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Superfly Records presents Out Of This World Vol.1

Superfly Records out Of This World
Superfly Records presents Out Of This World Vol.1
(MP3 Podcast on 2009-08-13

We keep on diggin'!!

Our full-time digging partner and new resident DJ Paulo 'Superfly' shares some of his most recent vinyl discoveries with the Paris DJs aficionados. He cooked us this summer special tropical selection of Afro, Carribean and South-American grooves using some of his most beloved obscurities gathered during recent trips to Africa and South America.

Once again this mix is 100% vinyl-made. With full audio mastering from Grant Phabao before encoding, as usual.

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Tracklisting :
01. Negoleiros Do Ritmo - Intro
(from 'Taxi En Luanda' album) ANGOLA
02. Tommy McCook - Grass Root
(from 'Reggae In Jazz' album, 1976 / Eve) JAMAICA
03. Orchestre du Bawobab - Souleymane
(from 'Une Nuit Au Jandeer' album, 1978 / Musicafrique) SENEGAL
04. Super Mama Djombo - Sur Di No Pubis
(from 'Na Cambança' album, 1978) GUINEE-BISSAU
05. Artur Nunes - Ua Ué Mua Ngola
(from 'Rebita 75' compilation, 1975) ANGOLA
06. Les Gypsies de Petion-Ville - Francine
(from 'Haiti' album, 1971 / IBO) HAITI
07. Frankie Zhivago - Someone Stole Your Love
(from 'The Age Of Flying High' album, 1970s / Alwa) BARBADOS
08. Leroy Wallace - Arabian Trek
(from 'Tropical Sounds' compilation, 1975 / Tropical) JAMAICA
09. Orchestre Laye-Thiam - Kokorico
(from 'Star Band de Dakar Volume 5' album, 1970s / Soumbouya Musique) SENEGAL
10. Alfredo Linares y su Salsa Star - Tiahuanaco (Puerta Del Sol)
(from 'Tiahuanaco' 7 inch, 1960s / Caliente) COLOMBIA
11. Les Aiglons - La Voz
(from 'Si Tu Ne Veux Pas Danser' single) GUADELOUPE
12. Os Bongos - Kazucata
(from 'Os Bongos' single, 1970s) ANGOLA
13. Manuel Faria - Xamba Xavaia
(from 'Manuel Faria' single, 1970s) ANGOLA
14. Le Ry-Co Jazz - Sinorita Balula
(from 'Baweli Africa' 7 inch, 1960s / Vogue) CONGO

Original record covers :

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Credits :
Selected and mixed by Paulo 'Superfly' (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls (
Superfly Records


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AJHands AJHands ·  15 August 2009, 02:11

amazing mix. hope to see paris djs in london soon. london needs you! let me know if you're thinking about it, i'll help make it happen. much love

Babaliah / Palmwine Records Babaliah / Palmwine Records ·  10 September 2010, 12:06

Méchant mix Paulo

Le Luso et le Caribbéen en particulier me font bien tripper


yumi yumi ·  14 May 2011, 13:56

Is the name of that Super Mama Djombo song (which is pure genius & beauty btw) not "Dissan Na M'Bera"?

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