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Trashcan Sinatras - In The Music

Traschan sinatras Oranges and ApplesTraschan sinatras In The Music
Trashcan Sinatras - Oranges & Apples (single) / In The Music (album)
(CD) Lo-Five Records, July 28th 2009 (North America), August 2009 (Rest of the world)

In The Music is the fifth studio album from Trashcan Sinatras and is due for release in North America in July 2009, with the UK, Europe, Australia and the rest of the world in August. Exact dates to follow. The Special Limited Edition deluxe version of the album will be mailed out to coincide with the North America release.

Traschan sinatras In The Music
Trashcan Sinatras - In The Music
(CD) Lo-Five Records, July 28th 2009 (North America), August 2009 (Rest of the world)

Tracklisting :
01. People
02. Easy On The Eye
03. In The Music
04. I Hung My Harp Upon The Willows
05. Prisons
06. Should I Pray (Feat. Carly Simon)
07. Morning Star
08. Oranges and Apples
09. The Engine
10. I Wish You'd Met Her
11. I Can't Stand Tomorrow *
12. I Just Don't Know How *

* Special Limited Edition Bonus Tracks

This Special Limited Edition release features 2 additional songs not on the main or Japanese release (which itself will feature an 11th exclusive track "Astronomy").

It includes specially commissioned artwork featuring personal notes and photos from the band and award winning designer Emlyn Firth. These document the inspiration, journey and recording of this incredible album and the thought processes behind the artwork.

Each album will be packaged in an individually numbered* clothbound screen printed digipak, in a custom-made paper slip case. This will be a strictly special limited edition, with a pressing of just 2000 copies.

And just in case you need another reason, pre-order and get a free copy of Wild Mountainside, while stocks last.

* For fans who wish to have a particularly low numbered copy, there is a variable pricing option, with numbers being dispatched in price paid order.

Press Release :
"In the music we make in love... in the music we rise above..."

These are songs of love... various aspects of love... the love of a lifetime, the fleeting love, love as a life force, the beginnings of love, the aftermath of love.

Our journey started in the summer in Glasgow where we began to make friends with these songs of love. Every week we would gather in a room behind the Bay Horse Tavern on the south side and the songs would unveil themselves. In the winter we traveled to New York City with a plan to record the songs live.

It was a wonderful experience. Frank, Paul, Stephen, John, Grant, Stevie and Jody... all gentlemen and lifelong friends... abroad in the fine city of New York, with songs of love to sing. We hope you enjoy listening to the fruits of our journey.

With love,

The Trashcans

Links :
MP3s on

Traschan sinatras Oranges and Apples
Trashcan Sinatras - Oranges and Apples
(Download single) 2008-10-13

New download single, "Oranges and Apples" released october 13. New album to be titled "In the Music". The mixing of in the music has been completed and the album will be mastered this month. The album sleeve is also in progress and will be completed this month. In The Music will include 10 songs, with the exception of the japanese version, which will include an additional bonus track. The japanese release is planned for the end of march 2009, with other releases around the world planned for april 2009...

Press Release :
On October 13th 2008 we will be releasing 'Oranges and Apples', the first single from our forthcoming album "In The Music". The song was inspired by the life and work of the late Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd. Here is the tale of the songs journey so far...

John Douglas, from The Trashcan Sinatras,

"In the months after Syd's passing, I became entranced and intrigued again by him and his wonderful unique work. A friend of mine, the great English songwriter Boo Hewerdine, lives in Cambridge and had told me of seeing Syd on occasion riding around town on his bike (in fact, on one occasion, Syd fell off his bike and Boo helped him get back up and on his way ) and that he seemed to enjoy a degree of anonymity, and the local tradesman spoke highly of him and he seemed to be happy. This picture of Syd seemed at odds with the historically documented version. I was relieved and pleased to discover that Syd had found a degree of peace and 'normality' in his years there. I was very touched by his personal effects from his house. A fund raising sale of some of his household items by auction was held, and the auction house had photographs and descriptions of each item available to view online. Syd had personally adapted pretty much everything in his house.. from the stereo to the chest of drawers to his bikes and wheelbarrow... all had been re-painted, re-designed or, somehow, made more personal by Syd. His highly individual attitude to song-writing was, it seemed, a reflection of his attitude to life in general.

Through dwelling on these things in admiration, the song "Oranges and Apples" appeared."

The reason for the timing of the release is to coincide with The City Wakes festival In Cambridge, England. The festival is a celebration of Syds life and work and is run in conjunction with the Escape Artists/Syd Barrett Trust charities. Proceeds from the sales from the single will be donated to the Syd Barrett Trust (Director-Rosemary Breen, Syd's sister)

The song will be a limited release from the 13th October for 3 weeks, as a download only. It will be available through itunes, emusic and most other download sites.

We would adore it if the song could be requested by all of you wonderful people on every radio station across the globe ... it would grace the airwaves any time of day or night. We hope you find the song as uplifting as we do...

the trashcans


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