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The Impellers - This Is Not A Drill - out on Légère Recordings

The Impellers This Is Not A Drill
The Impellers - This Is Not A Drill
(CD/Digital) Légère Recordings LEGO040, (LP) Mocambo Record MLP1006, 2012-04-27

Starting as Ed Meme & The Forms, this 10-piece powerhouse UK band became the more pronouncable The Impellers when signing with Freestyle Records in 2008, a label on which they released their smashing first album Robot Legs the following year. They're now back with their second full-length recording, This Is Not A Drill, to be sorted in the Heavy Funk section rather than the Deep Funk one. This record is indeed a blast, with huge horns, a high-energy rhythm section, groovy hammond licks and authentic soulful vocals from 'Lady' Clair Witcher. The single, Politiks Kills People, could be the answer to our recent Election Mix, so we played it in our latest Bag of Goodies selection, and we should also feature their Ting Tings cover That's Not My Name in a future Molesting Laura playlist… Well since this album's all killer, no filler, and full of heavy breaks, we could play any kinda track in there quite easily!

The Impellers This Is Not A Drill
The Impellers - This Is Not A Drill
(CD/Digital) Légère Recordings LEGO040, (LP) Mocambo Record MLP1006, 2012-04-27

Politiks Kills People - The Impellers by Légère Recordings

Tracklisting :
01. Intro
02. Hear What I Say
03. The Knock Knock
04. Pon Lo Afuera
05. Do What I Wanna Do
06. Signs Of Hope & Happiness
07. Politiks Kills People
08. Close To Me
09. Took Me For A Ride
10. That's Not My Name
11. Belly Savalas
12. Last Orders (Outro)

Note : A product of Légère Recordings & Mocambo Records.

Links :
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