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Various - Afrosound Of Colombia Vol.1 - out now on Vampisoul - Great stock of Afro-influenced 60s and 70s tracks from Colombia

Vampisoul Afrosound Of Colombia Vol 1
Various - Afrosound Of Colombia Vol.1
(2xCD/3xLP) Vampisoul VAMPI116, 2010-03-15

THE AFROSOUND OF COLOMBIA out now! Over two and a half hours of funky, hot Afro-influenced tracks from the 60s and 70s golden period of the seminal Discos Fuentes label in Colombia. Includes in-depth liner notes with photos and original LP artwork. Many songs reissued for the first time. Double digipack CD and 1000 copies limited edition TRIPLE vinyl. Both formats include rare photos and original LP artwork. Extensive notes in English and Spanish written by expert Pablo Yglesias aka DJ Bongohead. In-depth overview of the history of Discos Fuentes and artists such as Fruko y Sus Tesos, Afrosound, Los Corraleros de Majagual, Sexteto Miramar, Wganda Kenya...

Vampisoul Afrosound Of Colombia Vol 1
Various - Afrosound Of Colombia Vol.1
(2xCD/3xLP) Vampisoul VAMPI116, 2010-03-15

Tracklisting CD1 :
01. Wganda Kenya - El Abanico
02. Cumbia En Moog - Cumbia Del Sal
03. Afrosound - Dog, Cat
04. Los Corraleros De Majagual - El Vampiro
05. Fruko & Sus Tesos - Flores Silvestres
06. Sexteto Miramar - Sabor
07. Wganda Kenya - Fiebre De Lepra
08. Peregoyo Y Su Combo Vacaná - Chenchudino
09. Afrosound - Ponchito De Colores
10. Fruko & Sus Tesos - El Ausente
11. Michi Sarmiento - Suena Ahora
12. Afrosound - Carruseles
13. Los Corraleros De Majagual - El Ascensor
14. Fruko & Sus Tesos - Lamento Cubano
15. Wganda Kenya - Yoro
16. Los Golden Boys - La Negra Celina
17. Fruko & Sus Tesos - Manyoma
18. Wganda Kenya - La Trompeta Loca
19. Galileo Y Su Banda - La Cara Del Payaso
20. Afrosound - Caliventura
21. Fruko & Sus Tesos - Cachumbembé
22. Wganda Kenya - Combate A Kung-Fu

Tracklisting CD2 :
01. Afrosound - Jungle Fever
02. Wganda Kenya - Wganda Kenya
03. Rodolfo Y Su Tipica 7 - Tabaco Y Ron
04. Afrosound - Salsa Con Tabaco
05. Sexteto Miramar - Salsa Boogaloo
06. Fruko & Sus Tesos - La Lluvia
07. Afrosound - La Sampuesana
08. Fruko & Sus Tesos - Descarga Espectacular
09. Afrosound - Cachuca Bacana
10. Fruko & Sus Tesos - María La O
11. Joe Rodriguez Y Su Grupo Latino - Playa Blanca
12. Fruko & Sus Tesos - El Caminante
13. Peregoyo Y Su Combo Vacaná - Descarga Vacaná
14. Wganda Kenya - Rosalía
15. Fruko & Sus Tesos - No Me Dejan Quererte
16. Afrosound - El Eco Y El Carretero
17. Los Sanabales - Los Corraleros De Majagual
18. Peregoyo Y Su Combo Vacaná - Ola De Agua
19. Fruko & Sus Tesos - Tihuanaco
20. Michi Sarmiento Y Sus Bravos - Salsa Con Monte
21. Rodolfo Aicardi Con Los Ìdolos - Nostalgia Campesina

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Press Release :
Over two and a half hours of funky, hot Afro-influenced tracks from the 60s and 70s golden period of the seminal Discos Fuentes label in Colombia. 43 dancefloor hits provide an irresistible mix of genres: salsa, cumbia, boogaloo, tropical funk, chicha...

To understand what this compilation refers to as the Afrosound of Colombia, you have to acknowledge the profound role of African cultures in Colombian life and music. The story of the Afrosound is a tale of transformation. It tells of the enslaved African peoples who were taken to Colombia, who mixed with Europeans and indigenous inhabitants (by force or choice), and were eventually set free, as well as the escaped cimarrones (maroons) that lived in palenques (fortified settlements) and continued their own traditions. The Afrosound sings of a double Diaspora, first the trek in chains during the infamous Middle Passage from the Motherland of Africa to the so-called New World, then much later, the migration from the plantations to the cities.

This release deals with the unique sounds produced as a result of the inventive mixing of pop and roots that took place in the urban confines of the Discos Fuentes studios, far from Colombia's coastal regions. For our purposes, the invented term Afrosound can serve as the title of a thrilling and sometimes odd soundtrack that chronicles the diffusion and evolution of the musical culture from those coastal regions as it was brought inland, where it was translated, simplified, mass marketed, manufactured, modernized, "whitened", globalized, recycled, and then sent back to the world at large, disseminated from the cities of Medellín and Bogotá, where the major bulk of the music production industry resided in the 50s through to the 70s.

To tell the story of Afrosound, you not only have to know about the influence of Afro- Antillean music and indigenous Colombian tropical coastal genres, you also have to know something about the history of Discos Fuentes and musician/producer Julio Ernesto "Fruko" Estrada. Suffice it to say that the coastal area of Colombia shares in common with other areas in the Caribbean Antilles a certain tropical mix of sensuality and syncopation that somehow manages to combine joy and pain in a transporting wave of rhythm and melody that is food for the soul.

The tracks on this compilation were chosen from the vast archives of Discos Fuentes because they are fun, funky, unexpected, crazy, hot. They are not necessarily your 'typical' or well known cuts, though the performers might be familiar and in some cases are quite popular today outside of Colombia due to an increasing awareness of the country's exciting musical heritage. The title of this compilation comes from one of the Fuentes bands, Afrosound, but here it's taken more as a general term to denote the funkier side of the label's prolific output in the 60s and 70s. The unifying factor for the collection is that the tracks all have something to do with African roots or influences in one way or another, and they mark a period of sonic experimentation, self expression, upheaval, rebellion and rebirth in the industry, nurtured by Discos Fuentes and its stable of musicians, producers, and engineers.


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