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The Hifivers - Play Raw Soul - out on Hifive Records

The Hifivers Play Raw Soul
The Hifivers - Play Raw Soul
(7"/CD EP/Digital) Hifive Germany HFR 5001/HFR 5002, 2011-01-30

After a long break, former Poets Or Rhythm trumpet player all through the 90's Michael Treetop Voss, influenced by the incredible works of his former collegue J. Whitefield (guitar player in The Poets of Rhythm, Ebo Taylor & Afrobeat Academy, The Whitefield Brothers...), decides to found a new Munich-based band of raw and joyous soul, The Hifivers. Michael has kindly accepted our invitation to present their music and influences through a mix on Paris DJs so I guess you'll hear that very soon...

The Hifivers Play Raw Soul
The Hifivers - Play Raw Soul
(7"/CD EP/Digital) Hifive Germany HFR 5001/HFR 5002, 2011-01-30

Tracklisting CD :
01. Watusi 4:32
02. Got Myself Some Bucks 4:00
03. Don't Step 5:02
04. Thru To You 5:47
05. What You Lookin' At ? 4:48

Tracklisting 7" :
A1. Got Myself Some Bucks 3:58
B1. What You Lookin' At? 3:31

Links :,+The

Musicians :
Konny Kotulla - vocals
Axel Schünecke - rhythm guitar
Jan Kühner - lead guitar
Seb Strasser - keys
Michael Treetop Voss - trumpet
Jelena Garbotz - trumpet
Richie Ebert - tenor sax
Florian Lehmann - bass
Guido Kudielka - percussion
Bodo Aller - drums

Press Release :
The Hifivers liberate Soul Music from the utter insignificance of your average pop ditty songs. They bring back the roughness of the streets and the demanding forcefulness of pure erotic passion. The nine soul aficionados are not satisfied by paying homage to the original classics: They have set out to re-invent true Soul. Consequently, the set-list consists of own creations and a few carefully selected classic Soul gems.

The rhyhtm section propels hypnotics grooves followed by driving beats, the vocals ooze pure Soul backed up by some rousing chants, the horns sound saturated and earthy but can switch to over-the-top exuberance in a heartbeat, all topped off with excstatic solos - in short, every note of the HIFIver's music is aimed directly at the audience's collective nether regions. In Marvin Gaye's words: "If the spirit hits you, you have to move".

Influences : Multi-faceted and colorful - blaxploitation, message songs, a few old classics... and above all, our very own classics-to-be.
Sounds Like: ... the HIFIvers, rough, edgy "Raw Soul" with a capital R - as well as soothing smooth sounds with a soft S. Drawing from a wide range of influences, bringing the best out of the individual musicians, but always sounding like the HIFIvers and nobody else.


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