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The Funkees - Slipping Into Darkness (WAR afrofunk cover!)

The Funkees Slipping Into Darkness

A fantastic 45 from Nigerian band The Funkees, which included a superb cover of War, Slipping Into Darkness. We digitalized this beauty, had it mastered by our soundmaster Grant Phabao, and we're now sharing it with everyone as a free vitual release on Don't say we don't love you!
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The Funkees Slipping Into Darkness
The Funkees - Slipping Into Darkness
(MP3 download on 2010-02-10

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The Funkees Slipping Into Darkness


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O-Dub O-Dub ·  10 February 2010, 20:45

Really incredible 7". I actually like the B-side ("Breakthrough") even more and it's a Funkees release that very rarely ever gets talked about.

Does it actually have a pic sleeve? The copy I have was a plain one.

Djouls Djouls ·  10 February 2010, 21:29

No picture sleeve on this one, the copy we found had standard EMI NIgeria blue sleeve

Cyril Cyril ·  13 February 2010, 15:41

Excellent track... In addition, as saying by O-Dub, the flip side is excellent too : "Breakthrough" an other cover of Atomic Rooster ( This music is use in France as the end music of "La Grande Librairie" TV program.

drfeelgoed drfeelgoed ·  19 February 2010, 05:34

Great cover, thanks!

nicO nicO ·  11 April 2010, 16:17

We love u too :)

dj bod dj bod ·  18 July 2010, 18:53

i'm trying to download this beauty for 1 hour now, doesn't work! i'm going mad. help..!

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