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The Frightnrs - Nothing More To Say (CD/LP, Daptone, 2016)

An instant classic, this fantastic reggae-rocksteady album strives directly for legendary status. It's the first album from The Frightnrs, a Brooklyn band signed on the Daptone label, but it'll also be the last one, alas. Dan Klein, the singer with the magical tone, died from ALS last june. Produced by Ticklah, miles away from the stereotypes of globalized reggae, 'Nothing More To Say' is a true soul feast, lifted from beginning to end by the overwhelming and ghostly voice of Dan Klein.

The Frightnrs - Nothing More To Say
The Frightnrs - Nothing More To Say
(CD/LP) Daptone Records, 2016-09-02

Tracklisting :
01. All My Tears 04:07
02. Nothing More To Say 04:10
03. Gotta Find A Way 03:49
04. What Have I Done 03:28
05. Purple 03:45
06. Trouble In Here 02:48
07. Till Then 03:20
08. Lookin' For My Love 03:06
09. Hey Brother (Do Unto Others) 03:59
10. Gonna Make Time 03:34
11. Dispute 03:13

Links :
The Frightnrs : official | discogs | official | facebook | juno | soundcloud | twitter
Daptone : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | juno | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | wikipedia | youtube

Review (in French) :
Classique immédiat, ce fantastique album de reggae-rocksteady rentre directement dans la légende. C'est le premier album des Frigthnrs, groupe de Brooklyn signé sur le label Daptone, mais ce sera aussi, hélas, le dernier. Dan Klein, le chanteur au timbre magique, est décédé de la maladie de Charcot en juin dernier. Produit par Ticklah, à cent lieues des clichés du reggae mondialisé, 'Nothing More To Say' est un véritable festin de soul, porté du début à la fin par la voix fantômatique et bouleversante de Dan Klein.

Press Release :
The Frightnrs escort Daptone Records into the world of long-playing reggae with both the sweetest and the roughest record of the decade.

Crafted under the meticulous eye of black-belt reggae mastermind/producer Victor Axelrod (AKA Ticklah), Nothing More to Say is a rocksteady masterpiece the likes of which has not reared it's head since the golden era of Studio One. However, you'll find no imitation here - none of the faux-jamaican cliches of lesser reggae bands. Like all things Daptone, this record is above all soulful and honest. With the exception of two soul covers (both from the Daptone catalog: Bob & Gene's "Gotta Find a Way" and Saun and Starr's "Gonna Make Time",) the record is populated by original compositions of the highest order. They are simply great songs, and though their treatment here is masterful, each one of them has the melodic and lyrical substance to hold it's own in any genre. "Till Then" invokes the coquettish hyper-rhymes of top-form Smokey Robinson, while "Hey Brother" sounds like it fell off the desk of Gamble and Huff, and "Purple" defies any comparison at all. From the first cracking snares of "All My Tears" through the final pulsing echoes of "Dispute," the murderous rhythms of Rich Terrana (drums,) and brothers Preet and Chuck Patel (bass and piano, respectively) can be heard chunking mercilessly towards oblivion as Dan Klein pours his endearing poetry over over the top like some other-worldy falsetto potion. The combination is a sound birthday-suit raw, mesmerizing, infectious, and above all, lovely. This record will long be treasured by lovers of reggae, lovers of soul and lovers of love.

Nicolas Ragonneau

Nicolas Ragonneau

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