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Super Hi-Fi - We Will Begin Again / Polyrhythmics - Pink Wasabi - out on Electric Cowbell

Super Hi-Fi We Will Begin AgainPolyrhythmics Pink Wasabi
Super Hi-Fi - We Wil Begin Again / Polyrhythmics - Pink Wasabi
(Special split 7” with download card for mp3 and bonus remixes) Electric Cowbell Records EC021, 2012-04-21

From our Parisian point of view, every new Electric Cowbell 45 we receive is killer material. This new split 7 inch doesn't break the rule, even if it's not a dancefloor winner. On the A-side you'll find the Brooklyn, NY-based live dub band Super Hi-Fi, already featured in those pages with their previous single Single Payer. Their 45 edit of We Will Begin Again is heavy quality cinematic afro-dub that could fit downgtempo programs as much as deep dub rantings or even spiritual afro selections. B-side comes from Polyrhythmics, an "all original 8-piece funk and worldbeat orchestra comprised of some of Seattle’s finest rhythmic and melodic musicians" as they present themselves. They've already self-released and EP and an album (available both on their bandcamp), and last november The Imposter, an infectiously groovy 7 inch on the newly launched Kept Records label. Their Pink Wasabi track -already released digitally on their 2010 EP- is another deep afro affair, which we'll play in our next 21st Century Afro Extravaganza next weekend, and which would also easily fit in a thriller/blaxploitation/bank robbing job soundtrack. Well 2 afro-cinematic gems on a limited edition 500 copies 7 inch - that's hard to miss. But that's not all, with this nice 45 you'll also get a download code, with some nice smoking bonus dubs by DJ Trainwreck and Prince Polo!

Super Hi-Fi We Will Begin Again
Super Hi-Fi - We Wil Begin Again / Polyrhythmics - Pink Wasabi
(Special split 7” with download card for mp3 and bonus remixes) Electric Cowbell Records EC021, 2012-04-21

We Will Begin Again (Full Version) by Super Hi-Fi

Pink Wasabi by Polyrhythmics 7"inch 45 version (Electric Cowbell Records) by Polyrhythmics

We Will Begin Again (DJ Trainwreck Mix) by Super Hi-Fi

Tracklisting 7 inch :
A1. Super Hi-Fi - We Will Begin Again (45 Edit)
B1. Polyrhythmics - Pink Wasabi

Tracklisting Digital Bonus Tracks :
01. Super Hi-Fi - We Will Begin Again (Full Version) 4:49
01. Super Hi-Fi - We Will Begin Again (DJ Trainwreck Mix) 4:13
01. Super Hi-Fi - We Will Begin Again (Prince Polo Mix) 4:51

Links :
Buy it on Juno
Super Hi-Fi : official | myspace | facebook | soundcloud | soundliberation
Polyrhythmics : official | bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Electric Cowbell Records : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter

Super Hi Fi - We Will Begin

‪Polyrhythmics - Pink Wasabi‬

Press Release :
This record represents what itʼs all about for us at Electric Cowbell Records-a three way collaboration with no contract. Just an agreement between three parties to make something extra special. Brooklyn-based afro-dub purveyors Super Hi Fi deliver what they do best and commit to wax some classic, two trombone-fueled dub thatʼs reminiscent of Rico Rodriguezʼs hauntingly evocative downtempo work on the The Specialʼs Ghost Town. On the flipside you have Seattleʼs Polyrhythmics weighing in with a grooving instrumental propelled by an in-the-pocket rhythm section thatʼs crazy-glued together by a swaggering horn section. Itʼs the perfect stealthy soundtrack for sneaking down the alley, breaking in a bank, and cracking a safe with a smooth getaway into the sunset. The label design includes an iconic nod to each of the groupʼs territories: Brooklynʼs Williamsburg Bridge for Super Hi Fi and Seattleʼs Fremont Bridge for Polyrthythmics. Weʼre pleased to offer up such a gem just in time for Record Store Day 2012.

Polyrhythmics Pink Wasabi


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