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Tru Thoughts Compilations for Japan - Shapes "Sun" Compiled By Mitsuru Ogawa / Shapes "Moon" Compiled By DJ Baku

Tru Thoughts Shapes Japan SunTru Thoughts Shapes Japan Moon
Shapes Japan "Sun" Compiled By Mitsuru Ogawa / Shapes Japan "Moon" Compiled By DJ Baku
(CDs) Tru Thoughts / Beat Records BRC-215/BRC-216, 2008-12-13

Tru Thoughts Shapes Japan Sun
Tru Thoughts Shapes Japan Sun
Various - Shapes Japan : "Sun" - Compiled By Mitsuru Ogawa
(CD) Beat Records BRC-215, 2008-12-13

Tracklisting :
01. Milez Benjiman - Ixlanaplaz taken from "Feel Glorious" (TRUCD-152)
02. Diesler - Pathos taken from "Keepie Uppies" (TRUCD-097)
03. Me & You - The Hoop Loop taken from "Floating Heavy" (TRUCD-129)
04. Quantic - Politick Society Featuring Noelle Scaggs taken from "An Announcement To Answer" (TRUCD-100)
05. Up Hygh - Compatible (PTH Projects Remix) taken from "Shapes 07:02 - Compiled by Robert Luis" (TRUCD-138)
06. Diesler - A Little Something feat. Laura Vane (Gerardo Frisina Mix) taken from "Shapes Compilation 2006 (Part 2) (TRUCD-111)
07. Quantic - Mishaps Happening (Prins Thomas Edit) taken from "Shapes Red" (TRUCD-091)
08. Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire - Something Good Featuring Desmond Foster taken from "Soul Search" (TRUCD-117)
09. Lizzy Parks - All That taken from "Raise The Roof" (BRTRU-169)
10. TM Juke - Come Away Featuring Sophie Faricy taken from "Forward" (TRUCD-110)
11. Nostalgia 77 - Wildflower taken from "Everything Under The Sun" (BRTRU-123)
12. The Hot 8 Brass Band - Sexual Healing Re-edit taken from "Sexual Healing"(single) (TRU140)
13. Quantic - Don't Joke With A Hungry Man feat. Spanky Wilson taken from "Mishaps Happening" (TRUCD-062)
14. The Bamboos - Tighten Up (Album Version) taken from "Step It Up" (TRUCD-092)
15. Saravah Soul - Homesick taken from "Saravah Soul" (BRTRU-149)
16. Lanu - Shine Featuring Christin Deralas taken from "This Is My Home"(TRUCD-121)
17. Kylie Auldist - Never Did I Stop Loving You taken from "Just Say" (BRTRU- 159)

Tru Thoughts Shapes Japan Moon
Tru Thoughts Shapes Japan Moon
Various - Shapes Japan : "Moon" - Compiled By DJ Baku
(CD) Beat Records BRC-216, 2008-12-13

Tracklisting :
01. Quantic - Transatlantic taken from "Apricot Morning " (TRUCD-034)
02. Belleruche - Minor Swing taken from "Turntable Soul Music"(TRUCD-130)
03. Cappo - I.D.S.T taken from "Spazz The World" (ZEBTRAF011)
04. Dirty Diggers Presents The Sticky Kids - Don't Blame The Parents taken from "Shapes Compilation 2006 (Part 1)" (TRUCD-101)
05. Natural Self - Ghost In The Machine taken from "The Art Of Vibration" (BRTRU-162)
06. Hint - Muddled Morning Feat. Rizzle taken from "Driven From Distraction" (BRTRU-172)
07. Alice Russell - Mean To Me (Acoustic Version) taken from "Under The Munka Moon II " (TRUCD-106)
08. The Broken Keys - Razorblade taken from "Gravity" (TRUCD-103)
09. Natural Self - Raise The Game from "When Shapes Join Together 3" (TRUCD-035) or from "Raise The Game 7" (TRU028)
10. The Quantic Soul Orchestra - She Said What?feat. J-Live taken from "Tropidelico" (BRTRU-139)
11. Me&You - Last Night (Benny Page Remix) taken from "Shapes 07:02" (TRUCD-138) taken from "Last Night (Benny Page REMIX) " (TRU134)
12. Lanu - Conversations (Interlude) taken from "This Is My Home" (TRUCD-121)
13. Life - Come On taken from "Realities Of Life" (ZEBTRAFCD027)
14. TM Juke - Get It Together feat. Bread & Water taken from "Maps From The Wilderness" (TRUCD-050)
15. Nostalgia 77 feat. Alice Russell - Seven Nation Army (Grant Phabao Remix) taken from Nostalgia 77 "One-Offs, Remixes & B-Sides" (BRTRU-146)
16. Quantic - Absence Heard, Presence Felt taken from "An Announcement To Answer " (TRUCD-100)

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Shapes Japan "Sun" on
Shapes Japan "Moon" on


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DJ Goodmea DJ Goodmea ·  01 February 2009, 15:04

I picked up these gems whilst in Japan visting friends and family during Christmas and New Year's. I absolutely love em!

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