodélico - Los Holy's
07. En El Sol - Los Datsun's
08. Efectos - Los Teddy's
09. Camina, No Vueles - Los Far Fen
10. Full Of Fear - Beautiful Days
11. Más De Ti - Los Comandos
12. Soñando Contigo - The Same People
13. Pusher - El Opio
14. Cuarto Oscuro - Los Zheros
15. Tormenta En El Mar De La Tranquilidad - Los Jaguar's
16. Let Me Start - Telegraph Ave
17. Down On My Knees Again - The Ringers
18. Rock Of All Ages - We All Together
19. Maybe I Know - Monik
20. Estoy Brillando - Fe 59
21. Onstá La Yerbita - Los Destellos
22. Dongoh - Los Siderals
23. Everything Is Gonna Change - Jean Paul "El Troglodita"
24. Ya Bebí Gran Rato - Los York's
25. Tirando Dedo - Melcochita Y Sus Invitados
26. Sittin' On My Head - Pax
27. Pusher Men - El Álamo
28. Pelea Del Gobernador - Texao
29. The Revolution - Traffic Sound
30. Haces Mal Pobre Chico - Zulú
31. Concordancia - El Polen
32. Cacique - Cacique
33. I Lost A Game - Cerro Verde
34. Yo No Sé Señor - Sudamérica

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Press Release :
Volume two of this collection of the rarest grooves from Peru, including garage stompers, psych-pop, raunchy funk, Latin rock and anything in between.

The journey continues. Treasures keep turning up and surprises don't stop. The shards of the tremendous musical explosion that took place in Peru between 1965 and 1975 are still scattered, and those who are lucky to find them remain hypnotised by their charm forever.

During that magical decade Peruvian rock bands fed from all possible influences. The original surf, rock and beat sounds were joined by psychedelic experimentation and the cult of the acid. Some bands went even further and explored the field of music fusion as well as the most remote confines of their mind. And most of it is here! We welcome you, then, to a new overview of a scene whose diversity mirrors a society based on a powerful mix of races and cultures.

One of the great sources of inspiration was the rock, psychedelic pop and soul music that came from the United States and England. The songs by artists like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Iron Butterfly, The Beatles or Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels had such a great impact that they ended up merging with traditional Tropical rhythms, giving birth to new and surprising music styles such as "psychedelic guajira".

Some bands, like Los Holy's, Los Comandos, Los Jaguars or Los Siderals, chose to turn up the reverb on their amps and do without lyrics for their fantastic surf instrumentals, which sometimes incorporated arrangements in the style of Joe Meek.

Other groups went for a rougher approach. Los Saicos, Los Shain's or Los Drag's represent the wildest type of teenage abandon with their beat rhythms and garage energy. Hallucinogenic plants and the consumption of other illegal substances brought about total experimentation to Peruvian music, both in terms of composition and arrangements. Songs such as the bluesy 'Efectos' by Los Teddy's and 'Cuarto oscuro' by Los Zheros reflect this new psychedelic scene.

After the lysergic effects came hard and acid rock, full of heavy riffs and plenty of fuzz and wah-wah pedals, surprisingly adopted and practiced by bands like Pax, Telegraph Ave and Traffic Sound.

Traditional folklore also suffered the effects of the foreign rock invasion. Native styles such as cumbia incorporated elements from rock, which resulted in curious tracks such as 'Onstá la yerbita' by Los Destellos, featured here.

Sit down, relax and enjoy this journey "Back To Peru"!


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