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Ugly Duckling - Audacity

Ugly Duckling AudacityUgly Duckling Audacity Exclusive 7 inch
Ugly Duckling - Audacity + Exclusive 7 inch
(CD/2xLP+7") Handcuts Records/Fatbeats/HHV, 2008-12-01

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Ugly Duckling Audacity
Ugly Duckling - Audacity
(CD/2xLP) Handcuts Records (Japan) / Fatbeats (Europe/USA), 2008-12-01

Tracklisting :
01. I Won't Let It Die
02. The Takedown
03. Audacity (Parts 1 & 2)
04. Falling Again
05. It's Gone
06. It Want To Believe
07. Einstein Do It
08. The Lonely Ones
09. Pay Or Quit
10. Right Now
11. It Never Mattered
12. Oh Yeah

Note : Japan release has a Japan-only bonus track. (no info yet)

Ugly Duckling Audacity Exclusive 7 inch
Ugly Duckling - Audacity Part 3
(7") HHV.DE Exclusive, 2008-12-01

Tracklisting :
A1. Audacity Part 3 feat. Pigeon John 4:15
B1. Audacity Part 3 (Instrumental) 4:15

Note : Buy the 2xLP on HipHopVinyl and get a special HHV.DE free 7" record with exclusive Ugly Duckling tracks!

Links :
Listen to samples on (UK Distributor) (Jap. label)

Ugly Duckling - I Won't Let It Die (video)

Credits :
Lead Vocals: Andy And Dizzy
Scratching: Young Einstein
Backing Vocals: Pigeon John And Chelsea Ward
Believers And Non-Believers: Bob, Chloe, Stoney, Tim, Lil’ Fade, Kevin, Dan, Karen, Jana, Joe, Aaron And Andy Troutman On Vocoder
Written, Produced And Arranged By: Ugly Duckling
Additional Arrangements By: Pigeon John, Andy Carpenter, Chelsea
Ward And Jon St. James
Recorded And Mixed By: Andy “Lil’ Fade” Carpenter At F-2 Studios
In Fullerton, California
Mastered By: Tom Baker At Precision Mastering
Artwork By: Israel Sanchez (
Photography By: Matt Cheney
Artwork Layout By: Oscar “Cali” Quiroz For Artruculture Group

Press release :
NEWS: UGLY DUCKLING announce new LP 'Audacity'

Ugly Duckl​ing have announced that they are shortly to relea​se their​ new album​ ​Audacity. ​ This latest LP has been two years in the making and the band said yesterday in a myspace bulletin that they would soon be adding new album tracks to their myspace site's music player and that the Won't Let It Die video is imminent. They referred to themselves in the same bulletin as the "white​st/​nerdi​est/" and most ​old school​ group​ since​ the Nativ​e Tongu​es era, humbly omitting to acknowledge their general dope-ness. Last time the Monkey spoke to DJ Einstein on the Bang For The Buck tour he mumbled something about, "We might do another one" when asked about future album plans. Fans will be relieved that there is no longer any question about this. Audacity will be Ugly Duckling's fourth full length studio LP - unless you count their debut EP - which you might well - seeing as it had 8 tracks on it. Keep checking back with the monkeyboxing for more!

P.S. Don't forget to check out Dizzy's side project Blown Celeb. P.P.S. Net rumours abound of a 25 November 2008 release date for the LP. Possibly only in Japan. Possibly not. Don't hold your breath!
(Source :

Ugly Duckling has "Audacity". Since U.D.formed in 1993, Andy, Dizzy and Young Einstein have had the nerve to believe they should make it in the music business. Fiercely independent and musically idealistic, the trio from Long Beach, California has managed to successfully release four self-produced albums which have taken them to almost 30 countries over the past 10 years.

Despite the band's low media profile and often-changing label situations, they have built a unique and wide reputation for delivering soulful, humorous hip-hop and a white-hot live show. To look at them, one might not guess that this band has an accomplished resume of classic singles, consistent sales, critical acclaim, international t.v. and festival appearances and a busy travel schedule with the worn-out passport stamps to prove it but, somehow, they've made it happen.
(Source :


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monkeyboxing monkeyboxing ·  04 November 2008, 17:09

Hey thanks for using my article. Any chance of a credit to (where the post also appears) at the bottom of it? I can see you've included my old blog in the links above but that doesn't acknowledge the source!

if you sort that out let me know and i'll put you in's links.

BiG Al BiG Al ·  05 November 2008, 10:39

Nice to read your comments on UD, however I need to point out that this will be the 4th full album not the third!
1 - Journey to Anywhere
2 - Taste the Secret
3 - bang for the Buck
4 - Audacity
Hope that helps!
BiG aL

monkeyboxing monkeyboxing ·  05 November 2008, 11:04

Due to this second comment I feel I should point out AGAIN that the text on this website was lifted from the monkeyboxing empire blog: http://monkeyboxingempire.blogspot....

and also appears on

which has now superseded the blog.

Not only has it the text been corrected re. the number of albums - it is also copyright of


Djouls Djouls ·  05 November 2008, 12:55

I've corrected the entry, with full credits due to Monkeyboxing. I've also added the tracklist and PR info from the UK distributor, where there are sound samples ;)

monkeyboxing monkeyboxing ·  29 November 2008, 23:38

Yo heads up! Ugly Duckling - Audacity - Album review now up!

Djouls Djouls ·  03 December 2008, 11:28

I've added the HHV.DE exclusive 7 inch and the video available on YouTube

roro roro ·  06 February 2009, 13:13

En concert le samedi 7 Février au Nouveau Casino (Paris)

Samedi 7 février – 19h30


Bien qu'originaire de Long Beach en Californie, la patrie du gangsta rap et du hip hop hardcore, Ugly Duckling trio formé en 1993, reste fidèle au rap old school et met l'accent sur le côté festif et cartoonesque du hip hop. Après une demo en 1999, le groupe sort son premier album « A journey to anywhere » en 2001. Cet opus fait parler de groupe grâce aux samples autant funk que hip hop old school mais toujours efficaces de Young Einstein et aux lyrics décalés des mc Dizzy et Andy. Ugly Duckling est en tournée européenne pour la sortie de son nouvel album « Audacity » sorti en janvier dernier.

Concert – 15,7 euros en prévente, 16 euros sur place

Préventes :

Nouveau Casino
109 rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris

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