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The Death Set - Rad Warehouses To Bad Neighborhoods

The Death Set Rad Warehouses To Bad Neighborhood
The Death Set - Rad Warehouses To Bad Neighborhoods (Reissue + Extras)
(CD & Bandana/Download) Counter Records COUNTCD017/COUNTDNL017, 2009-03-24

The Death Set Rad Warehouses To Bad Neighborhood
The Death Set - Rad Warehouses To Bad Neighborhood (Reissue + Extras)
(CD/Download) Counter Records COUNTCD017/COUNTDNL017 / Beat Records BRC-220, 2009-03-24

Tracklisting :
01. Paranoia
02. Negative Thinking
03. Intermission
04. Distressed
05. Snap
06. Boys/Girls
07. Around The World
08. Hikoichi Is Very Happy
09. Impossible
10. Collision | Download MP3
11. Fighting For Herself
12. No. 2
13. On The Street2
14. Zombie
15. Heard It All Before
16. Distressed By Late Night Television
17. Once You Know You Know
18. Distressed (Bonde Do Role Remix)
19. Impossible (Dan Deacon Remix)
20. Negative Thinking (Best Fwends Remix)*
21. Impossible (Etan's Positive Outlook)
22. Far Weathered Friends
23. Negative Thinking About Tight Pants (Ninjasonik Revox)
* Bonus track for Japan

Note : originallty released by Morphius Records in 2007

Links :

Press Release :
The Death Set are back and yet they won't stop. And that, my friends, is time travel. Or a reissue, for they've never been anywhere without coming back. Following over 200 live dates since last year's release of Worldwide, The Death Set recount it all fondly with a revisit to where it all began.

Gathered together as "Rad Warehouses To Bad Neighborhoods", this collection of The Death Set's first two EPs recalls every of the brashest moments of the Death Set's super-deep super-brief back catalog - including original versions of classics like "Around The World", and flagship smash-ups like "Paranoia" and "Zombie", staples of The Death Set's scorching live show - whilst adding remixes, Resets, and revox to the fray.

It's probably best to just let go of what this is and instead focus on laughing whilst bounding around the room uncontrollably. That's what the Oz pocket battleships do best. And the poor loves have been shouting and screaming over drumbox beats, serated-edge guitar and keyboard hooks for longer than you might have thought, as this 22-track collection proves.

Huge fun, exhilarating and strangely life-affirming, this is one for all the Death Set initiated, uninitiated, completists, speed freaks, and anyone who held little Johnny Siera up while he crowd-surfed their heads. Perhaps it's for the last reason that, after The Death Set toured Down Under with the pop queen herself, Santogold named them her Favourite Band In The World.

Each copy will come with a Death Set bandana...

Check what the Mother Fucking Press says:
"An Iggy Pop for the era of samples and laptops…. an extraordinary offering. The Death Set are a quixotic, perfect pop thrill." - The Guardian
"They make the Libertines look like Dire Straits... Original, entertaining and fun." - Vice
"Quite literally a blast. A twenty first century update of hardcore." - Clash
"If the cheerleading squad from a young offenders institute entered a beer bong-athon with Black Flag and Best Fwends, it'd still sound reserved compared to this lot." - NME
"Loud, abrasive and sickly fun, Black Flag for a new generation " - Artrocker
"The second coming." - I Heart Comix


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