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The Bahama Soul Club - Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky

Bahama Soul Club Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky
The Bahama Soul Club - Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky
(CD/Download) Buyu Records BU005CD, 2010-08-13

We've played the unstoppable uptempo bossa of But Rich Rhythms, extracted from their first album Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz, in our 21st Century Latin Vol.3 mix, way back in january 2009. You might have heard the creative team around Oliver Belz before, thru its earlier incarnation as The Juju Orchestra, who got the T.I.M.E.C. golden pepper with their vintage latin singles way back in 2006 for those following my writings. The Bahama Soul Club are now back with a sophomore album, Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky, deliciously clashing neo-retro soul, jazz, bossa and afro-latin grooves into a both immediate and timeless record. Dear Oliver, as long as you will keep on delivering such tasty goods, count on me to buy your vinyls!!!

Bahama Soul Club Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky
The Bahama Soul Club - Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky
(CD/Download) Buyu Records BU005CD, 2010-08-13

Tracklisting :
01. King's Wig 5:12
02. Afro Shigida (feat Kojato) 6:22
03. Bossa Bop (feat Pat Appleton) 4:29
04. Serious Soul (feat John Turrell) 3:27
05. Experience In Jazz (feat Bella Wagner) 5:57
06. Junkie (feat Sitzka) 4:39
07. Tangossa (feat Pat Appleton) 5:04
08. Bossa Corcovado (feat A Secret) 5:28
09. Open Wide (feat Xantone Blacq) 4:27
10. True (BSC Remix) (feat Bajka) 5:34
11. But Rich Rhythms (Club Des Belugas Remix) 5:03
12. Nassau Jam (Smoove's Funky Jam-Remix) 5:57

Note : produced by Oliver Belz

Links :

Personnel :
Pat Appleton - vocals on "Bossa Bop, "Tangossa"
Oliver Belz - Programming, cuts & edits
Ralli King - guitars
Eddie Filipp - drums
Jan-Heie Erchinger - keys
Hilko Schomerus - percussion
Chris Winninghoff - trumpet
York, Tom Wolter, George Bishop - saxophones, flutes

Review by Craig Charles, June 2010 :
I first heard this outfit when they had just started posting music on their myspace page, since then I have been a massive fan!

But then again, the main man behind The Bahamas, Oliver Belz, has a very fine pedigree having been one of the prime movers behind the wonderful JuJu Orchestra.
His debut album as The Bahama Soul Club, “Rhythm Is What Makes Jazz Jazz” was hardly ever off the show, and was one of my albums of the year in 2008.
But the big question is after making such a mark on his debut, can he deliver on that difficult second album.
All the signs are there as he has retained some of the vocalists from the previous album such as Berlin resident Pat Appleton and Bella Wagner from just over the border in Austria, and to augment that very solid base he has also drafted in the combined talents of two of the finest vocalists in the UK, Xantoné Blacq, and one of my personal favourites John Turrell who was recently voted on my show as lead male vocalist for the UK Fantasy Funk Band.

From the start, this album slips into gear with the superb jazz cut that is “King’s Wig” to the last knockout punch of the dancefloor monster “Nassau Jam” I can tell that Oliver has lost none of that Midas touch. There is something quite unique and mesmerising about the sound of The Bahama Soul Club, it is a gumbo in the best sense of the word, throwing in Bossa, Soul, Afro-Latin, and Jazz all into the pot and coming up with a sound that is both immediate, timeless, and above all has the sun shining through every single tune.
The question I asked earlier was, does he deliver on the difficult second album and the answer has to be a resounding “YES!”

Make a friend of this album as, believe me, it will be friend for life, it is that good!

Link : The Craig Charles Funk And Soul Show, BBC 6Music

Press Release :
There are three stages to establish an artist, and getting through the second one is always the hardest.

The first stage
is a fun phase with endless possibilities; there’s so much ahead, and you start to dream really big. All six of your fans are fiercely loyal and basically you have tons of freedom for getting to the top. – OK, done!
Now, let’s skip ahead ...

The third stage
is an amazing picture, larger than life. Touring internationally, headlining shows and selling millions of albums. Songs on hit radio stations and loved by millions of fans. – You don’t cope with a stage three hero and you get stuck at stage one, if you don’t have a plan for stage two … in fact, you don’t even know what stage two is and make the mistake of wishing for that miracle …

The second stage
is all about making a good album. Roughly speaking, arrange exciting songs full of S O U L , A F RO - L AT IN & J A Z Z, with a special love to modern B OS S A N OVA , now create a unique sound with selected vintage gear for that legendary “Bahama Sound” and scan the world for unmatched singers and stoned troubadours.
You can ask the exiting Pat Appleton from DePhazz for a couple of songs. She’ll give you a fantastic demonstration of her powerful soul and also a delightful atmospheric track. Then join geordie-man John Turrell from the great Smoove & Turrell for adding some gospel flavoured and soul powered melodies. And who can resist the amazing Ms. Bella Wagner for her wonderfully emotional and deep voice? For presenting one of the hottest talents please ask breezy dutch singer Sitzka for her sultry singing on big dirty beats. Furthermore, respect afro magic and fuse your latin beats with pure african high-life of inimitable multi-instrumenalist Kojato and twinkle to the afrolicious artwork of the cover. Then you can probably add just a dear friend as A special Secret and let her sing magical notes to mystify the line-up.
Finally do your very best on some remixes for selected fine artists like Xantoné Blacq, singer and keyboard player from Amy Winehouse and for incredible Bajka, probably the most unique female voice of this time and try to get these mixes on your album. This should complete a formidable bandwith of surpassing artists and voices around the globe, believe me.

So now:
Let it simmer for a delicious chowder and you know what? It smells funky as … yeah, and -it’s not a crime- as an old recording from the legendary Juju Orchestra
proclaims, “It just smells funky!”. Remember the wise words from a cherished musician with a proper moustache:
“Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny”, FZ.

01 King’s Wig (Belz, König, Winninghoff / big-O-music publishing)
Who is this speaker? Previously well known from the Juju’s “Take Four”, our man also introduces this album and makes this jazzy track a perfect opener. Incredibly charged with high quality solos from Mr. Ralli King on guitar and fine percussion work from Mr. Hilko Schomerus. The percussion solo was taken from a BSC live-gig in 2009.

02 Afro Shigida (Belz, Samuels, Neundorf, Friedrich / big-O-music publishing)
As a life-long friend, (we played together in a soul band through the 80s), Kojato was predestined for an overdue collaboration with “Afro Shigida”, which means movement, drive, flow. He demonstrates his musicality while fusing vocals with all the instruments he play: Saxophone, Organ, Percussion, Balaphone. This is pure african highlife.

03 Bossa Bop (Belz, Erchinger, Appleton / big-O-music publishing, Warner Chappell-Germany)
No doubt about Ms. Pat Appleton. As singer with the BSC Live-Orchestra she shows her outstanding talent during live season 2009. A stroke of luck to have her again on this album. Pat gives another great demonstration of her powerful soul. And as the title implies: Loose bebop horns on a fast driving bossa. Pat is strong enough to pass on top.

04 Serious Soul (Belz, Turrell / big-O-music publishing)
Starting as an instrumental, John Turrell was directly inspired, adding his lyrics about collecting rare vinyl and vinyl junkies. A gospel flavoured and soul powered homage to those sought after, original 7inches on a funky bahama bossa. Taken just as it was sung on the first take to save that genuine feel from John’s first recorded ideas.

05 Experience In Jazz (Belz, Erchinger, Wagner / big-O-music publishing)
Who can resist Ms. Bella Wagner? She was the big discovery from my last album. A pleasure again this time to present her outstanding voice. A perfect bossa for her unique style of singing: mysteroius, exceeding, cinematic. This track sounds a little more sombre and wonderfully emotional and offers never ending deep elements.

06 Junkie (Belz, Erchinger, Heun / big-O-music publishing, Chrysalis-Benelux)
Another fine god-send: Sitzka, this dutch singer is one of the hottest talents at the moment and for sure a pearl in the very near future. “Junkie” serves her powerful sultry voice on a big dirty beat. A solid slice of jazz, soul and funk with all driving BSC elements. Her innovative ideas on creating harmonic choirs made this track a corker!

07 Tangossa (Belz, Filipp, Appleton / big-O-music publishing, Warner Chappell-Germany)
The Bandoneon was first. Simply beautiful and pristine. It fits perfectly with a driving bossa beat and after Pat Appleton did the lyrics, “Tangossa” was complete. An atmospheric hommage on the Golden Era of milongas and traditional tango dance halls which had better times in Buenos Aires in the late 50s. A real flashback.

08 Bossa Corcovado (Belz, Filipp, Möhle / big-O-music publishing)
A subliminal elaborated groove makes this Bossa something special. A vocal feature without ordinary lyrics. It’s an improvisation. Not a kind of job for every singer. I knew that she was able to cope for this part. And she did it just the way I expected. Peculiar, courageous, arcane. A feel like sitting on head of Cristo Redentor on top of Corcovado.

09 Open Wide (Blacq / Copyright Control)
This features an artist with a fruitful combination of a singing keyboard player, playing live on stage with the Amy Winehouse Band and Nigel Kennedy. When he asks me to do a remix for his new album there were no doubt. My own pleasure to bring these styles together. Funky bahama music and a soulful voice making your heart “Open Wide”.

10 True - REMIX by THE BAHAMA SOUL CLUB (Pluwatsch, Kluge, Regenberg / ChinChin Media Publishing)
Always high on the list - incredible Bajka. Now this remix finally completes a formidable bandwith of surpassing voices around the globe. Getting the chance to put this track on the album is another fine godsend from ChinChin Records.
Bonus Tracks
11 But Rich Rhythms - REMIX by CLUB DES BELUGAS (Belz, Erchinger, Filipp / big-O-music publishing)
12 Nassau Jam - REMIX by SMOOVE (Albury, Belz, Clarke, Erchinger / big-O-music publishing, Henstone Music)


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the uncle the uncle ·  22 September 2010, 08:48

RESPECT! a really extensive collection of BAHAMA SOUL CLUB information.
THANKS to Julien for this massive support. The Uncle.

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